June 18, 2014

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Just an update for those who haven't yet bookmarked my iSteve blog at The Unz Review:

The NYT notices something I've harped on for about a dozen years:

Latinos Onscreen, Conspicuously Few
Anna Bahr JUNE 18, 2014
If you went to the movies in 1946, when Latinos constituted barely 3 percent of the American population, you might have caught Carmen Miranda, reportedly the highest-paid woman in the world at [MORE]

Lloyd Green points out in The Daily Beast that Hillary's big advantage in 2016 might be that she is white.

POLITICS 06.09.14
GOP’s Biggest 2016 Problem: Clinton’s Numbers Among White Voters
Hillary Clinton’s strength among white voters is the key to 2016—and it spells nearly certain defeat and disaster for Republicans. Culture will likely shape [MORE]

As I've mentioned before, my favorite of the new web journalism startups is turning out to be Nate Silver's FiveThirtyEight, but precisely for the reasons that it's likely not making much money: it's not very partisan, ideological, or trendy, just pleasantly data-dweeby. In contrast, Ezra Klein's Vox hasn't done much of anything for me: didactic, [MORE]

From my review of Thomas Piketty in Taki's Magazine:

One of the surprises in Thomas Piketty’s best seller Capital in the Twenty-First Century is how grating the Frenchman’s prose style turns out to be. Granted, Piketty has valid reasons for being perpetually outraged at his fellow economists’ ignorance and cupidity. .. [MORE]

From The Daily Mail: 

'Send them back': Hillary says wave of illegal immigrant children should be 'reunited with their families'
Hillary Clinton stunned a CNN audience on Tuesday by saying that the US should deport thousands of unaccompanied minors who have flooded the American border  [MORE]

June 17, 2014

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I'm now blogging full time at The Unz Review, so please go there and bookmark my blog.

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