February 24, 2005

Single-Handedly Reviving the Case for Estrogen Therapy

Hot Flash! Susan Estrich, Dukakis' campaign manager in 1988, has her "Stop the Bias" blog up to further hysterically denounce Michael Kinsley's stewardship of the the LA Times op-ed page. I posted the following helpful comment:

"Dear Susan:

"Since you publicly suggested that Kinsley's Parkinson's disease is rotting his brain, you might be interested in my medical advice for you: the next time you get a hot flash, please, step away from your keyboard and immediately see your doctor about hormone replacement therapy. Sure, it's dangerous for your heart, but your current hysteria is fatal to your reputation. And it's not doing the reputation of women in general any good either."

By the way, isn't it about time Kinsley and Larry Summers teamed up to start The Triple L Society: Liberals who Like Logic. It would be a "No Gurls Allowed Club" for liberal men who enjoy indulging in an occasional syllogism without being shouted down by harpies.

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