June 10, 2005

"Mass murderers -- can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em!"

In a Chicago Tribune article about Chai Vang, the 36-year-old Laotian Hmong immigrant who murdered six hunters in Wisconsin, I found this nugget:

"After living in refugee camps in Thailand, he was relocated to St. Paul in June 1980. After working in trucking jobs in California, he said he moved back to Minnesota in 2000. Vang also said he had been married three times and had seven children."

An Open Letter to the Women of the World: I know there's something about dangerous wackos like this fellow that sets your hearts to going pitty-pat, but, really ... Have you ever thought about how much better this world would be if, when meeting a potentially homicidal maniac, you didn't always act upon that urge to have his baby?

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