June 22, 2006

Stoppard's "Rock 'n' Roll" huge hit on London stage

Ben Brantley writes in the NYT about Tom Stoppard's new play blending the Czech Spring of 1968 and Pink Floyd:

"Now what was that old nonsense about Tom Stoppard as all head and no heart? Mr. Stoppard's exciting new play of immutable passions and mutable politics, "Rock 'n' Roll," which opened last week at the Royal Court Theater here and has become the hottest ticket in town, is so flush with feeling that it never seems to stop trembling."

I've long identified with Sir Tom (for example, his list of favorite writers -- Waugh, Nabokov, and Macaulay -- is quite similar to mine), seeing myself as his less intelligent, lazier, and even more emotionally shallow doppelganger. So, I'm happy to see him still on top of his game at age 68. It gives me hope.

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