May 30, 2006

My faith is restored! "Da Vinci Code" box office down estimated 56.5% in second weekend, to 33.5 million (for the normal Friday-Sunday weekend, not the Friday-Monday weekend). That's pretty bad for a film aimed at the over-25 crowd, who is less likely to rush out to see movies the first weekend, suggesting justifiably poor word of mouth for "DVC." Some 2005 grown-up oriented movies had better legs: Ron Howard's last movie, "Cinderella Man," which is considered a box office disaster (although it was a pretty decent movie), was down 47%. "Crash" was down only 23%. The Johnnie Cash biopic "Walk the Line" was down only 14%.

"X-Men 3: The Teeming Freaks Return" (or whatever they are calling it) did an estimated $107 million.

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