March 22, 2007

Obama's Doppelganger

Perhaps the most interesting character in Sen. Barack Obama's Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance is his half-brother "Mark," even though he appears only briefly. Another half-white son of Barack Obama Sr., Mark, a physics student at Stanford, disturbs Obama with his individualism, well-adjusted personality, and lack of black racialism. He looks so much like Obama, but his values are so different.

While many whites fantasize that Obama "transcends race," the Presidential candidate's autobiography is actually obsessed with race. It's his estranged half-brother Mark who is the true post-racial man.

Mark is the son of Obama's father and his third wife (and second white American wife) Ruth. She divorced Obama's drunken dad after seven years of marriage (during which he beat her badly), then married a prosperous Tanzanian. Today, according to the Daily Mail, she works in a Kenyan school.

Unlike Obama, who long dreamed of Kenya but knew little about it, Mark spent his summers off from his American studies in Kenya at his mother and step-father's upscale Nairobi home, where Obama met him in the late 1980s.

"'So, Mark,' I said, turning to my brother, 'I hear you're at Berkeley.'

"'Stanford,' he corrected. His voice was deep, his accent perfectly American. 'I'm in my last year of the physics program there.'"

They meet once more, for lunch:

"I asked him how it felt being back for the summer.

"'Fine,' he said. 'It's nice to see my mom and dad, of course. … As for the rest of Kenya, I don't feel much of an attachment. Just another poor African country.'

"'You don't ever think about settling here?'

"Mark took a sip from his Coke. 'No,' he said. 'I mean, there's not much work for a physicist, is there, in a country where the average person doesn't have a telephone.'

"I should have stopped then, but something -- the certainty in this brother's voice, maybe, or our rough resemblance, like looking into a foggy mirror -- made me want to push harder. I asked, "Don't you ever feel like you might be losing something?'

"Mark put down his knife and fork, and for the first time that afternoon his eyes looked straight into mine.

"'I understand what you're getting at,' he said flatly. 'You think that somehow I'm cut off from my roots, that sort of thing.' He wiped his mouth and dropped the napkin onto his plate. 'Well, you're right. At a certain point, I made a decision not think about who my real father was. He was dead to me even when he was still alive. I knew that he was a drunk and showed no concern for his wife or children. That was enough.'

"'It made you mad.'

"'Not mad. Just numb.'

"'And that doesn't bother you? Being numb, I mean?'

"'Towards him, no. Other things move me. Beethoven's symphonies. Shakespeare's sonnets. I know -- it's not what an African is supposed to care about. But who's to tell me what I should and shouldn't care about? Understand, I'm not ashamed of being half Kenyan. I just don't ask myself a lot of questions about what it all means. About who I really am.' He shrugged. 'I don't know. Maybe I should. I can acknowledge the possibility that if looked more carefully at myself, I would …'

"For the briefest moment I sensed Mark hesitate, like a rock climber losing his footing. Then, almost immediately, he regained his composure and waved for the check.

"'Who knows?' he said. 'What's certain is that I don't need the stress. Life's hard enough without all that excess baggage.'

"… Outside we exchanged addresses and promised to write, with a dishonesty that made my heart ache."

Notice that it's Obama's own dishonesty that is (supposedly) making his heart ache -- he can't know what's in Mark's heart as they exchange addresses, but Obama knows that he never wants to hear from his own half-brother Mark again. The physicist is (at least) Obama's intellectual equal, but his realism about Kenya, his lack of an identity crisis, lack of black ethnocentrism, and lack of illusions about their mutual father leave Obama so uncomfortable that he doesn't want to see Mark anymore.

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Richard said...

The brother seems to have a sense of what you can get closure on and what to drop. Senator Obama, from your writing, seems to be forever searching for that.

He will use the presidency to continue the search. You should be hoping for that. After all, he has already provided you with a lot of copy from two book. If he attains the White House, he is probably good for two more books, If he does not win, he is just another loser and it's remainder shelf time.

Also, since Reagan, the presidents have been one worse than the last. Can Obama keep us the streak?

Grumpy Old Man said...

I'm reminded of the "O'Reilly" jokes of my childhood.

"We need an Irishman in the White House, like JFK or Reagan."
"Oh, really?"
"No, O'Bama."


Anonymous said...

"'Towards him, no. Other things move me. Beethoven's symphonies. Shakespeare's sonnets. I know -- it's not what an African is supposed to care about.

These reported conversations strike me as far too neat in both form and content, even granting a certain poetic licence. I certainly wouldn't read too much into them.

Anonymous said...

My God! Obama meets a half-brother who challenges his own perceptions about himself and his views on ethnicity and family, and he sees fit to include it in his book. What a monster!

