August 29, 2006

WaPo: Mearsheimer & Walt are "blue-eyed men with Germanic surnames"

The Washington Post's Dana Milbank, who recently denounced Senator Jeff Sessions for reading the Senate's immigration bill and said that he has "harsh twang of a country tough" (i.e., Sen. Sessions is a veritable Ku Klux Klanner) -- is now mad at the distinguished academics Mearsheimer & Walt for writing a paper about the power of the Israel Lobby in Washington. Milbank points out:

This line of argument could be considered a precarious one for two blue-eyed men with Germanic surnames.

Come on, Dana, don't beat around the bush. Just look at them -- they have blue eyes. And Germanic surnames. We all know what that means.

While you are at it, Dana, I think you should hound out of public life the obvious anti-Semitic Nazi who wrote the following screed about the alleged clout of the so-called "Israel Lobby:"

How much clout does AIPAC have?

Well, consider that during the pro-Israel lobby's annual conference yesterday, a fleet of police cars, sirens wailing, blocked intersections and formed a motorcade to escort buses carrying its conventioneers -- to lunch.

The annual meeting of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee has long produced a massive show of bipartisan pandering, as lawmakers praise the well-financed and well-connected group. But this has been a rough year for AIPAC -- it has dismissed its policy director and another employee while the FBI examines whether they passed classified U.S. information to Israel -- and the organization is eager to show how big it is....

Another fact sheet announced that this is the "largest ever" conference, with its 5,000 participants attending "the largest annual seated dinner in Washington" joined by "more members of Congress than almost any other event, except for a joint session of Congress or a State of the Union address." The group added that its membership "has nearly doubled" over four years to 100,000 and that the National Journal calls it "one of the top four most effective lobbying organizations."

"More," "most," "largest," "top": The superlatives continued, and deliberately. In his speech Sunday, the group's executive director, Howard Kohr, said the "record attendance" at the conference would dispel questions about AIPAC raised by the FBI investigation.

"This is a test, a test of our collective resolve," Kohr said of the "unique challenge" presented by the FBI probe, "and your presence here today sends a message to every adversary of Israel, AIPAC and the Jewish community that we are here, and here to stay." (The official text has two exclamation points after that sentence.) Kohr, without mentioning the fired staffers, told participants that "neither AIPAC nor any of its current employees is or ever has been the target."

Dana Milbank

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