March 12, 2007

Sailer on Obama

Here's an excerpt from my 4,000 word essay on Barack Obama in the 3/26/07 American Conservative. Hilariously, this was already being denounced around D.C. before I even finished it.

By, the way, here's the full article.

(And here's my April 7, 2008 follow-up in The American Conservative on how themes of my 2007 article on Obama only surfaced in the media a year later, after most of the primaries.)

An Excerpt from "Obama's Identity Crisis" - 3/26/2007

When Charles de Gaulle paid his first visit to embattled French Algeria after taking power in 1958, he stepped up to the microphone in front of a vast throng of Europeans and Arabs torn by murderous hostilities, stared out at them, and simply announced, “I have understood you.” The crowd exulted. Christians and Muslims alike broke into grateful tears. De Gaulle understands us! What more do we need?

Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) has yet to attain that level of oracular ambiguity, but his bestseller The Audacity of Hope shows this wordsmith’s facility at eloquently restating the views of both his liberal supporters and his conservative opponents, leaving implicit the suggestion that all we require to resolve these wearying Washington disputes is to find a man who understands us—a reasonable man, a man very much like, say, Obama—and turn power over to him.

The politician has elicited such fervor among many whites that's Timothy Noah runs a regular feature entitled "The Obama Messiah Watch" quoting "gratuitously adoring" articles. (Blacks have tended to be relatively more level-headed about him.)

Early in his run for the U.S. Senate in 2004, Obama’s pollsters discovered that women loved him, especially nice white ladies who like personalities more than politics and definitely don’t like political arguments. Why can’t we all just get along?

Obama has molded himself into the male Oprah Winfrey, the crown prince of niceness, bravely denouncing divisiveness, condemning controversy, eulogizing unity, and retelling his feel-good life story about how he, the child of a black scholar from Kenya and a white mother from Kansas, grew up to be editor of the Harvard Law Review.

Gaullism worked out fairly well in France, and so might Obamaism in America. His opposition in 2002 to invading Iraq was sensible and forcibly stated. More characteristically, Obama was a broadly respected Illinois state legislator from 1997-2005 because he searched out minor good government issues and forged bipartisan alliances with technocrats in the Republican ranks. A president, however, can’t pick and choose his issues with the exquisite selectivity Obama displayed as a backbencher—especially not with judicial nominees. So his record as chief executive would likely prove far more liberal.

As we’ve seen with George W. Bush, however, pre-election platforms, such as Bush’s promise to pursue a “humble” foreign policy, matter less than the inner man. Obama is a particularly complicated personality, so he, and the country, deserve a more frank analysis than he has received thus far at the hands of a starstruck press.

Beneath this bland Good Obama lies a more interesting character, one that I like far better—the Bad Obama, a close student of other people’s weaknesses, a literary artist of considerable power in plumbing his deep reservoirs of self-pity and resentment, an unfunny Evelyn Waugh. This Bad Obama, consumed by indignation toward his own mother’s people, has been hiding out on the bestseller lists for the last two years in his enormously revealing, but little understood, 1995 “autobiography”—a more accurate term might be “autobiographical novel”—Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance.

... Dreams is an impressive book. The abstract lessons he claims to draw from his life aren’t memorable, sapped as they are by the pervasive insincerity about race that America demands of its intellectuals, but Obama has a depressive’s fine eye for the disillusioning detail. His characters, real or synthetic, are vivid, and he has an accurate ear for how different kinds of people speak.

The book’s chief weakness is that its main character—Obama himself—is a bit of a drip, a humor-impaired Holden Caulfield whose preppie angst is fueled by racial regret. (Obama has a knack for irony, but of a strangely humorless flavor.) ...

There is the confusing contrast between the confident, suave master politician we see on television and the tormented narrator of Dreams, who is an updated Black Pride version of the old “tragic mulatto” stereotype found in “Show Boat” and “Imitation of Life.”

Which Obama is real? Or is that a na├»ve question to ask of such a formidable identity artist? William Finnegan wrote in the New Yorker of Obama's campaigning: "… it was possible to see him slipping subtly into the idiom of his interlocutor—the blushing, polysyllabic grad student, the hefty black church-pillar lady, the hip-hop autoshop guy." Like Madonna or David Bowie, he has spent his life trying on different personalities, but while theirs are, in Camille Paglia’s phrase, sexual personae, his specialty is racial personae.

His is “a story of race and inheritance,” two closely linked topics upon which American elites have intellectually disarmed themselves. In an era when fashionable thinkers claim that race is just a social construct, Obama’s subtitle is subversive. Although his expensive education—prep school, an Ivy League bachelor’s degree, and then a Harvard professional diploma—has not equipped him with a conceptual vocabulary adequate for articulating the meanings behind his life’s story, the details deliver a message that white intellectuals have all but forgotten: the many-faceted importance of who your relatives are.

A racial group is a large extended family, and Obama’s book is primarily about his rejection of his supportive white maternal extended family in favor of his unknown black paternal extended family.

For the few willing to read all 442 pages, he offers important testimony about the enduring glamour of anti-white anger. It’s a bitter counterweight to the sunny hopes so widely invested in his candidacy as the man whose election as president would somehow help America finally "transcend race." In reality, Obama provides a disturbing test of the best-case scenario of whether America can indeed move beyond race. He inherited his father’s penetrating intelligence; was raised mostly by his loving liberal white grandparents in multiracial, laid-back Hawaii, where America’s normal race rules never applied; and received a superb private school education. And yet, at least through age 33 when he wrote Dreams from My Father, he found solace in nursing a pervasive sense of grievance and animosity against his mother’s race.

