November 14, 2006

How Big is "Borat" vs. How Small Is "Idiocracy"

How Big is "Borat" vs. How Small Is "Idiocracy:" A reader points out that Google now has recorded 96,000,000 pages with the word "Borat" on it, compared to 24,000,000 for "Titanic," which is only the biggest money movie of all time, one of the most famous incidents in 20th Century history, and a normal adjective in the English language.

In contrast, Mike Judge's similar but superior "Idiocracy" is being shot like a rabid dog by the same studio that has promoted "Borat" so deftly. A reader writes:

It seems Fox's filicide of Idiocracy at the box office wasn't enough: now they want to bury the corpse. They've set a release date of January 9th, the notorious post-New Year's dead spot for movies, and are pricing it at a ridiculous $27.95, which is an absolutely unheard-of price for a disc that's not in the Criterion Collection. Fox must really, REALLY hate this movie.

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