September 16, 2005

Is Jodie Foster a lesbian? America wants to know!

With the upcoming release of the two-time Oscar-winning actress' movie "Flight Plan," Google is buzzing once again with the ever-popular query "Jodie Foster lesbian." While the facts seem pretty obvious, I think the truly unusual and interesting thing about Foster is her rather creepy eugenicist side. As I wrote in in 2000:

Feminist heroine/single mother/glamour queen Jodie Foster apparently undertook a more methodical search for the perfect sperm donor. According to numerous reports in the British press in 1998, she had proudly announced that after a long hunt, she had had herself impregnated with the gametes of a tall, dark, handsome scientist with an IQ of 160.

While Miss Foster will neither confirm nor deny these articles, this does not at all seem out of character. In her movies and personal life, Miss Foster has often appeared to be loyally trying to reproduce her unusual upbringing. According to her ne'er-do-well brother Buddy's tell-all book Foster Child, Alicia Foster's nickname of "Jodie" is a tribute to "Aunt" Jo, who was their mother's pistol-packing live-in lesbian lover. Jodie was a child prodigy who thrived in this environment, reading at 18 months, becoming the Coppertone Kid at three, and later on graduating summa cum laude from Yale. Thus, her first directorial effort was Little Man Tate, in which she played a single mother raising a seven-year-old genius. Similarly, her production company received multiple Emmy nominations for Baby Dance, a Showtime cable movie about artificial insemination. Not surprisingly, she named her firm Egg Pictures.

Now, just because a wide gamut of the British press runs a story that jibes so well with her personality doesn't mean it's true. (Other rumors suggest various Hollywood players as the donor dad.) Interestingly, according to my web search, the only American outlet to even mention that the London papers were having a field day over the 160 IQ story was the National Enquirer. All the other U.S. newspapers and magazines periodicals just dutifully parroted Jodie's "no comment" responses to Who's Your Daddy questions about her little Charles Foster.

Nevertheless, this hardly disproves the Fleet Street stories. Stars routinely blackmail "respectable" American publications like Vanity Fair by threatening to never, ever again pose for a glamorous cover photo if they dare publish anything image-tarnishing. Since the Enquirer, in contrast, prefers cover pictures of deranged-looking celebrities being hauled off to the Betty Ford Clinic in straitjackets, it is less shackled by the rules of "access journalism."

And Jodie is widely celebrated for her leftist activism. The last story she would want circulating is one that makes her sound like Nazi film directrix Leni Riefenstahl brainstorming with Himmler and Goebbels over the specs for the Master Race's next generation. Especially because Jodie actually is planning to produce and star in an upcoming bio-pic called The Leni Riefenstahl Project.

Whoever the father of Jodie Foster's baby really is, the general truth is that, despite the strident egalitarianism of so many feminists, the process of getting artificially inseminated inevitably turns women who can't bear to be impregnated by a man into practicing eugenicists. They have to ask themselves which sperm donor is genetically superior. Leafing through fertility clinics' catalogs, they are forced to agonize over such politically incorrect questions as, "Does Donor #543's curly blonde hair and 6'-3" height mean he gives better seed than Donor #361, who is only 5'-7" but has an SAT score of 1450?" [More]

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Anonymous said...

she definitely is a great actress and a beautiful lesbian.

Anonymous said...

Who cares if Jodie is gay. She's probably had male lovers. So she's not particularly different to a lot of people.

woodsy said...

We all practice mate selection - males and females - and choose the attributes we find most attractive. So, we all practice eugenics. Artifical insemination just cuts physcial sex and the complexity of a relationship out of child bearing. If Jodie was to have had a relationship with the man who was the sperm donor - would that make this any more a process of natural selection? Men are always donating sperm widely with no intention of participating in the upbringing of the child or in having a relationship with the woman they just had sex with (or just bought sex from). Making a rational choice about what kind of man fathers your child is not any worse than what many men do.

Anonymous said...

The father is Russell Crowe.

Anonymous said...

Russel Crowe is NOT tall c'mon.

Anonymous said...

Russell Crowe is 5'11", tall enough

ben t said...

Everyone in Hollywood knew she was a lesbian when I was out there in 1990.