Even his celebrated acceptance of Christianity in his mid-20s turns out to be an affirmation of African-American emotional separatism. As I was reading Dreams, I assumed that his ending would be adapted from the favorite book of his youth, The Autobiography of Malcolm X, which climaxes with Malcolm’s visit to Mecca and heartwarming conversion from the racism of the Black Muslims to the universalism of orthodox Islam. I expected that Obama would analogously forgive whites and ask forgiveness for his own racial antagonism as he accepts Jesus.

Instead, Obama falls under the spell of a leftist black nationalist preacher, Jeremiah A. Wright, who preaches African-American unity through antipathy toward whites. Rev. Wright remains a major influence on the presidential candidate. (The title of Obama’s second book, The Audacity of Hope, is borrowed from one of Wright’s sermons.) Ben Wallace-Wells notes in Rolling Stone: “This is as openly radical a background as any significant American political figure has ever emerged from, as much Malcolm X as Martin Luther King Jr.”

In fact, the happy ending to Dreams is that Obama's hard-drinking half-brother Roy -- "Actually, now we call him Abongo, his Luo name, for two years ago he decided to reassert his African heritage" -- converts to tee-totaling Islam.

Here's the full article.

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Lysander Spooner said...

Steve, despite your "evil" views, how you're not pulling over $100,000 a year is beyond me. (Though please forgive me if I inadvertently libelled the Sailer clan's financial situation.)

I can't wait for the article in its entirety!

Anonymous said...

Hilariously, this was already being denounced around D.C. before I even finished it.

People actually responding to Amcon/Sailer? That is progress.

Is this denunciation on the web?

Anonymous said...

when will white people learn that racial minorities see the world differently than they do? you wanted obama to follow Malcolm X's path so that you can make a better comparison between the two, no?

read the LA times article, for instance, none of Obama's classmates saw conflict in his eyes. None of them knew he was on need-based financial aid. They thought, oh, he's from the suburbs and he's 'white/majority'-privileged like us. look how happy Barry is, just like us.

obama's memoir makes sense to me, because much as conflicted as I am about race in this country I don't wear it on my sleeves.

but aren't you grateful that i'm giving some undue attention to your "white-man-can't-understand-them-niggers' attitude?

Anonymous said...

People who use childish insults in their monikers tend to invalidate whatever point they were trying to make. Or to ensure that their comments don't get read in the first place.

Anonymous said...

They thought, oh, he's from the suburbs and he's 'white/majority'-privileged like us. look how happy Barry is, just like us.

Did you see that he went to a school where white were the MINORITY? And did you see that other "people of color" did not perceive his angst, nor the cause thereof (nor did they experience it themselves)?

Anonymous said...

Steve Sailer is a fool and here's why. Another, wiser conservative Andrew Ferguson(weekly standard/WSJ columnist) had this to say to dim-wits like mr. sailer:

Once in a while, reading Dreams(obama's book), I stopped to ask myself how it was that such a beautiful, exquisitely wrought book could fail to find readers on its first appearance ten years ago. I know, I know: Lots of beautiful, exquisitely wrought books fail to find an audience. I wonder, though, whether it might not have been a failure of salesmanship, or of a publisher's blinkered misreading. Even now some reviewers and critics insist that Dreams is essentially a racial memoir. And it is, I guess, in the sense that Anna Karenina is a meditation on the power of locomotives in czarist Russia.

Obama's themes are universal--far grander and more enduring than the difficulties of American race relations. His memoir is about the crosswise love between fathers and sons, the limits of ambition and memory, the struggle between the intellect and the heart. And what gives the book its special force is the writer's own sensitivity: He teases his themes only out of the experience of real human beings. He relies on the power of the particular. He shuns abstraction and the easy generality. The author of Dreams from My Father is after bigger game.

Anonymous said...

mr. daveg,

Hawaii is majority asian! african americans are a minority in Hawaii. obama's own half sister is half asian and she attests to her brother's growing self-consciousness as a black male as he aged.

as for this so called-angst he felt, it is barely real in his book.calling his emotions angst a hyperbole.

Anonymous said...

mr daveg,

essentially, the same way his classmates couldn't tell that he was on full financial aid unlike a majority of them, the same way they couldn't read any conflict in his eyes or mannerisms. hw obviously wasn't crying poor to his mates nor crying victim. this article wants to portray him a race-card player but this man is more complex than that. ok, go read the book and for a moment look at the world through his eyes.

and anyway, barack says in his book that he was a good old charlie playing and having fun most of the time like other kids. his book is a reflection on his identity and its interconnectedness with race in america. it's also about father-son sacred bond, etc. to select passages from the book and present them as a fiction tale barack is telling is foolish and i don't think there's a better word.
that foolishness is caused by blindness and white people/males/majority groups suffer that a lot.

Anonymous said...

"Even now some reviewers and critics insist that Dreams is essentially a racial memoir. And it is, I guess, in the sense that Anna Karenina is a meditation on the power of locomotives in czarist Russia."

yeah, mr. sailer is one of those critics. fool!

