January 8, 2007

Eric Muller and Michelle Malkin

My new VDARE.com column: "Muller, Malkin, and Muslim Terrorists."

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Anonymous said...

The thing about the Eric Muller's bikini image of Michelle Malkin that struck me was that he had by his own admission had the crudely faked image on his computer for several months before he posted it. Considering the rest of his stalker like behaviour towards her this seems incredibly creepy and it seems pretty obvious what he was doing with it.

Anonymous said...


I checked out Muller's blog after reading your essay and -- if the Vdare letters he posted there are real -- Vdare might be better off not encouraging its readers to post there. They don't reflect well on Vdare. Muller also makes some legitimate-sounding counter arguments to Brimelow's claim of censorship, e.g, that Brimelow was given a full 15 minute segment on the radio show; that it isn't censorship when a private media outlet decides who it will interview; and that the timing of Brimelow's rant about a six-month-old event comes across as an end-of-year attempt to raise donations.

The tenor of this dispute is unfortunate, because I think intelligent, objective discussion of immigration (and many of the issues you raise) is crucial. I said as much on Muller's blog.

You seem to have done much in your own work to innoculate yourself against adhesive charges of racism or antisemitism; I don't think the same can be said for Vdare.

That's all fine if Vdare is content to simply provoke. But if Vdare wants to change policy, it would have a better shot if it took a step back from the fringe.

Anonymous said...

Maybe this Muller fella just has a thing about Asian women. Hey, whatever floats his boats.