March 23, 2002

"We Were Soldiers"

Here's my review of Mel Gibson's Vietnam movie We Were Soldiers. How does Randall "Braveheart" Wallace's new war movie compare to Black Hawk Down and Apocalypse Now? Find out.


Anonymous said...

Im a tamilian. I would say smartness depends on a person itself, and is not based on where they are from. I agree, comparitively the southern states have more technical jobs than the north, for eg: cities like bangalore, hydrabad, chennai have more tech jobs than North. Again, that doesn't mean north indians are not smart. It also means, not all south indians are smart. So educatedly speaking, and percentage wise speaking, there are smart people all over India. Maybe percentage wise they are more in the south. I saw some comments here that degrade north or south indians, please dont fight, we're all indians, that's what makes India unique. We have a language for every state, but we're still united. Be united, be Indian. I live in Canada, but I love India very much, as much as I love canada.

Anonymous said...

I think it is high time that we start looking at our nation as a whole. People are divided on the basis of states even. I learn carnatic music being a northerner and my friend learns northern music being a southerner and we have performed together. THAT IS UNITY IN DIVERSITY

Anonymous said...

I am a North Indian and I respect the culture and hardworking ppl from South India.Please dont bring hatred in your heart and try to live in peace. One world and one goal. Make India proud.

Unknown said...

At this day and age, I cannot believe that people are talking about superior intelligence based on genetics. Given the opportunity and environment (nurture) we can all prosper. Let us work on that.

I feel that the prejudice among politicians and bureacrtas run deeper. Rajiv did not heed to the advice of very wise Tamil Brahmin Secretary of State. He never bothered to check anything and dismissed him..

We witnessed how hapless Tamils died when they were bombed after confined to a safe zone. 40,000 died in a few days.

Manmohan Singh does not represent all Sikhs or Punjabis..

Anonymous said...

Simple - how u measure intelligence, in current world english is language of expression and most north indian are not proficient in english than south indian, so outside their native land they do not have expression.