I don't know what Steve thinks he's doing by including these passages from Obama's book, but all they do for me is demonstrate that Obama's a really good writer and uncommonly thoughtful and self-critical. If anything, the book weighs against the notion that Obama was always planning to run for president. What kind of calculating political machine would be that sharp and self-critical, and write so nakedly about such deeply personal things?

Anonymous said...

Not that I was planning on voting for the man, but this post with that excerpt is the worst thing I've seen written about Barack. I believe most people would identify with, or respect, Mark, no doubt about that, and Barack's rejection of him....
If he had simply said, "My brother doesn't care much about his roots", Obama's feelings towards his brother could be given the benefit of the doubt. But that conversation...
Barack is twisted in a way that makes him wildly unsuitable for the presidency... And he wrote this himself!

Anonymous said...

Is there any chance of the Republicans persuading Mark Obama to run for the presidency? Sounds like he'd have Steve's vote.

Luke said...

The Republicans only wish Obama is the Democratic nominee. But there is a political lifetime between now and the Democratic convention (actually several) and the chance of Obama attaining the nomination are long to say the least. The man is completely unqualified. Hillary has a clear walk all the way to the White House if she doesn't screw up, and very likely she won't. If she chooses James Webb as her running mate she will almost certainly win. Hopefully she will govern on better principles than she runs on, especially on the subject of immigration. She has, btw, broached the possibility of a national ID, so there is hope in that department.

I should admit that I have a terrible record as a political prognasticator (sp?) however.

Steve Sailer said...

TVOH: "He will use the presidency to continue the search. You should be hoping for that. After all, he has already provided you with a lot of copy from two book. If he attains the White House, he is probably good for two more books, If he does not win, he is just another loser and it's remainder shelf time."

Reminds me of how National Lampoon (under PJ O'Rourke's leadership) endorsed Ted Kennedy in the 1980 Presidential race as the candidate who would provide the most material for National Lampoon.

Patrick writes:

"These reported conversations strike me as far too neat in both form and content, even granting a certain poetic licence. I certainly wouldn't read too much into them."

On the contrary, it's precisely because Obama is clearly exerting so much aesthetic control over his material that you should read much into it. And please keep in mind that these are not isolated instances -- this is what the 442 pages of the book consist of.

One of the many Anonymouses writes:

"Obama's a really good writer and uncommonly thoughtful and self-critical."

He is certainly a good writer and uncommonly thoughtful. "Self-critical," however, I don't know. Self-involved, certainaly, probably self-obsessed. But I think a lot of people who buy his autobiography assume that he eventually recants and repents his anti-white black racialism sometime around page 400, but they never got that far because he's kind of a drip. They just assume it has to end that way. If it didn't, somebody would have pointed it out in the press by now, right?

Anonymous said...

I'm really enjoying the stuff on Obama, Steve. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

On the contrary, it's precisely because Obama is clearly exerting so much aesthetic control over his material that you should read much into it.

Well, it's the tension between reading it as fiction and autobiography that I'm alert to.

Anonymous said...

This was over a decade ago. Does anyone know if the two half-brothers remain estranged? (Unfortunately, googling "Mark Obama" turns up only stuff like "this will mark Obama's first visit to New Hampshire.")

Anonymous said...

And is Abongo safely ensconced back in Afri-ka?

Steve Sailer said...

I couldn't find anything on "Mark," either. He probably uses his Tanzanian step-father's last name as his surname. I wouldn't be surprised if Mark wasn't his real name, or if he wasn't a physics student as opposed to some other kind of scientist, or if he wasn't really at Stanford as opposed to UCLA or Cal Tech.

The basic problem is that writing your autobiography at age 33 is a bad idea. You should wait until you are middle-aged when most of the important people in your early life are dead -- see the great autobiographies, like Vladimir Nabokov's or Shelley Winters'.

Young men should write autobiographical novels, not autobiographies, but there isn't much market for literary first novels anymore. There is now, though, a market for the memoirs of unhappy young people, stupid as that may be. That's why the publishers of first novels like "A Million Little Pieces" and "Jarhead" insisted the authors claim they were nonfictional.

So you can't hold it against Obama that he apparently covered up the identity of somebody who probably doesn't want to get involved in his half-brother's celebrity. But it would certainly be interesting to know "Mark's" thoughts!

Anonymous said...

Good points.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't find anything on "Mark," either.

And if the Daily Mail couldn't find him, are we sure he even exists?

Young men should write autobiographical novels, not autobiographies...

I'm tempted to think that's what he did.

Steve Sailer said...

The Daily Mail found Mark's mother Ruth, but there's no discussion of her children.

