July 26, 2005

"Abuse stories 'isolating African communities'"

"Abuse stories 'isolating African communities'" worries the lefty Guardian:

The government was yesterday urged to ensure that African communities in the UK are not stigmatised over claims of ritualistic child abuse. At a summit called by ministers amid concerns over abuse linked to rituals such as exorcism, there were calls for a focus on a wider range of immigrant communities in the UK, some of which are seen as hard to reach by social services and other authorities.

Ministers from the Department for Education and Skills and the Home Office, meeting representatives of the police, local government, faith and community groups, were also warned that ritualistic abuse - the extent of which is little-researched - should be examined in the context of wider issues of child abuse in communities new to the UK.

The summit, hosted by the children's minister, Beverley Hughes, follows a high-profile court case earlier this month in which three adults were jailed for their involvement in the abuse of an eight-year-old girl from Angola who they accused of being a witch. The Old Bailey heard that the child, brought to Britain from Angola by her aunt, had been beaten, cut and had chilli peppers rubbed in her eyes. Sita Kisanga and her brother Sebastian Pinto were convicted of aiding and abetting child cruelty, along with the child's aunt, found guilty of cruelty.

Ministers were also prompted to act following a leaked report for the Metropolitan police which identified a belief among some members of an African community that children were being abused during exorcism rituals at Pentecostal churches, and another police study indicating high numbers of African boys going missing from school records.

However, African church leaders and campaigners against child abuse within African communities have warned that some media coverage - including claims of child sacrifice in London churches - risks isolating hard-to-reach groups.

A reader responds:

Here is a perfect example of how the pro-immigration multi-culturalist socialworker/engineers sabotage Western culture.

Recently, three African adults were arrested in Britain for torturing a small child in strange exorcism ceremonies. They beat her, cut her and rubbed hot chilli peppers in her eyes over a period of days. Initial news reports said this was a growing problem and was due to religious beliefs of African "protestant fundamentalist churches". It has not happened in a vacuum. (and don't get me started on "muti", the magic practiced by Africans that requires body parts like hearts, livers, fingers and eyes taken from another living human being.)

After a mere two weeks (see the link above), the British sensitivity establishment has already shifted its attention from African exorcisms, torture and death of small children to the dangers of stigmatizing the African community itself.

They call the African neighborhoods and people who either torture children (or defend the torturers and marginalize the torture) as "hard to reach" and fear that the general public's shock and outrage by these religious practices will "isolate African communities".

This is a classic social engineer's maneuver. The socialworker/engineer assumes the mantle of managing everyone's feelings and interrelationships. It is their job to properly gauge the responses of each group and control the level and intensity of feeling. Naturally, they have the goal of bringing African aboriginals into the 21st Century as fast as possible (while preserving their quaint customs and endearing folkways). They also have the job of reengineering the English People to accommodate some of the more bizarre (but harmless) aspects of aboriginal life.

What they refuse to accept is that their way is not the only way, and that the English people may have their own solution to the problem that does not require accommodation or being re-engineered on the part of the English People: increased English shock and outrage until the Africans (I will not say African "communities") either leave; or abase themselves; admit that their savage and barbarian practices are just that: savage and barbarian; admit their sin; beg forgiveness for their savagery; and swear never to do it again.

To reduce English anger, the socialworker/engineer are trying to implant the same memes they use for every other conflict involving savage communities versus civilized communities: persuade the public that the problem isn't "African ritual violence against children" (of which only the Africans partake, and which Africans can only stop by snitching on each other, reporting their own offenders, and changing their morality and religion), but the greater problem of "violence in society" {sample: "It requires us all to proceed sensitively and constructively, and not stigmatise any one community." another sample: "We can't separate it from the issue of wider abuse of children, especially children who are being privately fostered,".

In short, the social workers are unable to address the problem except by gentle persuasion, AND it can work only if the English People agree to not notice what Africans are doing, AND (I fear) only if The Guardian stops writing about such torture and killing, or if it does, that it stop mentioning the fact that torture/killers are African. In short: we must either avert our gaze, go blind, or stick our head in the sand.

It equates the beating a child gets when an English father comes home drunk, with organized religious activities of many Africans out of a deeply-held aboriginal belief in evil spirits and other mumbo-jumbo.

As it is, the Brit socialworker/engineers have already given up the high ground of telling the Africans their behavior is just plain wrong and that what they call their religion is completely unacceptable to England.

As an aside, note the careful way the social workers have already tried to implicate the English in these African crimes. They have called the African religion "protestant fundamentalism" to suggest English guilt as colonialists. They expect us to forget that the missionaries taught the savages a religion of peace, and that it was the Africans alone that engrafted syncretistic native child abuse and torture on that religion. I would no more call the witch-hunting religion of the African child abusers "protestant fundamentalism" than I would call Haitian voodoo "catholicism".

As a final aside, do you think for a moment that the socialworker/engineer women would ever stop blaming men for all domestic violence? That they would drop their male-stigmatizing political reeducation courses they present for judges and policemen as male-bashing and "stigmatizing" a male "community"? Of course they wouldn't. The question is, "Why not?" Find the answer to that, and I think you will have found the nut of the "Church of Liberalism and Multiculturalism".


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