October 4, 2006

So, the GOP shouldn't have let Mark Foley be a Congressman, but the Boy Scouts should have let him be a scoutmaster?

In my Dirt Gap article in early 2005 explaining why Red States are Red and Blue States are Blue, I pointed to the ongoing persecution of the Boy Scouts by liberals as an illustration of why white adults with families are much more likely to vote Republican than white people without:

"Consider how differently one well-known issue can seem depending on your family structure: Should the government let the Boy Scouts ban gay men from becoming scoutmasters? To voters who are single, or married but childless, or have only daughters, this often appears as a purely abstract question of justice: of course, everybody should be guaranteed equal opportunity to be a scoutmaster. Yet, to citizens with sons, a ban may seem like a common sense precaution against temptation: of course, homosexuals shouldn't be allowed to lead their boys into the woods overnight."

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