An article by a Kenyan writer named Philip Ochieng who was an old drinking buddy of Obama Sr. mentions Ruth's sons Mark and David, but Ochieng says he had forgotten their names, so it's not clear if those are their real names.

Here's an excerpt:

After Obama Senior had left Anne in Honolulu, he studied at Harvard, where he met and befriended Ruth. She afterwards followed him all the way to Home Squared. I assumed that Junior was either David or Mark, Ruth's two sons whose names I no longer remembered.

What I remember, however – and much of it emerges from Obama Junior's book – was that Obama Senior's marriage to Ruth was not a happy one. Like his father, although charming, generous and extraordinarily clever, Obama Senior was also imperious, cruel and given to boasting about his brain and his wealth.

It was this kind of boasting that proved his undoing in the Kenyatta system – although, as he said, there was tribalism in it –and left him without a job, plunged him into prolonged poverty and dangerously wounded his ego.

Like me, he was excessively fond of Scotch. In his later years, he had fallen into the habit of going home drunk every night. This was what forced Ruth to sue for a divorce to marry another friend of mine, a Tanzanian.

Scotch, indeed, was what proved to be Obama Senior's final undoing. Driving a car always excited him excessively.

Obama Senior had had many extremely serious accidents. In time, both his legs had to be amputated and replaced with iron. But his pride was such that he could not tolerate "crawling like an insect" on the road. I was not surprised when I learned how he had finally died.

Anonymous said...

what a world we live in, when a man running for president can write reverently of an intolerable and dangerously egotistical sociopath...

it also goes to show how fixed the "blank slate" mentality still is in the public's consciousness, that the fact that obama shares 50% of his genes with this african fool is considered a complete non-issue by the great majority of americans (with respect to how it affects his chartacter, i mean).

Anonymous said...

Oscar said...

"the fact that obama shares 50% of his genes with this african fool is considered a complete non-issue by the great majority of americans (with respect to how it affects his chartacter, i mean)."

Oscar, the fact that the father of Barack is the father of Barack does not mean that Barack manifests 50% of his fathers non-latent traits. It seems then that albeit saying that Barack has 50% of his fathers genes is accurate it seems like it could be potentially misleading if one does not take pains to stipulate that of the those genes that make up the 50% not all of them are necessarily non-dormant in the organism that is his father.

Anonymous said...

Yes, and something like 99% of those genes have to do with making things like antibodies and the electron transport chain.

Of course it's the CNS we're worried about, but Bill Clinton's dad was a drunk and it didn't stop him from being president. Hell, George W. Bush was a drunk and a cokehead himself and he did fine...oh wait...

Anonymous said...

behavioral traits are quite heritable, look at twin studies.

check wikipedia about clinton's biological relatives... the fruit didn't fall far from the tree.

also while you're at it, check out hillary clinton's fat ass brother (just for fun)

Steve Sailer said...

Drunken ne'er do well Presidential relatives are an American tradition: Roger Clinton, Billy Carter, Donald Nixon, Ted Kennedy, George W. Bush, the list goes on and on.

Who was the last President to come from an all-around impressive family?

Maybe Eisenhower, whose brother Milton was president of Johns Hopkins U. and had other quite respectable siblings, despite them coming from an obscure background (and Dwight didn't have much pull until he was about 50).

Anonymous said...

I think it's time someone just comes out and says it. Barack Hussein Obama is a detestable character. Yes, I do mean detestable. I've noticed a lot of timidity from all types of people in criticizing him, but the time for uncritical commentary has passes.

The man is a black nationalist with antipathy toward whites in his head and his heart, despite the opportunities he has been given from a large number of them. In an age of fradulent personality covers from nearly every major Democrat, Obama must be judged to sit at the top of this heap. His soft spoken manner conceals an Afrocentric vindictiveness.

His lionization of his repellent father in his autobiography is an extended revelation of tribalism over rationalism. Steve, I think you are doing an exemplary job of exposing Obama for who he really is. Obama needs to be brought to his knees and made to crawl out of public life. This pampered leftist is a sinister fraud.

Anonymous said...

Steve, your insistence that Obama should get over his black identity and embrace the end American racism would be a little more convincing if half your commenters weren't attacking and insulting him in the nastiest, most racially loaded terms. It's like the old joke: what do you call a black millionare philanthropist physicist? a: a nigger. A goodly chunk of your readership seem to demonstrate the truth behind the punchline.

Anonymous said...

Steve, your insistence that Obama should get over his black identity and embrace the end American racism would be a little more convincing if half your commenters weren't attacking and insulting him in the nastiest, most racially loaded terms. It's like the old joke: what do you call a black millionare philanthropist physicist? a: a nigger. A goodly chunk of your readership seem to demonstrate the truth behind the punchline.

