December 31, 2001

Have you ever heard a Kwanzaa song?

Bye-Bye Kwanzaa - What's fascinating about Kwanzaa is that its relentless advance in official recognition is solely a product of the Left's "march through the institutions." African-Americans who aren't part of the bureaucracy themselves don't seem to care much about it - at least they don't care enough to write Kwanzaa songs. Have you ever heard a Kwanzaa song? To find out if any actually exist, I logged on to an MP3 song file-sharing network. (Note to the Recording Industry of America Association's mongoose-like lawyers: This was purely for journalistic research purposes.) I found 4055 tracks with "Christmas" in the file name, a huge proportion of them performed by blacks. In contrast, there were only 11 copies of Kwanzaa songs, and, judging by the titles, they didn't seem to reflect much originality and/or respect for the holiday. Most of the files were copies of either "I'm Dreaming of a Black Kwanzaa" or "The Twelve Days of Kwanzaa" (there are actually seven days). 12-31-01

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