February 28, 2006

Did U. of Texas QB Vince Young score a 72

on the Wonderlic IQ test? That's the rumor going around after college football player prospects all took the quickie 12 minute IQ test at the NFL draft combine. Some now claim he'll fall to the second round in the draft because of this score.

Having watched Young's awesome performance in the last Rose Bowl, all I can say is that IQ ain't everything in football. The USC coaching brain trust had a month to come up with a plan to stop him, and failed utterly.

Here are my writings on the Wonderlic test.

Update: A Houston Chronicle columnist wrote:

On Saturday, a rumor that Young had scored a 6 on the Wonderlic test sent shock waves through the combine. No coach, scout or general manager surveyed could produce an example of a starting quarterback with a single-digit Wonderlic score.

The test — 50 multiple-choice, non-football questions in 12 minutes — is a barometer that teams use to gauge a prospect's ability to learn.

On Sunday, the combine said the test score of 6 that was being reported by some media outlets was false. "I've been told it was inaccurate by a source good enough for me to quote it," Texans general manager Charley Casserly said Sunday afternoon.

Young took the test again and scored 16. [That would be about a 92.]. According to Young's agent, Major Adams, the Sunday test was administered by Jeff Foster, executive director of National Scouting Combine.

"The combine officials assured us that score (6) was false and that the accurate score will be known when the combine results are given to each team," Adams said.

Wonderlic scores are supposed to be confidential and are never confirmed publicly by the NFL. Because they are included in combine results given to teams after the combine, scores leak out.

Young hired a relative and a family friend to be his representatives, and it's possible that he's being trashed in the press by the expensive agents as punishment.

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