Steve is a liberal racial realist. He thinks that "Citizenism" will save the day. Boy, is he wrong. I can't even believe that someone of his intellect wrote the "Citizenism" article.

Anonymous said...

Steve, your insistence that Obama should get over his black identity and embrace the end American racism would be a little more convincing if half your commenters weren't attacking and insulting him in the nastiest, most racially loaded terms.

I don't think SS is insisting anything; he's seeking to correct the misconception that Obama is a coffee-coloured Everyman.

It's like the old joke: what do you call a black millionare philanthropist physicist? a: a nigger.

I've heard a lot of racist jokes, but this isn't one of them.

Anonymous said...

This is good:

"Far worse than anything else that might be revealed about Obama’s past, the recent LA Times story reveals Obama was a teacher’s pet:

'Obama’s Indonesian teachers all said he was a leader at a young age. Fermina Katarina Sinaga, Obama’s third-grade teacher, didn’t have to quiet her pupils before class because Obama did it for her.'

"We all knew kids like this in school, and none of us ever liked those kids. Nobody is worse-suited to positions of responsibility than a fawning sycophant."

Anonymous said...

What this story always comes back to is the one central character around whom everyone seems to revolve: ABONGO!(just kidding!:) )Its the dad of course! The more I hear about this ugly vile piece of excrement the more disgusted I am (sorry...): )that this pig was able to plant his revolting seed in at least 2 white females. Thats so...depressing. The main reason dear old Mark is the way he is is cuz Big Chief stuck around Ruth for 7 years of beatings and all around animalism---Barry got free after only 2 years.I dont know how many years Mark was around b4 the Chief left,but I bet he didnt have the luxury of creating a fake "African Father"...I'm thinking he saw the dad as he is;and Mark may be smarter(and wiser)than Barry--as Steve hinted. Im not sure how much more Barry I can stomache! :0 PS:I alluded in a prev post(uhm,you guys are keeping track,right?)about a writer describing Barry Bonds,and Black stars in general,as narcissistic and,yup, self-pitying.Is Steve making a comment on the African psyche...or just Barry. I know a white guy prone to self pity:John Kerry. :0

Svigor said...

It's like the old joke: what do you call a black millionare philanthropist physicist? a: a nigger.

Like many old jokes, this one contains a kernel of wisdom. A black man, regardless of his other qualifications, is not white. Ergo, he will be perceived as inherently incapable of representing white interests, and rightly so.

Why should whites vote for a black to represent them?

Anonymous said...

his mother's family has been traced back 5 generations to ireland.

so he is kenyan and irish.

Atlantin said...

re: "So, Mark,' I said, turning to my brother, 'I hear you're at Berkeley.'

"'Stanford,' he corrected. His voice was deep, his accent perfectly American. 'I'm in my last year of the physics program there.'"

I believe that this a made up story. An affirmative action wet dream to be sure.

There is no way that a black (even a half black/white) individual could get a Bachelors degree at a top 25 in the world university in Physics, let alone a Masters or a Ph.D.

Law, Economics, Political Science and other SOFT disciplines are more than possible ( they happen constantly ) but not Physics. One needs an IQ of 140+ in Physics at a top program. I personally knew really bright guys who ran into the "wall" as graduate students in the hard sciences and math.

This anecdote of mine goes back to the mid 60s when I was a student at an Ivy League University. During one summer I was one of the few fraternity brothers remaining at the University and living in the Fraternity House. As was the custom, the Fraternity rented rooms through student housing for the summer. That year one of the students sent by student housing was black student who was to start in the coming September in the Physics Masters program. He was there for the summer for special tutoring and placed in a lab that was doing particle ( high energy ) physics. He had a Physics BS degree from some place in the Midwest which I don't recall. He was from the Detroit area I do recall. While living in the Frat house I was shown by him stacks of spark chamber photos that he was going through to find events which sure appeared to be busy work to me. I was doing research with a professor that summer and had not anywhere near the free time as did he. He had all the confidence in the world that he would do just fine in the Physics Department but he did not appear to me to be using his time and opportunity to be tutored ( provided free by the University ) at all as one would expect. He never seemed to be reviewing textbooks or doing problems. ( He did have a succession of one night stands with white girls, some students others nurses. God only knows how he connected with them as he was not particularly a ladies man type. )

At any rate the summer ended and he moved out into an apartment off campus and I lost track of him. A year or so later he came to the Frat house and wanted to play ping pong. I had beat him six ways from Sunday all summer when he stayed at the Fraternity house. I was a pretty good player and never got my comeuppance until I was an officer in the military and a non-com did a bagel job on me in a tournament beating me 3 out of 5 each 21 zip. My black friend had been practicing and wanted another go at ping pong. He lost again and afterwards he told me what he was up to. He did not make it in the Physics Department. He was currently a student working for an MBA at the Ivy League University. No doubt he obtained his MBA. Isn't affirmative action wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Thomas Sowell has observed that blacks are better off if steered away from top Ivy League schools and into smaller colleges and programs that are not as demanding intellectually.

