January 12, 2005

Columnist Maureen Dowd and actor Michael Douglas


Reflecting on NYT op-edster/spinster Maureen Dowd's never-ending series on how men are rotten stinkers, as proven by the fact that none of her boyfriends, such as vastly wealthy actor-producer-double Oscar-winner Michael Douglas (son of Kirk Douglas), have ever married her. A reader wrote:

"There are probably no more than a handful of men in the whole world who are qualified (in Maureen's eyes) to become Mr. Maureen Dowd. And, son of a gun, those ultra-high achievers always seem to have better things to do than listen to feminist harangues. Life is so unfair."

I replied:

Maybe I should write a series of columns about why I hate women because Catherine Zeta-Jones (now Mrs. Michael Douglas) didn't marry me.

To which he responded:

Excellent idea. If life was fair, we would all be able to marry women who look like Miss Zeta-Jones. The only possible explanation for why we can't is that our legitimate male aspirations have been deliberately thwarted by the Evil Matriarchy, acting out of sheer spite.

This is a major social problem, and someone needs to DO SOMETHING about it. (But not us, we're the victims.)

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