October 9, 2006

An Automation PAC?

A reader writes:

What is the pro-immigrant segment of business? Restaurants, hotels, farmers, mortgage lenders, etc. Who are low-IQ immigration's natural enemies? Companies that make labor-saving machines, or products and services that are in higher demand when unskilled labor is expensive. Roomba, you mentioned automated car washes, I don't know any of the manufacturers, I really don't know who else, but maybe they should organize a PAC, it'd be in their long-term interest to increase the demand for machines. Any company that makes agricultural machines must be hurt by immigration. Talk-up turning jobs Americans "won't do" into jobs that no one will have to do. It sounds progressive, not racist. After all, better to make people think that everyone will have either a machine (like a dishwasher) or easy access to a machine (like an automatic car wash) on days without mexicans than feeling they'd have to do it themselves, or even more terrifying, have to deal with black people going in and out of their neighborhoods

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