And then there's this:

Anonymous said...

Atlantin and anonymous, you two are really something.

Atlantin, you never met a black person with an IQ of 140+? At MIT I met affirmative action admissions, but I also met the real deal. The black guy I knew best got his degree in EE - I found that harder than physics.

Anonymous, what Sowell says is that black students do better when they go to colleges and universities suited to their abilities and level of preparation. He doesn't say that a Harvard-caliber student is better off at UMass.

Anonymous said...

There are black guys with 140+ IQs but damn few of them. Because the average black IQ is shifted 1 SD (15 IQ pts) below the white (and almost 2 SDs from the Ashkenazi Jewish) there are about as many black 140s (as a percentage) as there are white 155s or Jewish 170s - a few but not many. You are way out there in the skinny tail of the normal distribution.

In SAT scores, in 2005 there were something like 250 blacks in the entire US who scored 750 or above on math, which is 2.5 standard deviations above avg. , equivalent to around 140 IQ.

Ramses said...

Africans and their brothers and sisters in America are Kings and Queens. We don't live by your superficial standards of measurement, your opinion of us is of no consequence, just in the same way that Christ said that it doesn't bother him now that the wine is finished.
We are geniuses, rulers, scientists, philosophers, engineers, physicists and you name it. Dating all the way back in Ancient Kemet(so called Egypt)we are the pioneers in all life and physical sciences.
There is alot of ignorance in this thread, and I will bring the light. There are those who are quick to say all kinds of nasty things about Africans, and I will set the record straight over here.
Black Africa, and Black Africans have contributed enormously to human civilization and the constant negative labeling of these great people is largely a result of Europeans trying to justify racism and the greatest geno-homicide to have been unleashed of people of African ancestry-aka slavery in America and Europe.
I know the truth, and I will speak it fearlessly, and I will also provide documentary evidence to prove my points.
According to Sandford's " Mediterranean world " Pythagoras received his training in Ancient Nubia before returning to his native land Samos, where he established his his order.Secondly ,many of you were taught western civilization and were taught about other Greek scholars such as Thales-(he received his education in ancient Nubia) ,Anaximander and Anaximenes were his other associates who were natives of Ionia in Asia Minor, which again was a stronghold of the Ancient African Mystery School.
The so called Greek philosophy that is one of the basis of European and European-American pride, again the reason for the false sense of superiority, is just a sham and a lie that has been repeated over and over, to a point it gives some people on this blog the misguided nerve to call Africans all kinds of misleading terms. Let alone the hopeless and laughable sense of confidence as exhibited by the tons of verbal diarhoea seen here.
History books clearly tell us that the teachings by men such as Aristotle were outlawed by the Greek government.As a matter of fact the Greeks were living in turbulent times and they went further by banishing or killing the likes of Socrates for teaching this " foreign philosophy". Don't even get me started on how Aristotle stole from the African library in Memphis and present day Alexandria. I know the exact details on how it happened. This was another case of Europeans invading, stealing and then hopelessly trying to claim authorship of ancient African texts that they didn't develop and publish.Yes, your so called Greek/Western civilization is actually stolen/plagiarized Ancient African knowledge. This has been the basis of western advancement in all areas of life, and I dare anyone of you to challenge me on this. Furthermore, for your references check out these books(many of them written by Europeans) that support my statement...B.d Alexander's History of Philosophy page 13, and pg 21,
and Zeller's History of Philosophy pg 37, 46, 66-83
Yes, Africans ruled and dominated the BC times. Our empires extended into Asia Minor.According to our one Manetho, two columns were found in Nysa Arabia. One for the Goddess Isis and the other for the God Osiris. On Osiris' column he had declared that he had led an army into India, to the source of the Danube and as far as the ocean.Clearly showing that this African empire extended not only o the island of the Aegean sea and Ionia, but also to the extremities of the east.
Furthermore, to those who have falsely made themselves believe that Africans are not great people, we are informed of one of our Great leaders named Senusert 1 who conquered the whole sea coast of India, beyond the Ganges to the Eastern ocean. He is also said to have included the Cyclades and a great part of Europe in his conquests.
We also know that the "Amarna letters" found in the government offices of the Nubian King Akenaton testify to the fact that the Nubian Empire extended to western Asia , Syria and Palestine and for centuries African power had been supreme in the ancient world. This was in the 18th dynasty of this great African nation. For the record check John Kendrick's Ancient Egypt Vol 1 and Breadstead's Conquest of Civilization page 84.

