June 3, 2014

The Decline of the Heiress

Check out my new post at iSteve's new home:


Jonathan said...

Please ask for the RSS to be corrected, and notify readers here. A lot of people use feedly, for example, and the new site is not capturing posts properly.

Steve Sailer said...

Dear Jonathan:

Thanks. Here's a response from Ron to your comment:

"Thanks, Steve, I noticed the comment earlier and I think I may have fixed the problem this morning by changing http://www.unz.com/article/feed/ to http://www.unz.com/item/feed/. That change in the software architecture I'd implemented yesterday involved merging the Article type into the Item type. As a result, Article no longer existed and I think the use of Article in the RSS feed was producing the problem."

Is this any help? Neither one of knows much about RSS, so we're kind of flying blind. Please let us know what else we can do to make RSS work.


Steve Sailer said...

No, I guess that doesn't work. ...

Well, we'll be working on it.

Thanks for your help.

Feel free to post comments on this issue over at www.unz.com/isteve where Ron will see them faster.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous commenting doesn't seem possible at the new place (or is any old email address acceptable ?)

I think that'll lose some useful comments, as well as mine. A pity.

Steve Sailer said...

Pseudonymous posting including with a pseudonymous (i.e., fake) email is fine. Type in some nonsense characters for a name -- asdewfvcdzc -- and then other commenters can reply to asdewfvcdzc's trenchant comment by name.

The unshown email, real or fake, is a defense against somebody faking somebody else's name, since they can't know the email, real or fake.