May 8, 2005

Gay "Marriage" Turn Out to Be Lesbian "Marriage:"

The NYT reports:

[The gay marriage] issue's most vocal opinion leaders have been men, often leaving the impression that marriage is the preoccupying goal of one sex more than the other. Yet of the close to 5,400 couples who have married in Massachusetts since last May... almost two-thirds of the couples have been women.

Nobody knows for sure, but academic researchers assume that gay men outnumber lesbians about two to one, so this would imply that lesbians get "married" about four times as much as gay men. No surprise there...

Boston was one of the few cities and towns in the state where male marriages outnumbered female ones.

As I pointed out 11 years ago in "Why Lesbians Aren't Gay," lesbians, for whatever reason, tend to be more rural, flocking to towns like Northampton, MA, while gays tend to be highly urban.

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