November 28, 2005

Jim Kalb

makes The Ambler and Gideon look like InstaPundit when it comes to nonstop bloggarrhea. Kalb has put up his first post on his Turnabout blog in six weeks and it justifies all the fruitless times I've clicked on his website looking for something new. In the tradition of Caesar and Hegel, he divides Liberal Tyranny in three parts. Here's #3:

The Tyranny of Inclusiveness: All groups defined by traditional concepts of identity must participate equally in all significant social functions. It follows that no significant institution can take traditional concepts of identity into account except to counteract any residual effect they may have. All social institutions that characteristically take such things into account, family and historical community for example, or that can’t be adequately supervised to ensure their effects are eradicated, must in effect be done away with. Since traditional concepts of identity are involved in every kind of functional human relationship other than those based wholly on money and force, world markets and universal rational bureaucracies become the only things allowed to play a significant role in social life. [More]

Contemporary American mainstream conservatism has been deformed by its allergy to leftist identity politics into arguing that traditional concepts of identity, such as ethnicity, race, kinship, sex, religious membership, and class, not only shouldn't mean anything, but that they don't mean anything, which is awfully silly.

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