December 9, 2006

The Polonium Puzzle

After I mentioned the pulp fiction-sounding name of the man who lunched with the spy the day he was poisoned, Russian radiation expert Professor Mario Scaramella of Naples and Bogota, a reader points out:

The name of the villain in Ian Fleming's "The Man with the Golden Gun,” played by Christopher Lee in the 1975 James Bond movie, was “Francisco Scaramanga!”

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Anonymous said...

We don't yet know who really killed Litvinenko, yet the media seems quick to assume that it was Putin.

Putin may have done it, but Litvinenko had a lot of other enemies (whom he may have been blackmailing), and the poisoning may have been accidental, since he may have been involved with people who smuggled Polonium 210.

It's amazing how many people are quick to attack Putin when he's probably one of the best friends the West has. Under Yelstin, mafias were taking over Russia. They were not only harmful to Russia, but harmful to the rest of the World as well. Putin has also probably killed more Islamists than any Western leader. Chechnya was becoming a haven for groups linked to Al Qaeda. Putin pretty much crushed the Islamists. His methods may have been unpleasant; but they worked. Our methods in Iraq are unpleasant, too; but the result is a disaster.