December 7, 2005

Commentary Magazine on Slezkine's The Jewish Century

Hillel Halkin grapples with the brilliant Berkeley historian Yuri Slezkine's interesting but slippery Mercurian vs. Apollonian concepts, and largely leaves out the "Stalin's willing executioners" aspect of the book -- i.e., Slezkine's illuminating explanations for why many well-educated secular Jews were such enthusiastic builders of the Bolshevik tyranny, with catastrophic consequences for the world as a whole and for Jews in particular.

But, that's a glass-is-half-empty complaint, and from a half-full perspective, it's a tribute to Halkin that the book is being reviewed at all in Commentary, and in a civil fashion. (Here's an old blog entry about Halkin's article on the Cochran-Harpending theory of the evolution of Ashkenazi IQ.)

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