October 17, 2005

The Cochran-Harpending theory is not good for the Jews,

according to the cover story in New York magazine: "Are Jews smarter? Why the controversial new study of Jewish intelligence has everybody plotzing,". For over a year, I kept telling Gregory Cochran that he was going to get roasted alive.

At first, though, most of the publicity was favorable. After all, it's hard to be publicly against a scientific breakthrough that might someday help ease the suffering of victims of hereditary Ashkenazi diseases. But, Jennifer Senior has pulled off that feat. This article should remind us of just how brave NY Times genetics reporter Nicholas Wade really is.

For a decade, I've assumed that the Bell Curve controversy wasn't really about blacks having lower than average IQs, but about Jews having higher than average IQs. After all, history shows it's much more dangerous to be thought of as smarter than to be thought of as dimmer. So, if all mention of IQ could be banned as insulting to blacks, the thinking went, then nobody would notice how smart Jews are.

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