Anonymous said...

and, if obama was so comfortable in his "skin" as a teenager, why was he listening to jazz when his asian and white mates were listening to rock music? huh? why was he introducing them to black artists(ie. acording to the LA Times article and MSNBC article about his time in high school?)

obama's book is complex, and reviews like this by ignorant white males miss the entire point.

Anonymous said...

For some reason ive read the Comments section before reading Steves article! I guess just to get a feel for the reaction--its been interesting so far. Now,its Obama time;fasten your seat belts--its going to be a bumpy ride. :)

Anonymous said...

He's already shifted to being pro israel a sure sign he's gotten a stamp of approval from the establishment.

seriously considering putting a guy in the highest office in the land -who is openly racist -he belongs to a racialist church - just because he is black is an indicator just how warped white guilt tripping has become.

We get what we deserve.

Anonymous said...

Hawaii is majority asian! african americans are a minority in Hawaii.

Ah, well then any white person growing up in Hawaii could write the same book then.

Fact is, anyone who was slightly disadvantaged and/or who came from a broken home could write the same book about the same experiences.

In fact, when my parents divorced my family financial situation became very bad for several years. At the time I was surrounded by other, well-to-do, families. It was a tough time, but lots of people go through such things.

The point is, the fact he was on financial aid is not really related to his race.

Anonymous said...

"Either European Americans organize around their racial interests..."

Jupiter, everything isn't race. Plenty of European Americans will vote for Obama because they think he will support their economic interests -- and they'll probably be right.

I feel sorry for you because it's hard to be a non-intelligent white guy these days. Your best bet is to latch on to the civil service teat somewhere (try applying for Corrections Officer jobs -- easier than getting a Police job).

Your best bet is probably to vote for someone like Obama and hope that affirmative action policies evolve from being based on race to being based on economic status, so you can get some help that way. The truth is that high-achieving European Americans have more in common with Obama than they do with you.

Sorry Jupe. Maybe you can get Pat Buchanan to run again.


Anonymous said...

"women loved him, especially nice white ladies who like personalities more than politics"

I'll say! My wife thinks he walks on water.

Anonymous said...


well, what is preventing you from writing a memoir? if you can be as eloquent in writing about your life(many white males and white females and others have written memoirs) then why don't you go ahead. the guy was elected president of harvard law review(also was graduating magna cum laude) and got a contract(he didn't go running after it) to write a book.
he had apparently had a very multifaceted life and proceeded to produce the memoir, Dreams from my father.

if you have something to say and have the credentials to say it, why don't you write about your life? huh?

and anyway my point is that his classmates were ignorant about him beyond the Barry they saw in class because he wasn't crying poor or victim nor wearing his conflicts on his sleeves. i mean look at the tragetory he took: community organising for a guy who had grown up in sunny Hawaii; civil rights attorney for a guy who could've become a supreme court justice(he graduated magna cum laude from harvard law; was president of law review). dreams from my father says a lot about how conflicted he was a young man but also celebrates his ability to make a meaningful outcome of his life from the lessons of his conflicts.

barack obama is very proud of his identity. he speaks in complex terms about his love for his mother and his mother's "sweet spirit". He also loved his absent father and looked up to the image he had about him(which by the way he got from his white grandparents who made his father a hero to him). when he learnt about his father's tragic life he scorned his negative traits but embraced the family of his father(which, to him includes all africans of all stripes:african american, carribean, native africans).

again, go and read the book with an open mind. if you get your information from mr. sailer, you're screwed.

Anonymous said...

Read the excerpt. Like Bania,the low-rent comic from Seifeld, would say:"Gold!Pure gold!" :) One sentence resonates especially. Steve refers to Obamas literary power in plumbing the depths of self-pity and resentment. This brings to mind a great essay by Chicago sports writer Rick Telander where he refers to Barry Bonds' penchant for self-pity,a characteristic the baseball 'Barry'shares with other self-centered and narcissistic star athletes. Telander doesnt specifically make the racial connection,he leaves it unspoken,unlike Steve Sailer,who has commented on the prickly nature of black athletes. The point? The OTHER Barry,(thats almost psychic,both named Barry)seems to have a highly functional self pity chip,too.The way he refers to cocaine as being particularly dangerous for young black males--as if they are little girls in pink dressess that we must all strive to protect;in reality they are the group we need protection from! Witness the idiotic "Barack is a black male--he could be shot at a gas station!" comment by his angry wife. The black male as sweet and sensitive,the noble prey of the ignoble white devils. That self-pitying resentment is not an attractive quality in a President!

Anonymous said...

wow, obama has a self-pity syndrome which managed to earn him a Harvard Law degree, magna cum laude and also enabled him to become editor-in-chief of his law review. and that self-pity was so strong that even the conservatives in his law review voted en bloc for him to become president. i need some of that self pity, dear lord i pray.

wow, what self-pity can do!

and shit, i forgot you can't mention a black woman without the 'a' word. she's angry, she's so angry she says that "she and mr. obama won't make decisions based on fear or the possibility of what might happen".

she's so angry she will let her husband run for president because she's so angry that she believes in the "decency of the american people". what an angry woman. lord,give me some of that anger, i pray.

AMac said...


The maroons who pepper their comments and even their pseudonyms with obscenities sure are special. Golly, I wish I could get my ideas across with similar eloquence.

