June 3, 2014

Bryan Caplan: "Why Sailer Scares"

Over at my iSteve blog's new host, The Unz Review (www.Unz.com/iSteve), I discuss Bryan Caplan's latest strawmonster argument:
"Why Sailer Scares"


Anonymous said...

How about iScare?

Scary Sailer.

Anonymous said...

Why should Sailer scare Captlan. Sailer is usually pro-Texas and the South that support Captlan thinking on cheap labor. Only a handful of southern states try to do anything like Alabama and North Carolina. In fact Texas is second worst to California and over a million ahead of most states. Conservatives have been dishonest and spend so much time on how second place illegal immigrant Texas is such a great place because of cheap housing. As long as conservatives love Texas Caplan will get his wished.

Anonymous said...

I commented on the site, and the next day I received a snippy e-mail from an administrator saying my comment "wasn't nice" and wouldn't be posted.

All for the term "'spergy eggheads"!