They taught many of you about the so called Greek philosophers, but a keen eye will notice a complete absence of the essential information concerning the early life and training of the so called Greek philosophers. No writer or historian professes to know anything about their early education. All they've taught many of you about consists of a). a doubtful date and place of birth, and b) their doctrines; but the amazing thing is that the rest of the world is left to wonder who they were and from what source they got their early education from.Many a times you would naturally expect that men who rose to the position of a teacher amongst relatives and friends, would be well known, not only by them....but by their general community.

It is quite the opposite with the so called " Fathers of Greek/Western " civilization.Men who might well be placed amongst the earliest teachers in history, who had grown up from childhood to adulthood, and taught pupils are strangely represented as unknown and being without any social, domestic or early educational traces. This is plain rubbish and stupidity that has been taught to many people in Europe, including students in the U.S.
The absence of this essential evidence renders this "Western civilization" a fairly tale..
Furthermore the chronology of the so called Greek philosophers, whom the public knew very little about is simply out of order.

As early as the third century B.C Eratosthenes drew up a chronology of Greek philosophers and in the second century B.c Apollodorus also drew up another.These efforts were continued in the first century b.c, where Andronicus the eleventh head of the Peripatetic School, also drew up another.
The difficulty and failure by Europeans to prove their point continued in the early centuries and it has come down to the present times for it appears that ALL modern writers on Greek Philosophy are unable to agree on the dates that should be assigned to the nativity of the philosophers.The only exception occurs with Socrates, Aristotle and Plato.
It doesn't even end over here! when it comes to pre-socratic philosophers, the Europeans again present us with chronologies that are filled with confusion and uncertainty. For example Diogenes Laertius places the birth of Thales at 640 bc, while Frank Thilly places it at 624 BC.
-Diogenes Laertius places the birth of Anaximenes at 546 B.C, while Windelbrand places it at sixth century b.c
-With references to Xeno, Diogenese who doesn't know his date of birth places it at 570B.C, and the majority of the other historians declare that the date of birth is unkown.

-With reference to Pythogoras, Zeller doesn't know the date of his birth, but supposes that it occured betwen the years 580-570 B.C, and while Diogenes also supposes that it occured between the years 582-500 B.C. Other European historians such as Rogers and Tennmannn declare that it is unknown.Check out A.k Rogers's History of Phil. p. 104

The point is that the varying dates as presented by many European scholars point out to a)speculation b) the pre-socratic philosophers were unknown because they were foreigners to the Athenian government and probably never existed c)it follows that both the pre-socratic philosophers together with Socrates, Plato and Aristotle were persecuted by the Athenian government for introducing foreign doctrines to Athens. d).In consequence of these facts, any subsequent claim by the Greeks to the ownership or authorship of the same doctrines which they had rejected and persecuted, must be regarded as usurpation. Period. Again proving with ice cold precision that the source of white pride and false sense of superiority is bogus,fake and ridiculous.
-When Aristotle decided to compile a history of Greek Philosphy, something interesting happened-no sooner had he produced his book, than Theophrastus followed him by publishing eighteen books on the doctrines of the physicsts. Similarly after Theophrastus had published his books, Eudemus produced separate histories of Arithmetic , Geometry, Astronomy and theoology. The large number of books and the wide range of subjects treated has rightly aroused the suspicion of the world, as it questions the source of their scientific works. Well, the simple answer is that that since Theophrastus and Eudemus were students under Aristotle. It is publicly known that after Alexander had invaded Egypt, Aristotle was quick to help himself to the books at the Alexandrine library at that time-ref, William Turner's History of Phil P 158-159). At the same time how in the world would Aristotle write about science, after spending 20 years under a Philosopher?-busted!!
As a matter of fact Aristotle's work reveal signs of note taking...evidence found in William Turner's book p 127.