Is there any way you could persuade these latter-day Menckens to deposit their bons mots at their own blogs? That is where they will attract exactly the attention and respect that they deserve.

Anonymous said...

all white people can learn something from obama's mother: she was open-minded enough to cross two cultures. yet, when she had children she instilled in them a sense of themselves that is both realistic about about race relations in america.(obama's mother taught his son about the civil rights movement, chastised him to take his lessons serious because blacks in the south didn't have his privilege).

no white person would consider obama a white man, so leave him alone to define who he is. and it is foolish journalists like yourselves who throw words around like 'transcend race'. obama himself mocked such journalists in his second book.

this article tries to look serious by alluding to de Gaulle,etc. but it is like selling a diamond ring made of chalk. it's still doesn't cut it. i'm sorry. those of us who've read the book without an agenda have a full appreciation for Dreams from my father.

Anonymous said...

so african americans can't express pride in themselves without causing some white men to miss a heartbeat?

what i see in obama's memoir is a man who embrace his identity very strongly against conflicting emotions about what it means to be black in america. and white people will never understand black existentialism.

Anonymous said...

Goodness what happened to this thread? I found the excerpt very enlightening and it does pose very serious considerations about anti-white feeling and that it's so attractive.

Honestly, as a Christian, if one's social views are more in line with paganism, I really expect that person to be Christian-lite in other areas as well. So, I'm not that surprised. I try, like most Christians to be as colorblind as possible, but I'm not perfect, either...

To the trolls, probably nobody here is going to seriously consider Obama, let alone, vote for him. He's fun to examine. Truthfully, since we don't have a dog in the fight, we have more incentive to be honest. Politically, Steve may have some mild influence over the conservative Democrats, but I don't think elections motivate him so much. Again, this blog and its readers are going to care far more about the Republican primary and just have fun with the Democratic one...

Go Fred Thompson!

Anonymous said...

There is a whole lot of stupid in this comment thread. I second amac's advice that you get your own blogs.

Anonymous said...

Let the Republican party die. Why participate in what is basically a toothpaste commercial.

The Republican party inner core will never be in favor of shutting down non-white immigration. The Republican party exists to serve the interests of the corporation. Corporations want an unlimited supply of wage slaves.

A vote for the Republican party is a vote for the death of Euro-Christian America.

The Republican party will die. It will die faster if life-support is discontinued.

The meglamaniac coon Barack Obama and his yuppie coon wife lust for power. His rise to power will speed up the NATIVE BORN WHITE CHRISTIAN REVOLT.

Worse is better. Support creative destruction.

warmest regards

dobeln said...

And people wonder why Steve didn't use to have a comments section... heh.

Anonymous said...

Ugh to many of the racist and stupid comments here.

Obama seems a blank slate upon which many naive or foolish hopes are projected on, that seems clear.

However the real Obama is far from the naive hopes. By all accounts his father abandoned him and did not do right by him, while his mother (naive and foolish white hippie) and mother's parents doted on him.

So naturally Obama traffics in anti-White racisim of one sort or another, including Black Separatism.

If indeed we are going to "get beyond race" then Black Separatism must go, through high rates of intermarriage the way Japanese and Jewish Americans have gone. Obama's Black Separatism is a nightmare in this regard.

Moreover, there are many/most whites, who have never used the N word, never believed in bigotry or racism, never practised the same and resent highly being told they must "pay the price for white racism."

THAT is a non-starter.

It is highly likely IMHO that Obama's past of racial separatism, ugly ungratefulness and racism towards his mother and her family, and anti-White extremism will be painted in highly unflattering lights. First by Hillary, then by Republican nominee candidates as the demon who must be fought. Rudy in particular will paint Obama as the second coming of David Dinkins in racial pandering to Black Panther Extremists and soft on crime and terror.

What is highly interesting, and I'm puzzled why Steve Sailer did not pick up on it, is the Obama-/anti-Obama figures in this season's 24.

"Wayne Palmer" the Obama like President is presented as weak, stupid, and incapable of handling threats. The memory of his brother who was "strong" (played by the Unit's Dennis Haysbert) hangs over him and motivates "patriots" to blow him up as he dithers over terrorist attacks and tries appeasement.

If anything IMHO America hungers for a strong macho President tempered with wisdom. Bush is not Macho. Nor tempered with wisdom. Neither is Shrillary, nor Edwards, and certainly not Obama the male Oprah (good call Steve). Americans don't LIKE Barry Bonds. Or other spoiled, self-pitying (while making millions and living out athletic dreams of millions of guys) black or white athletes. Particularly millionaire black athletes caught doing something wrong (like roiding up) and crying racism predictably.

Americans by contrast LOVE sunny optimistic "macho" guys who temper male strength with some measure of good nature and wisdom. Look at endorsement contracts or commercials which are measured carefully. Peyton Manning, Tiki Barber, Shaq, Howie Long, Tiger Woods are the models here.

America would vote in a heartbeat for a "Dennis Haysbert" president, but Obama is not Dennis Haysbert. He's Wayne Palmer.

Anonymous said...

Obama reminds me of no one so much as Bill Clinton. Clinton lacked the privileged upbringing lavished on Obama, but he managed to recreate it in his own mind--a prince, a legend, because a dreamer.

