February 27, 2005

Was Dustin Hoffman on horse tranquilizers ...

... while announcing the Best Picture Oscar winner?

I liked how the composer of the Best Song, Jorge Drexler, instead of giving a speech thanking his childhood piano teacher, sang his song all over again, in a lovely a capella version, to make up for the clunking rendition by Antonio Banderas and Carlos Santana earlier in the evening, which had led my son to ask, "Are they making this song up as the go along?"

I also liked how the Academy selected the two most incomprehensible actresses in Hollywood, Penelope Cruz and Salma Hayek, to deliver the Best Sound awards.

By the way, I've discovered the secret to getting Google to send a lot of hits your way: misspellings! I accidentally titled my review on my website as "Million Dollar Baby with Clint Eastwood and Hillary Swank" and I'm getting lots of business from people who think the Best Actress' name is spelled like Mrs. Clinton's name, instead of the correct "Hilary."

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