December 22, 2006

Why Stephen Hunter is the best film critic working

As his review of Robert De Niro's CIA story "The Good Shepherd" shows, the Pulitzer Prize winner simply knows more than other critics.

Most movie reviewers these days are sensitive English major types, while movies in recent decades have been in a quite masculine phase driven by the economic fact the males pay for most of the tickets. So, a comprehensive education in the poetry of Wordsworth and Browning doesn't actually teach you much you need to know to review adequately the typical contemporary movie.

In contrast, Hunter's hyper-masculine intelligence (he is, for example, a world class gun nut -- here's my review of his book American Gunfight about the shootout in which Puerto Rican nationalist terrorists almost murdered Pres. Truman) is much better attuned to the subject matter of current films.

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Ted Heistman said...

Maybe your testosterone level went up from winning the duel with Gladwell and now you are more in tune with Hunter. That happens you know!

I liked the movie quite a bit and It was contained a good take on the Skull and Bones.

I liked the line with the mafia Guy saying, "We have our families and the Church, Blacks, Jews , Irish have this and that etc. etc. What do you guys have?"

Wison came back: "We have the United States of America. The rest of you are just visiting."

I think that really captures the mindset.

Steve Sailer said...

That's a great line. Considering that the last Presidential election was between 2 Skull and Bones men just two years apart at Yale, maybe it's still true.

I'm looking forward to seeing it.

Anonymous said...

steve sailer, you're a loser and your life must really suck for you to spend countless hours on this blog that hardly anyone cares about, reads, or actually takes seriously. quite a pitiful person you are, and you know it.

Ted Heistman said...

It seemed like a realistic take on Skull and bones. People seem to either scoff and take it too lightly, or else think they are all powerful.

But basically its a finishing school for for the most elite of the Eastern Seaboard establishment WASPs. Its a little more diverse now, I understand.

Its a similar dynamic to the mafia but a magnitude more sophisticated and restrained.

Its a weird thing though how boring
yet powerful they are.

I try to read the weekly standard and Foreign affairs and its hard. That is dry stuff, but there are a lot of powerful people behind those publications.

The movie is not really boring, its I would say a bit more cerebral than the average espionage flick.