December 29, 2001

Here's my win-win solution to the otherwise endless disputes over school sports teams that use Indian tribe names.

December 27, 2001

Bush Family and the Corrupt Mexican Rich

A story that the mainstream media has completely missed is the Bush family's 40 year long history of private dealings with some pretty odiferous powerbrokers from the Mexican elite. Only investigative reporter Julia Reynolds of the little bilingual Mexican-American literary mag El Andar has poked her nose into it. Maybe there's nothing more to it than what she's dredged up so far. Still, if nothing else, she's come up with some colorful Bushian anecdotes.

December 24, 2001

Ali Alert: How in the world do you make the life of Muhammad Ali dull and depressing? Ali was an illiterate beige racist (a middle-class "paper bag" colored mulatto, he hated whites and despised working class blacks, such as the noble Joe Frazier, whom he repeatedly called a "gorilla"), but he still deserves better than Michael Mann's catastrophic dud. See my review.