January 19, 2005

How to Help the Left Half of the Bell Curve


Why are high IQ people so reluctant to admit that IQ is substantially genetic? My wife points out that when high IQ people try to censor reports that IQ is heavily tied to nature rather than nurture, their motives are seldom as altruistic and disinterested as they claim. She writes:

Many people simply don't accept the biology of their brain. They don't understand how the brain works, so the best they can do is to use fuzzy (and reflexive) biology-logic from the rest of their bodies. "Working out gives me bigger muscles, eating less makes me skinny, etc. If I do these things I'll be fit, and if I'm fit, then I must be doing the right things." So just as being fit represents their hard work, dedication & sacrifice, so must being smart. They worked hard for it so they deserve their superior intelligence. To recognize it as a genetic gift is to fail to recognize the moral chops it took to for them to "get smart". Dumb people either deserve to be dumb or ... well, it must be discrimination.

That reminds me: I've finally amalgamated into one convenient web page my formerly awkward to read five-part VDARE.com series from 2000 on "How to Help the Left Half of the Bell Curve." Perhaps the time will be riper than it was in 2000 for my discussion of how the right half of the bell curve (e.g., the readers of this blog) exploit the left half:

Nobody is willing to publicly admit that a whole lot of young people just didn't draw winning hands in the genetic lottery for intelligence. To state this fact is considered insensitive and, horrors, bad for self-esteem. Maybe, but to ignore it is to acquiesce in the IQ elite setting policies that are starkly self-interested and uncharitable.

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