June 7, 2014

Bitcoin seems to be working

Thanks to those who paid overnight via Coinbase. It seems to be working well.

For those who want to avail themselves of my latest media for fundraising, see the post below.


Panhandling ... now with Bitcoin!

I want to thank everybody who has participated in the first 2014 iSteve fundraiser so far.
Due to popular demand, I'm going to try out accepting Bitcoins. I'm using Coinbase as a sort of Paypal for Bitcoins.
This Coinbase startup is backed by the prestigious venture capital firm of Andreesen Horowitz so it has been checked out by people who understand this stuff a lot better than I do.
I've been leery about accepting Bitcoins in the past because I've long been tracked by extremely deep-pocketed organizations out to get me for ideological reasons. (Hi, Heidi! Hi, David!)
But now the IRS has issued instructions regarding Bitcoins. I'm having Coinbase immediately turn all Bitcoins I receive into U.S. dollars and deposit them in my bank account. At the end of the year, Coinbase will presumably send me a 1099 form for filing my taxes.
Payments are not tax deductible.
Below are links to two Coinbase pages of mine. This first is if you want to enter a U.S. dollar-denominated amount to pay me.
This second is if you want to enter a Bitcoin-denominated amount. (Remember one Bitcoin is currently worth many U.S. dollars.)
Thanks for your support.

June 6, 2014

June 4, 2014

The Milli Vanilli World Cup Team

Over at my iSteve blog's new home, The Unz Review, I have a new post on an interesting nature/nurture experiment being carried out with the U.S. World Cup soccer team:

C'mon over and check it out.

Obama Admin: "C'Mon Up, Undocumented Breeders!"

Over at the new host for my iSteve blog, The Unz Review:
Obama Admin: "C'Mon Up, Undocumented Breeders!"
By the way, a few tips on commenting over there.

Your privacy is a major priority.

You can comment under your real name, a long term pseudonym, or some one-time characters you randomly jab on the keyboard: e.g., "dsfvaewds" -- the latter two protect your privacy while allowing other commenters to respond coherently:

-- I was awestruck by dsfvaewds' brilliant distinction between ...

-- Indeed, but dsfvaewds still overlooks the impact of Godel's most subtle paradox ...

And so forth ...

As for emails, which won't be publicly displayed, feel free to make up a fake one. I'm told that the usefulness of this is that it serves as an impediment to somebody posting comments under your usual handle since the impostor won't know the email, real or fake. (So far, that hasn't been a problem.)


Currently at Unz.com/iSteve

Over at my iSteve blog's new host, http://www.Unz.com/iSteve, I have a few new posts up for you to read:

June 3, 2014

The Amish and Nicholas Wade

I have a new column up at Taki's Magazine on the Amish as offering a new perspective on the controversy over Nicholas Wade's A Troublesome Inheritance.

Bryan Caplan: "Why Sailer Scares"

Over at my iSteve blog's new host, The Unz Review (www.Unz.com/iSteve), I discuss Bryan Caplan's latest strawmonster argument:
"Why Sailer Scares"

The Decline of the Heiress

Check out my new post at iSteve's new home:

iSteve at The Unz Review

I’m happy to say I'm teaming up with my old friend and fellow 1970s Valley Dude Ron Unz to publish my long-running iSteve blog on Ron’s relatively new Unz Review at:

My long-time readers should make sure to check out all the other interesting stuff on The Unz Review while you are there. 

Like they used to say at MBA school in 1980: Synergy!

I’ve been doing a “soft opening” for several days there, and you’ll find 13 new posts that haven’t appeared on my old iSteve.blogspot.com site. There is so much new material for you to read that it doesn’t all fit on the front page there. You’ll have to hit “Older Items” at the bottom left of the page. Here are the last few days' new posts:

Attn. Dr. Piketty: Two Ways Old Money Dwindles

Old White Men: Who? Whom? Chapter MLXVII

Why Is Hamlet Tall and/or Thin?

Piketty's Reclusive Billionaires v. Howard Hughes

World War HIV

Pretty Fly for a White-Ified Guy

Welcome to ISteve on the Unz Review

Pinker on Genealogy

The Atlantic Discovers the Real Racism

Race and the Roads Not Taken

The Bonfire of the Inanities

IQ, the Death Penalty, and Witness-Murdering

On the Possible Extinction of the United Kingdom

The Tedium of American Cultural Dominance

Commenting seems to work pretty well over there, but it will of course be subject to the usual unpredictable lags in when I get to my desk and start moderating. (Note: I sleep largely on Transylvanian Time.) Check out how it works for you.

One thing I don’t like anymore at my age is changing platforms often. I used to love playing around with the latest computer technology, but it’s not 1996 anymore. (The switch to Blogger about six or eight years ago was stressful for me). I’d rather write new blog posts for you than fiddle with the pipes under my blog (or, come to think of it, do my dishes). But this modern WordPress system offers a lot of new capabilities that I intend to utilize over the coming weeks.

Of course, there will be glitches and transition issues. For example, hyper-aggressive spell-checking: in the title of the similar post on the new site, it’s supposed to be “iSteve” (of course), not "ISteve," but so far the new system insists upon capitalizing the “i” no matter how many times I correct it. No doubt, if I were 25 I would have already found the keystroke combo or whatever that temporarily subdues the raging WordPress spellchecker, but at my age, I'd rather compose rueful blogposts about my ineffectuality at dealing with new tech than study up on what to do about it. But we’ll get there …

More substantively, we will add a low bandwidth and small screen-friendly mobile option, which will probably take the rest of the week. Until then, you might want to set it to not show images.

I’m told that the little orange rss button on the top blue bar over there will give you your RSS feed. If you have a Reader, you can reset to the new address for blog activity:

And, of course, I’m having difficulty getting my Paypal buttons for my ongoing fundraising drive to show up over there. It wouldn't be iSteve without panhandling technical troubles. (The new Paypal Buttons are still working fine here on the old site, hint hint.)

Your hardcoded links to old posts on iSteve.blogspot.com should continue to work.

Anyway, take a look around and let me know what else you’d need or want. 

Thanks for your patience over the weekend and I think you’ll like what we will be putting together here.


June 1, 2014

Paypal for Panhandling

Welcome to the PayPal page for Steve Sailer's iSteve fundraising campaign.

NOT tax-deductible.

Click the drop down menus above each button to find the right amount for you.

One-time only payment options

Annual Subscription Payment Options

Monthly Subscription Payment Options