Judging by the comments here, it appears that Obama has spawned a large group of worshipers. There is a lot of time between now and the convention. Let's see how huge the flock can grow.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure about Steve's financial situation either, but I saw someone who looks remarkably like him searching through rubbish bins outside King's Cross tube station in London.

That wasn't you was it, Steve?

Anonymous said...

Yes, few of this blog's readership are actually interested in B'lack O'rama as a candidate, per se.

It's far more interesting to use him as a lens into white American pathology; Obama's qualifications are at once minimal and profound - he's black enough to be considered black by whites, but not black enough to act black (i.e., he can enunciate). It's absurd to cite his other "qualifications," as if there aren't hordes of more-qualified people, sans the race card.

Back to that lens. Argue about morals all you want - giving women the vote was a mistake; Obama's a good indication of that.

Of course, enfranchising all men was a mistake too, probably...

Obama's campaign is doomed, btw. Even if he didn't have such a questionable character, right there for everyone to read about, other than his black skin privilege he's not qualified for the job. American white males aren't going into voting booths to put him into the White House on the basis of his quadroon status.

Anonymous said...

"American white males aren't going into voting booths to put him into the White House on the basis of his quadroon status."

I think a lot of the hype around Obama is media driven. They see him as the "Great Black Hope". I too don't think he has much of a chance to be elected President, but it is interesting to see the mainstream media fawn over him. I think this says more about the mind of liberals than it does about white people in general.

Anonymous said...

"Americans would vote for Haysbet"


50-60 pecent of eligible voters don't show up at the pols on election day. Then toss in the number of NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICANS who vote Republican.

Elections are very close these days. Statistically dead heats. Do the election over again and the other traitor wins. The pinhead swing vote-a small number of voters-determines the outcome of presidential elections from here on in.

Macho president=war criminal and corporate whore.

The president of the United State and the Senate should be reduced to figures heads who get together in the Redwoods of California once a year to hump Bill Buckley's wrinkley ass and Ronald Reagans embalmed corpse.

Don't look for some savior including Tancredo. A top- down solution won't save NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICA .

A bottom up approach is the only way to go....if you are serious about democracy. WE need control of political institutions up to the congressional level. It will have to start with highly vigilant groups of individuals form nodes on larger pro-White network.

Hagle may be good on the Iraq/Iran war, but he will provide coporate America with asian,muslim,hispanic and african scab workers.

No politician should be worshipped or looked upon as a savior.

warmest regards

Anonymous said...

I for one am glad Obama is running. It is one more chance for us to hear something new.

The problem with Obama is that it looks like he is an empty suit. So far all we have are platitudes but he is thin on substance.

It is his good fortune that his only real competition is an empty skirt.

Anonymous said...

No politician should be worshipped or looked upon as a savior.

Wow, Jupiter, that's a wise statement. Never thought I'd agree with anything you wrote.

Anonymous said...

No politician IS looked upon as a savior. However, Presidents are judged the way America judges it's jocks.

This isn't necessarily bad either. In many cases (Bush vs. Clinton) the parties positions are fairly close (both candidates favored the awful NAFTA) and come from the same elitist political class. So judging on character and personality is as good a way as any to make the call.

Al Gore lost to GWB's near incoherence because Gore was a pompous ass. Obama is too much like the Bud Light commercial character "Leon" the showboating millionaire whiner. No one likes a Terrell Owens (and everyone likes to laugh at those guys). Or a Barry Bonds (look at all the jokes at his expense).

In contrast the sunny, optimistic jock regardless of race are the ones who get the commercials.

A Black candidate who embodied conservative values (faith, family, home, America, Apple Pie, Military Service, etc) and had the personality traits of toughness i.e. "he'll nuke em if he has to" would win in a walk regardless of Party. He'd likely get the majority vote in the South, and probably the majority vote of Southern White Males and East Coast blue collar white guys (who do you think roots on guys like Tiger or Donovan McNabb)?

But his personality would have to be that of a McNabb, or Jerome Bettis. Optimistic and open, but tough enough to nuke em if he has to.

Rudy's appeal to Conservatives is basically that: he'll nuke em if he has to. He's certainly not going to appeal on social issues.

Personality is dominant in selection for President (mostly because it matters the most).

Anonymous said...


Why participate in the toothpaste commercial? Chris Matthews just about masturbated on national TV after Oback Babamas spoke at he Democratic National convention. Of course, Chris Mathews gets paid to this.

WE don't have to obey Chris Mathews.

Vote Republican and White America dies

Vote Democratic and White America dies

warmest regards

Anonymous said...

here's what i know. nobody would care what this guy had to say if his dad was not from kenya.

it's amazing, considering that americans would not give a @$&# about what any full blooded kenyan would have to say about american politics, that they care so much about what some half kenyan guy has to say.

FuturePundit said...


Lower class whites can't hope that affirmative action racial preferences will warp into class based preferences. That is not realistic.

Lower class whites are in a jam. If they vote for the Republicans they vote for a party that represents the middle and upper class. If they vote for Democrats they vote for a party that represents non-whites and some left-leaning white elites (e.g. academics, some financiers, media).

The reason that the racial preferences won't reshape into a class-based system of preferences is that the number of people who qualify for racial preferences is growing rapidly due to Hispanic immigration and there are not enough job slots around for them to get. So the competition for the preference-based jobs is rising and lower class whites can't hope to get in on that scam.

Anonymous said...


