September 3, 2006

Mike Judge's "Idiocracy:" The movie the Fox studio doesn't want you to see

The most brilliant populist conservative in American comedy, Mike Judge, creator of Beavis & Butthead, King of the Hill, and the cult classic film "Office Space," has a new movie out, a satire on dysgenic IQ trends, that its studio, 20th Century Fox, simply does not want you to see. It's playing in about 100 theatres in LA, Dallas, Austin (where Judge lives), Houston, Chicago, Toronto, and Atlanta, but with no marketing push and no publicity whatsoever. And, it's very funny in a smart/crude R-rated way. I may review it at length, so I won't say more now, but you can find a list of where it's playing here.

Luke Wilson is the most average man in the U.S. Army who is chosen because he's dead center on all the bell curves -- IQ, blood pressure, etc. -- to be the guinea pig in a human hibernation project. But he's forgotten and doesn't wake up until 2505 A.D. only to discover, to his horror, that he's now the smartest man alive in a hilariously dysfunctional world.

What is the deal with the release of this film? I've never seen a studio film where the studio has released it yet is doing so much to kill it dead. Is this some bizarre meta-marketing plan to turn this into a cult film by providing a confirmatory object lesson in the growing stupidity of American institutions? Or did the firms satirized in the picture, including Fox News, somehow deep-six it? Or is it just too politically incorrect to be released in New York City?

Here's my VDARE article on Mike Judge.

A commenter on Ain't It Cool News suggests:

I have a plan. If you want to see the movie, buy a ticket for a non-FOX movie, then sneak in to see Idiocracy. THEN, send your ticket stub to Tom Rothman at FOX, thanking him for financing the financing movie you paid another studio to see.

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