-Many people know that the so called period of Greek philosophy (640-322 bc) was a period of external and internal wars, and was therefore unsuitable for producing philosophers.Yes, from the time of Thales to the time of Aristotle, the Greeks were fighting each other and they lived in constant fear of invasion from Persians who were common enemy to the city states.
Here are the highlites of the Greeks' struggles:
-The Persians had conquered the Ionians and made them their subjects, Polycrates (539-524 B.c) seized the island of Samos and made it a famous city(ref. Sanford's
Mediterranean world c.9)
-The Ionians revolted against the Persians who defeated them at Lade, while Cyprus and Miletus were also captured.
-With persistent aim of freedom from Persian domination, Athens together with the island and coast cities of Aegean and Ionia renewed their resistance of Persian rule, forming the confederacy of Delos.
-During the winter of 387B.c the individual Ionian cities, signed the peace terms of the Persian King and finally accepted Persian rule.
-Apart from the resistance of a common foe, the Persian, a study of the leagues reveals the enmity and spirit of aggression which were characteristic of the relationship which existed between the Greek City states.
-The Peloponnesian wars of 460-445 B.C. The net results were Athens established alliances with Boeotia, Phocis, and Locris in spite of Sparta's opposition. Secondly Aegina was captured and made tributary. Thirdly in 450 BC Athens failed in her attemp to invade Corinth.
Bottom line, it is accepted truth that the development of philosophical thought requires an environment which is free from disturbance and worries. The period commonly-actually foolishly assigned to Greek Philosophy was exactly the opposite, and therefore it could not be expected to produce philosophy.Yes, out of the window goes the western civilization 1 and 2 nonesense!. The obstacles against the origin and development of Greek Philosphy , were not only the frequency of civil wars, and the constant defense against Persian aggression, but also the threat of extermination from the Athenian government, its worst enemy. Matter of fact Isocrates said the following about that period:
" I must now add the following quotation which depicts this period. " For although the natural ills that beset mankind are many, we ourselves have added to them by wars and civil strife against one another , so that some have been unjustly put to death in their own cities , others driven into exile with their wives and children , and many have been compelled , for the sake of their daily bread, to die fighting against their own people, for the sake of the enemy"
For your references:W.H Couch's Hist of Greece p 206-209, T.B Bury's hist of Greece p216-229, Botsford and Robinson's Hellenic Hist.

The earliest theory of salvation is the Ancient African theory also known as the ancient Nubian theory, the Ancient Kemetik/Egyptian theory.The ancient African mystery system like the modern university was the center of organized culture and candidates entered it as the leading source of ancient culture.For years students underwent disciplinary intellectual exercises and body ascetisms with intervals and test to determine their fitness to proceed to more serious, solemn and awful process of initation.The ancient African education also made up of the 7 liberal arts which were intended to liberate the soul. Yes, Africans were super advanced,and they also taught the greater mysteries which were taught to those who had demonstrated their proficiency (ancient mysteries C.H Vail p 24-25). They had Grammar, rhetoric, logic, geometry, astronomy, music etc. These schools were run according to instructions from the Osiriaca. These African schools were the center of education so that many foreigners wanted a place, the Greeks came and we are told in the Timaeus of Plato that the priest of Sais often told the Greeks " you Greeks are but children" in the Secret doctrine , but were admitted to information enabling them to promote their spiritual advancement.
The story even goes further to show how the ancient african text known as the " Memphite theology" being the basis of everything in Greek Philosophy.
Yes, the pharaohs were Black Africans and NOT Europeans, Asians, Mediterreanean people, or any so called " mixed group of people. ALL legitimate Linguistic, anthropological, archaeological and evidence points to them being Black Africans. As a a matter of fact Seti 1,Akhenaton and many other Pharaohs clearly state that they originally came from the land that is between the western highlands of Kenya and the Ruwenzori mountains in Uganda. Carbon 4 dating tests conducted on ALL the mummies point to a Negroid origin, facial bone, hair and teeth analysis also point to a negroid origin. Tests have also clearly shown that they had alot of melanin-obviously, because they originated right on the equator. Matter of fact, Barack Obama is a direct descendant of these great Parus-(erroneosly referred to as Pharaohs by Europeans). There are countless words found in swahili, wolof, Ibo, Luo(Barack Obama's fathers ethnic group) that originate from Medhu neche(the ancient African language spoken during Paroonic "pharaohnic " times. Barack Obama comes from one of the greatest civilizations,he has royal blood running in him and no weapons formed against him by anyone in this forum, anyone in the republican or democratic party, anyone in the Jewish or European controlled media,anyone in the u.s or in the rest of the world will EVER see the moment. Barack Obama is the new president of the United States, and he is the best thing to have ever happened to this country. Period!! Yes, I have said it, because I am a prophet just like Barack Obama. Barack Obama's family and government are protected by a supernatural firewall, the Lord answered the prayers. Yes, they threw everything that they could at him....and none of it worked, just as we had spoken.Yes, you may write or say any negative thing about Barack Obama and it WON'T AND IT WILL NEVER WORK.There is a bigger force in play my friends, way bigger than you or even Barack Obama himself. This is the Most High God that we serve. This is the year of change, whether you like it or not. Whether you like Barack Obama's name or his skin color, he is still the president of these United States-matter of fact he will serve two terms.
The notion that Ashkanazi, Sephedic or any other kind of Jew having some kind of intellectual superiority over everybody else is just simply childish.We all know that the Jews work hard at hiding the heinous acts that they've commited against humanity, plus their false teachings. Their Talmud wrongfully teaches them that Africans are dark skinned people because of their " ancestor Ham "having sex with his drunk father. This is something that most Jewish Kids are taught, it is the baseline of their personal confidence. Well the truth has been brought out, shame on the Jews who believe in that stupidity, as well as the fools who managed to fool the millions of Jews who still keep that teaching in the Talmud.
The truth of the matter is, we Africans don't need any European,Asian or Latino to define us. We are children of God -Children of LIGHT, Yes children of light, and I will brag about it. Our dark skin enables us to absorb sunlight which is the source of life on this earth. Yes, we absorb God's power to its fullest because of the large amounts of melanin in us. The melanin in us has enabled and will always enable us to be geniuses in ALL areas of life inspite of any works of the enemy whether it be slavery, apartheid,unfair incarceration(don't even start me off with the nonsense of large number of black men in jail, because we already know that Amnesty International and countless human rights groups have already confirmed for themselves the unfairness of the u.s judicial/court system), or even cops firing 42, 52, 100, 150 whatever number of shots against black men, this will never stop us from excelling. I want all the bigots and racists to take note of this. And yes! this country is going to be ruled by black people-WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT!

