March 14, 2006

Hollywood Heffalumps

Below I quoted from Annie "Brokeback Mountain" Proulx's diatribe against Academy Award voters for choosing " Trash - excuse me - Crash" over her ineffably wonderful gay cowboy movie. The most puzzling aspect of her rant was her twice referring to members of the Academy as "heffalumps." Quite a few readers have written in to explain the reference:

- I think “heffalump” is what they called the elephant in Winnie the Pooh. I suspect it is a cute way of accusing the academy voters of being Republicans…perhaps the ultimate insult in Hollywood.

- Heffalump=elephant=Republican. Thus she accuses the voters of being right-wing.

- Perhaps I'm remembering wrong because I wasn't paying close attention, but first Brokeback Mountain was the bold movie that would make the conservative USA confront its stereotypes about gays. Apparently Ms. Prolix believes the movie has completed its mission and now the motion picture industry is out of step with the new gay-tolerant, post-Brokeback USA.

- PS. Note her dismissive talk about films about “runaway slaves”. Sure sounds like racism to me……

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