December 12, 2005

Springtime in Sydney

Summer is a coming in Down Under and spirits are high. Joe Strummer has finally gotten his wish.

First, a Lebanese Muslim gang beat up people on the beach in the Sydney suburb of Cronulla. In response, a mob of 5,000 drunken Australian whites attacked Muslims.

So, how long until we read articles blaming discrimination, lack of affirmative action, unemployment, and/or Le Corbusier's soulless architecture for the white riot?

Oh, wait, that's odd, in this case the media seem to be blaming the riot on the rioters. What a novel concept! I wonder what's different between the French and Australian riots? Hmmhmmhm, it's puzzling ... I just can't put my finger on the difference...

Unfortunately, the Riot Porn blog doesn't have any Australian pictures up yet, but they do have a "Burning Tire of the Day" and, of course, lots more South Korean riot pictures. This time it's the South Korean dump truck drivers versus the Orc-like riot police in a well-organized donnybrook that is nominally supposed to have something or other to do with "labor rights for non-regular workers."

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