There is one way lower-class whites can achieve a status that warrants them "preference": become a veteran. Veterans' preferences are the only current form of affirmative action that isn't based on race or gender.


AMac said...


Please put your name at the beginning of each of your comments. Thanks

Anonymous said...


Don't forget what happened last time Southern White Males tried to get testy. They were crushed by a Northern Army, reinforced with -- you guessed it! -- immigrants. Including plenty of Catholic cannon fodder like you.

Warmest regards,


Anonymous said...

Will you please ban Jupiter, and ban him again if he comes back with any other handle? He is detritmental to intelligent disucssion. If he continues to be allowed, I will not continue to read this blog.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

enough already, jupiter annoys me as well, but if he makes you so mad, then why don't you just not read his comments? You don't even have to skip to the end of comments before you read them, because Jupiter helpfully puts the phrase NATIVE BORN WHITE CHRISTIANS in almost every paragraph. If you see that phrase, stop reading and go to the next comment.

Ron Guhname said...

Will you please ban Jupiter, and ban him again if he comes back with any other handle? He is detritmental to intelligent disucssion. If he continues to be allowed, I will not continue to read this blog.

Enough Already,

I'm sure many blogs have argued that Sailer should be banned since he is detrimental to intelligent conversation. That he and people like Jupiter are planets(!) apart is beside the point. So, like Mr. Bennett said to his daughter Elizabeth when her mother said she would never speak to her again if she did not marry her cousin, Steve faces a decision: if he does not ban Jupiter, Enough Already will never speak to him again. If he does ban him, I will never speak to him again.

Anonymous said...

enough already, after reading Jupiters comment about wanting a white vs non-white race war, I can see why you finally tipped over the edge and had enough. This is bad even for a Jupiter comment. But you should respect Steve for taking the path he has chosen even though he had everything to gain by choosing another one. This includes his free comment policy as well as his choice to seek the truth as he sees it in his writings above all else. Sorry if I seem a bit pretentious. I probably shouldn't try to speak for Steve.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it fairly obvious that "Jupiter" is probably some liberal hoping to shit all over the comments here? It's so over-the-top it's clearly a put-on.

Anonymous said...

"Isn't it fairly obvious that "Jupiter" is probably some liberal hoping to shit all over the comments here? It's so over-the-top it's clearly a put-on."

Jupiter has been commenting on for quite some time. I doubt he is a liberal.

Anonymous said...

There is enough internal consistency and coherence in Jupiter's rants to convince me that he is for real. For example, this isn't the first time he has expressed his disdain for the Confederacy, while a fake would be an ardent neo-Confederate.
The "warmest regards" touch is so weird, though, that it puts me in a little doubt.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it fairly obvious that "Jupiter" is probably some liberal hoping to shit all over the comments here?

No, it's not obvious at all. Have you never read any of the "white nationalist" websites from which a sizable portion of Steve's readership comes? There are plenty of kooks like him out there, each with their own particular racist slant and rhetorical style.

Anonymous said...

Where's the "wigger" remark? It's present on VDare ( )

First faggot, now wigger...Democrats thank Coulter and Sailer. Keep it up, you two!

Anonymous said...

green mamba,

No, I do not visit any white nationalist sites. Do you? I do know that Sailer is read by Democrats like Mickey Kaus and Matt Yglesias, but I never believed the rumors that these guys are all secret racists. In fact Sailer has distanced himself from people like Jared Taylor.

Maybe he is just some disturbed, attention-whoring race warrior. Or maybe the glaring overstatements and ALL CAPS gibberish are meant as a form of performance art, the sort of thing good liberals expect to see here. I just can't look at this stuff the same way after the inimitable dweeb Moby advocated that lefties troll conservative-leaning forums and cause trouble.

His attacks on Southerners are consistent with him being a liberal sock puppet, as most of that white nationalist sentiment festers in the South. But a good liberal could never pass up a chance to slam them ignorant be the judge.

Anonymous said...

Pro-fake: I googled "Jupiter" + "WHITE NATIVE CHRISTIAN MALE" and it turned up no hits on any other sites. Why would such a vituperative racist hang out here but not (in descending order of nastiness) American Renaissance, Majority Rights, or Stormfront?

Pro-real: He certainly has kept it up for a while. Wouldn't a fake get bored with it (especially since he has rarely been able to get anyone to praise him instead of condemning him)?
: His remarks about the Confederacy take the form of attacks on the ante bellum aristocracy and modern-day intellectuals who belong to groups like the League of the South, not attacks on the working-class "rednecks." This seems to me consistent with a certain type of extreme white racist worldview that wishes the U.S. black population would dwindle down to nothing and sees those who give blacks employment, now matter how low-status or even (before 1865) actually enslaved, as just as much part of the "problem" as those who support black civil rights. (It would be interesting to know what state Jupiter claims to be from. While there are obviously racists everywhere, even (perhaps especially) in the most self-consciously liberal areas, and, I believe, there are no longer any states where racists compose a majority of the white population, there are certain areas where this worldview has traditionally been popular, and it would be interesting to know if he came from one of them.)

Pro-who cares?: A position all sensible people should adopt. I wish I had, but now that I wrote this lengthy thing I might as well post it.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Udolpho, I have spent a fair amount of time perusing white nationalist sites, so I'm fairly familiar with their positions and rhetoric, as well as their internal debates and ideological differences.

