February 16, 2006

The power of iSteve.com!

In response to my recent call for more violent, destruction-prone Winter Games events, the International Olympic Committee has hastily added snowboardcross. The AP reports:

Carnage on Ice Comes to the Olympics

Figure skating, it most definitely is not. The newest entrant into the sport-or-not-a-sport debate on the Olympic program is an often- dangerous, never-genteel free-for-all down the mountain by a bunch of kids on snowboards.

It's called snowboardcross, a series of four-person races in which, according to the rules, intentional contact is forbidden. "Unintentional" contact, on the other hand, is as common as snow on the mountain.

And it's what many people tune in to see, says America's biggest snowboardcross star, Lindsey Jacobellis. "There's crashes," she said. "The kind of carnage people like to watch. I know that's a horrible thing to say, but people really watch to see the crashes."

The carnage begins Thursday when the men take to the hill. Jacobellis and the ladies go Friday.

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