affirmative action: that is how shallow you can be in measuring black excellence. Guess what! Mark Dean owns the 3 original patents to what is currently known as the IBM computer, Dr. Philip Emeagwali is a top scientist at NASA and without him solving the most difficult mathematical problem in mathematical history-you wouldn't be typing on this computer.....he solved a particular algorithm that has brought you this fast paced computer, Elijah Abron. I condemn you in the name of Jesus for lying about the intelligence and capacity of African people. Here are some patents by African people todate!...again just a tip of the iceberg.
* #7,037,564, 5/2/2006, Substrate sheets with removable strip

William B Abrams

* #450,550, 4/14/1891, Hame Attachments Part for a draft horses' collar.

Elijah Abron

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James S Adams

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George Edward Alcorn

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* #4,201,800, 5/6/1980, Hardened photoresist master image mask process
* #4,289,834, 9/15/1981, Dense dry etched multi-level metallurgy with non-overlapped vias
* #4,472,728, 9/18/1984, Imaging X-ray spectrometer
* #4,543,442, 9/24/1985, GaAs Schottky barrier photo-responsive device and method of fabrication
* #4,618,380, 10/21/1986, Method of fabricating an imaging X-ray spectrometer

Nathaniel Alexander

* #997,108, 7/4/1911, Folding Chair

Ralph W Alexander

* #256,610, 4/18/1882, Corn planter check rower

Winser Edward Alexander

* #3,541,333, 11/17/1970, System for enhancing fine detail in thermal photographs

Charles William Allen

* #613,436, 11/1/1898, Self-Leveling Table

Floyd Allen

* #3,919,642, 11/11/1975, Low cost telemeter for monitoring a battery and DC voltage converter power supply

James B. Allen

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James Metthew Allen

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John H Allen

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John S Allen

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Robert T Allen

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Tanya R Allen

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Many of you probably think that Asians hold the highest number of Terminal degrees in this country. Wrong! check the latest census reports......Africans lead the pack. So this nonesense and lies being spewed over here is just plain stupidity.Did I mention that we also have universities in the West Indies, The university of cape town, university of Lagos, University of Nairobi, University of Dar-es Salaam, University Addis abbaba, Jomo Kenyatta University, Moi University, University of Accra and countless other universities educating Africans across the diaspora. So just because racism has largely benefited many of you in the U.S, Canada and Europe, don't ever be fooled that the rest of the world is asleep watching you doing your thing.Don't fool yourselves my friend.....matter of fact Japan is already 400 years ahead of the U.S inspite of the Jewish plan(yes, the Manhattan project was the brainchild of Jewish people, and it was headed by a Jewish person) to eradicate Japan.
Just in the same way that you understimted Japan, you did the same thing in underestimating Africa and its its people......and Yes! we've risen, Glory to the Most High God, the God of our ancestors, the God of Imhotep,Seti, Ramses,Ramogi, Asante, The God of our greatest kingdoms of Kush, Mero, Kemet, Timbuktu, Zimbabwe, and my people are embodied in you. We are supernatural......never what you see or say, that is irrelevant:)

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he lives in China, plays the piano and has a chinese wife. that is this Mark guy.