I'm not condemning Steve for his association with those sites, which is indirect and unwilling. But the truth is that there is a considerable overlap between the surfing interests of race realists and real racists. So we shouldn't be surprised to see a few of the latter here.

As far as Jupiter goes, I'm pretty sure I've encountered him before on one of the sites I referred to before. (I could dig up the textual evidence if you want.) He strikes me as genuine.

Just because p.c. Lefties abuse the term "racism" doesn't mean there aren't real racists out there. They might not be great in number, but they're pretty active on the Internet. And like all
extremist ideologues, they're very persistent.

Lysander Spooner said...

Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, I present to you "Steve Sailer: Evil 'Far-Right' Columnist".

Media Matters Link

You've hit the big time, Mr. Sailer!

Steve, has an MSM outlet ever mentioned you without referencing the Pioneer Fund, etc.? You might want to consider adding it to your CV.

At any rate, I'm sure we can expect a deluge of indignant mindless lefties, in between Keith Olbermann broadcasts and feeling a need to satisfy their daily quota of moral outrage, to stop by within the next few hours/days.

(And please note that I said "mindless lefties"; I'm not attempting to disparage all people whose views fall left of center, though I may disagree with their politics.)

We're talking about the crowd that spends their days figuratively hunkered down at the homepage of Media Matters, a particularly retarded and shrill organization--like the SPLC if the SPLC were run by 18-year-old Marxists (instead of 50-year-old charlatans)and couldn't decide what its opinions were.

("Do we like Hillary? I mean, sure, she's ostensibly a neocon, but she's also a woman. We can't be against a woman--can we?")

Here's some intriguing reading for anyone interested, liberal or conservative, about David Brock, the founder of Media Matters.

David Brock Bio

David Brock, Liar A lifelong habit proves hard to break.

The Real David Brock

The Unreal David Brock

Anonymous said...

Since James brought it up... I'm pretty sure Jupiter was briefly a poster on Majority Rights, calling himself PatrickZ. He got kicked off during an argument with a guy called Daedulus. He referred to this argument some time ago in the comments section here at, saying that Daedulus was actually Larry Auster in disguise, which he obviously wasn't. Go ahead and look it up in your in the mood for such research.

Anonymous said...

Points taken about Jupiter.

Whether he is real or fake (I suppose now he is real), Media Matters visitors will surely experience shivers of delight seeing that he frequents these comments. IT'S ALL TRUE, BROCK FANS, WE ARE MANIACAL BIGOTS!

Anonymous said...

Green mamba: I looked up Patrick Z. and you are probably right. He did use the phrase "Native Born White American" a couple times (I guess his concern for Christianity came later) and made the same remark about how he wished Sherman had killed the Southern aristocracy, which attracted Daedalus's hostility. Daedalus was obviously not Lawrence Auster, since Auster is one of the few white nationalists who is pro-Union and, while no means an unreserved admirer of Lincoln, views him as having had some good qualities rather than the being the monster featured in many a white nationalist rant. I wonder where Patrick/Jupiter got that idea?

Lysander Spooner said...

F*ck you, Udolpho! I spend my hard earned cash--which, of course, I make selling miniature statues of Odin at Aryan Nations arts and crafts fairs--on a lovely white hood, and now you're going to let the cat out of the bag like that?

And you know those things are a pain to have laundered.

Anonymous said...

Jupiter: I never accused you of being pro-slavery; I actually said just the opposite.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the asian,muslim,hispanic and african nationalism that is being expressed within the borders of America.

It grows with every passing day. Tolerated and encouraged by liberals,leftists,libertarians and worshippers of the corporation.



Anonymous said...

I, for one, am looking forward to the 21st-century Torquemadas of MediaMatters coming here to set things straight.

Steve Sailer said...

Jupiter says:

"Nor do I beleive that there are gene-based differences in intelligence among the diferent races"

Give this man a Ford Foundation grant!

Anonymous said...

"When Obama briefly surfaced in the media in 1990 as the first African-American editor of the Harvard Law Review"

Obama was not the first African-American editor. Everyone (40+ per year) on law review is an editor. Obama was elected President.

Anonymous said...

So, Jupes, how do you account for the differences in average IQs between various ethnic groups?

Anonymous said...


I am willing to debate this issue fully in a thread dedicated to the topic. I don't want to sidetrack the this thread away from Obama Baracks genocidal intentions towards European Americans.

For now I'll just toss a few things out.

Brad Delong-who I don't like- knows a lot about multiplwe regresson analysis has accused Murray and Herstien of massive intellectual dishonesty. Delong accuses Murray and Herstien of supressing educational effects. He made this charge recently.

Also a new study has come out by a well known psychologist-first name Sheryll,last name starts with a T,Turk something, I'll look up her name-showing that Differences between Whites and blacks in IQ score can be atributed to enviromental effects.

There is also a lot research that was commimg out of the National Bureau of Econmic Resaerch at the time of the publication of THE BELL CURVE that came to a much different conclusion.

So at the level of statistics there are very likely big problems with Murray's and Herstiens book.


Anonymous said...

My attack on the IQ/race/gene research comes from a theoretical conceptual level.

The cutting edge of biological is starting to shift very dramatically away from gentic reductionism.

