July 19, 2005


A reader writes:

1. The cause of assimilation is further damaged by the fact that the host society refuses to take any kind of serious pride in itself. If you were a Turk would you want to assimilate to a German identity that's become synonymous with evil itself over the past few decades? Likewise, why would any Mexican want to identify with a white culture that's been tarred with every pejorative? It's become more socially prestigious to remain a hyphenated American.

2. A real cause for worry when it comes to Mexican immigration is the recent Native Hawaiian bill that's in the Senate now. If it passes, you can bet more than a few Mexican Civil Rights groups will be looking to get their own "Native rights" bill passed on the premise that they were displaced in 1845 in the same way the Hawaiian were in the 1890s. Of course, their claims will have even less merit, but what does that matter when it comes to grievance legislation?

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