May 3, 2006

A new money-making strategy for!

A reader writes:

I ordered a term paper from Non-Plagiarized College Term to the tune of $59.80, and they sent me a completely plagiarized paper from your review of Jared Diamond's Gun, Germs, and Steel in National Review (5/19/97). What they didn't know was that I wasn't ordering the paper in lieu of writing my own, but as a tool to proof the paper my daughter wrote. In my research, I had run across your review and remembered it as I read the paper "especially written" for me.

I have the order number as well as my correspondence with this firm, if you are interested. I am disputing the charge through American Express and thought you should be aware of the situation. Please let me know if you would like to stop this firm from claiming your works as their own. My oldest daughter is a law student at XXX and is having a field day with this...too bad she's in the midst of finals!

Why plagiarize from plagiarists for $59.80, when you can plagiarize from the original? Whenever you plagiarize a term paper from, just send me a check for $59.79.

I do wonder about the poor goops who shelled out almost $60 on Daddy's AmEx card for one of my articles and then found themselves hauled up in front of both their college's Honor Council and Diversity Sensitivity Inquisition.

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