November 15, 2005

Mike Hass, white receiver

The top pass-catcher in college football this year in terms of yards is Mike Hass of Oregon St. with 143 yards per game (second place is only 121). He's not a flash in the pan: "Oregon State's Mike Hass (pronounced like pass) is the first receiver in Pac-10 history to have three 1,000-plus yard seasons."

Hass did not receive a scholarship offer from any of the 117 Div. 1A colleges:

"It wasn’t as if Hass was an unknown coming out of Jesuit High. As a 6-1, 190-pound senior, he had 79 catches for 1,739 yards and 21 touchdowns, scored seven TDs in a state playoff game and was the [Oregon] offensive player of the year."

Any guesses why nobody recruited him? Click here to see.

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