April 28, 2005

How many GOP gunslingers aren't gay?

Following the recent news that famed Republican attack dog political consultant Arthur Finkelstein "married" some guy in Massachusetts comes a long NY Times piece about a less famous gay Republican operative named R. Gregory Stevens who recently dropped dead from drugs in the bed he was platonically sharing with Carrie "Princess Leia" Fisher.

Of course, there are plenty of similar rumors about important White House political functionaries, which were reactivated by the bizarre story of the issuing of a White House security pass and press credential to male whore James Guckert / Jeff Gannon.


At least one. Congratulations to Grover Norquist. Earlier this month, the ultra-energetic 48-year-old activist got married to Samah Alrayyes. Norquist had been saying for a long time that he was going to slow down and start a family, but a lot of people thought he was too hard-charging. Good for him.

The Washington Post reported:

A friend of the bride and groom, Rabbi Daniel Lapin, presided and the reception featured a belly dancer. The always-quotable groom told us Friday: "This is fun! I'm wearing a ring and everything."

I presume the ceremony was nondenominational.


Love is in the air: The WaPo reports:

Conservative radio host Laura Ingraham, 40, is getting hitched to Washington businessman James V. Reyes, 42. They got engaged April 2 and plan a Catholic wedding in late May or early June. We hear the happy couple was introduced last year by their mutual friend Dave Pollin, nephew of developer Abe Pollin.

Laura was previously an item with Harvard President Larry Summers, which drove the liberal faculty crazy.

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Anonymous said...

I saw him with Chris Matthews and Noequist lisped his way through the entire interview says he is happy to take responsibilty if the agreement on the debt celing is not reached. Will see how the voters respond to this next election.