December 28, 2006

King George II allies with Prester John, Christian King of Abyssinia, to thrash the Musselmen

The Bush Administration has revived the grand strategy of the Crusaders -- to link up with Prester John to mount a a two front attack on the Islamic world. From the NYT:

Opponents of Islamists Seize Somali Capital

Troops from the transitional government, along with Ethiopian soldiers who had been backing them up, poured into Mogadishu from the outskirts of the city.

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Anonymous said...

FYI, the link to this post is busted.

rast, annoyed that blogger won't keep me logged in, and too lazy to log in every time

Anonymous said...

So, it seems that the muslim warlords/clans in Somalia with their call to come to Somalia to join their "holy war" is yet another example of what their islam is about and ties in so well what this emperor said a few hundred years back that it brings only evil. By the way, also funny to note is that if islam is denounced as violent, what violent reaction it always tends to provoke and thereby only demonstrating to the world how valid this assessment of islam must be...