May 17, 2005

Larry Summers Gives Away Other People's Money and Opportunities:

Back in the winter, I wrote in The American Conservative regarding the Larry Summers brouhaha:

Invented by Jesse Jackson, this public ritual -- an authority figure commits a "gaffe" by telling a bit of truth about human diversity, and then immediately hands over other people's money and opportunities to the offended special interest -- has become so familiar that nobody else asks why the fix is always in.

Today, unsurprisingly, the NYT announced:

"Harvard Will Spend $50 Million to Make Faculty More Diverse"

Dr. Summers said in a telephone news conference yesterday that Harvard's hiring record last year had been unacceptable. "We have to do better," he said. He called the $50 million an "initial commitment" and said he expected that the university would ultimately devote more resources to attract and retain a more diverse faculty.

You can read my full American Conservative story on The Education of Larry Summers. Or my National Post essay "We're Different. Get Over It." Or my articles The Larry Summers Show Trial and Why Some Men Don't Support Larry Summers.

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