One of the big reasons that genetic determinisms holds a streangle hold on research is ...$$$$$$$$$$$..lots of it from corporations. From the pespectinve of a money grubing CEO or a venture capitaist it all seems so simple...find the gene get the protien make the drug...big big $$$$$$$$$$$$$. This is the reality of a lot of genetic and biochemistry reerch.

However, the tide is changing.

This can be seen in several articles over thepast three years in Sci America and Discover.

The fundamental dogma has taken a big hit. Thee are huge conferences on epigetnics and molecular networks.
There is a growing recognition that the code for phenotypes is much less localized than previously thought. There are higher level structure and processess throughout the cell(s) and body interacting in ways not well understand.

You would never know anything about this if you just read Steve Sailers and Peter Brimelows columns.

Steve Sailer and Peter Brimelow are into IQ and genes "science" because they are economic reactionaries who have spent most of their life worshipping the corporation.

They want to use science to justify gross economic inequality. Gross economic inequality is not a scientific question. It is a political and moral question.

Bell Curve "science" is really quite trivial.

Also, not all knowlege is good for its own sake.

In a civilized society, there is a very strong moral imperative that should be placed upon scientists that the knowledge gained in the course of scientific research not be used to harm another group of human beings.

Bell Curve/genetic reductionism research is utterly trivial. Why would anyone with deep scientific interests and talent want to make a career of it is amystery to me.

The real interest in this stuff is 100 percent motivated by a reactionary economic agenda.

The case for restricting non-white immigration to America does not depend upon pushing BellCurve/IQgenetic reductionism research.

I'm sure I'm not the only reader who is disgusted by the one sided slant about this stuff on

Steve Sailer has written the best stuff there is on immigation. I recognize that. I wish he would develope some of this in much greater detail on

However,Sailer,Murray and Brimelow are also shallow, mad calibrators. The stuff they are intertsted in has 0 scientific depth.

This is a brief summary of my views in this issue.

Barack Obama is the mortal enemy of European Christian America. So is the Republican party. So is the Democratic party.


Anonymous said...

apparently he had over 400 dollars worth of parking tickets at harvard from 1988 to 1990 that he never paid, and now that he wants to be president, he went back to harvard and paid them this month.

how did he even graduate? don't they usually have a big problem giving diplomas to people who owe fines and fees?

this is mostly trivial, but it does show that he'll obey the law when it suits him. of course, as president, he'll be quick to tell people to obey his laws.

Anonymous said...


I'm actually sympathetic to your disaffection with an overly gene-centric view of human biology, but the given the science of genetics is still in its mere infancy, such a reductionist approach is only to be expected.

As for the question of the genetic basis of ethnic differences in IQ, I think you're more guilty than Steve of being dogmatic. There are good empirical reasons to think that these differences are largely to be explained in terms of genetics.

Anonymous said...

Very god repsonse Charles.

I can see why you think why I am more dogmatic than Steve. I should have explained my position clearer.

I can not think of any apriori reason why there couldn't be differences in IQ due to genes. It is not an incoherernt point of view.

However, one can't deduce very much from this either.

I also beleive that a very strong moral argument can be made that the oursuit of certain kinds of knowledge is legitmate.

I think it is really outrageous and appalling to tell any kid of any race that:hey look kid, remeber that 40 minute IQ exam you took in fourth grade..well based upon the score you received we have determind that you are a fucking dummie...oh what's that you want to build the first Topological Quantum Computer and you read popular books on quantum mechanics and you think hilbert space and quantum entanglement are to the uninspiring academic track we haven't got the resources to indulge your delusional interests.(WE will invest America's scarce resources into developing China's scientific talent right within America's borders at American taxpayers expense)

It is utterly shallow "science" pursued by trivial minds. And the agenda right below the surface is a reactionary econmic agenda.

The above has been going on for a long time

warm regards

Anonymous said...

I noted a sentence in Steves full Obama article that seems awfully relevant:Steve says the Obama mama moved to Indonesia,married an Inonesian( I dont even know what an Indonesian is?! Like Chinese or something??),divorced him,and then sent Obammy PACKING!! She stays in Indonesia-he goes back to Grandpa! This guy has gotten rejection from everybody! First his Afro-dad. Then his mother rejects African men,and marries an...Indonesian. He is a pig,so she dumps him,but then she rejects Obama,sending him away. Maybe thats why he is so intent on creating this fake "relationship" with his father--and his tribe. What a contrast to Tiger Woods,for example,a guy who's devoted to his mom,--and she to him--and has the (golf)balls to be multi-racial,cuz he wouldnt reject her heritage. Ive got a feeling Obama could spend a lot of couch time talking about not only his nutty dad,but his bizarro mother,too!

Anonymous said...

So now we know that Jupiter took an IQ test in the 4th grade and scored appallingly low. I encourage him to put together a research foundation employing only people who "don't test well", scored below 100 on the Stanford-Binet, and are the offspring of imbeciles. Great findings sure to come.

Anonymous said...


Teenage acne.What a bummer. Go see your pediatrician.


Anonymous said...

Interestingly, an analgous type of study propsed by the zit -faced teenager udolpho might have already been performed.

Check General Relativity expert Sean Carrol's blog. Check out his Cult of Genious post. You can get the link to this post through recent Field medal winner Terrence Tao's blog.

Also check out a recent-sometime this past year-Sci American article on practicing/traing technique and high level of adeptness and skill in art/music and the sciences.


Pulkit said...

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