March 7, 2007

Sorry about the lack of posts

I've been working on a long analysis of Barack Obama's first autobiography (or, perhaps, autobiographical novel), Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance, for The American Conservative. I hear that my article was already being denounced around Washington before it was even finished!

Even though the book has been on the bestseller lists for over a year, almost nobody seems to actually finished it. It's extraordinarily revealing, showing a personality very different from the "race transcender" in whom such messianic hopes are invested.

Does Obama's talent as a memoirist / novelist mean he'd be a good President? Who knows? But it would be refreshing to have a President who is at least good at something.

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tommy said...

If it's such a compelling read and Obama is a fine writer, then why isn't anybody finishing the book? (Now I'm interested. Maybe I'll check it out.)

Also, do you suppose he actually wrote the book by himself, or did he end up hiring a writer? Any clue?

Steve Sailer said...

Obama's prose style in his 1995 book is elegant but difficult. It's frustratingly slow to read. It took me a long time to finish the book.

I very much doubt he had a ghostwriter for his first book. A professional scribe-for-hire would have made it more reader-friendly, less literary.

Lysander Spooner said...

"Does Obama's talent as a memoirist / novelist mean he'd be a good President? Who knows? But it would be refreshing to have a President who is at least good at something."

A "fabulist", Steve, a "fabulist": it was just within your grasp. :)

As for the latter comment, how dare you insinuate that the current Commander in Chief lacks any discernable skill(s)!

His formidable panoply of abilities includes, to name but a few: the ability to wage profligate wars of choice rather than of necessity; the ability to simultaneously invite and invade the world; and the ability, admittedly inadvertant, to provide almost endless fodder for "quote calendars".

You failed to notice these qualities, yet you have the temerity to call yourself a conservative? When was the last time you called someone a "faggot" at CPAC, huh?

Alex said...

It's not clear that it's a result of some innate quality of his or just some remarkable historical circumstance, but Bush has proven absolutely preternatural in his ability to destroy conservatism and get the conservative media establishment to support him every step of the way and *then* to leave them choosing his sucessor with no sign of having learned anything. Bush makes the most decadent Roman ruler look like Bismarck.

Anonymous said...

From the view of people who think both republicans and democrats are idiots, Bush's mad romp through politics, destroying everything in his path, is pretty funny.

On topic, I think Obama would be boring, if he were to win, which he won't. A highly faded version of Clinton.

Thursday said...

I think you're a bit unfair to W. Sure, he's bad at being President, but he's really, really good at getting elected President. You've said so yourself. As a pure politician he has few equals.

Anonymous said...

Bush certainly could write a book ... of course, it would be the kind that you color.

Iron Rails & Iron Weights

Marley said...

Don't vex, Steve. If any of Obama's crew come here trying to diss you, your homeys will have 'em for breakfast. Respect!

Rosco MacDonalds said...

I saw a Barack Obama speech last week, where somehow the well-to-do Hawaii-Harvard guy is drawling and railing like an old time Southern preacher.

Reminds me of the Connecticut Yankee Bush Jr.'s transformation into a Texas good ol' boy come election time. So there you go, both of 'em are good at something: acting.

Barack Obama is a Democrat, doesn't he understand he has the Black vote in his pocket without raising a finger (without even needing to be part Black)? I wonder if Black people even want to see that country fried preacher man act in a President. I bet they don't and would respect him more if he stayed true to his good breeding and education.

Anonymous said...

Several months ago in Harpers magazine, Ken Silverstien wrote about how the coon Barack Obama sold his soul to corporations.

Of course, we all know that this is how the game is played. In order to be viable presidential candidate in America, a potential candidate must sign his or her soul over to the devil.

The 1965 immigration refrom act has been very kind to the greedy cheating class. The 1965 immigration refrom act has provided the greedy cheating class with millions of asian,muslim,hispanic and african scab workers(Legal immigrants)

This has enabled the greedy cheating class to steal the wealth of ordinary NATIVE BORN WHITE CHRISTIAN Americans.

Honestly, the greedy cheating class should be slaughtered for this.

Barck Obama's mission is to completely demoralize the NATIVE BORN WHITE CHRISTIAN majority.

If elected, the coon Barack Obama will announce to NATIVE BORN WHITE CHRISTIAN AMERICA that its days are numbered and resistance is futile.

The greedy cheating class believes every NATIVE BORN WHITE CHRISTIAN AMERICAN will passively accept their economic and racial annhilation.WE should disappoint them with every fibre of our being.

A few months back, I saw the coon Barack Obama on TV at a asian political action group. He was surrounded by two young asian couples holding their infants. Barack was holding an asian infant also. There should be no doubt that a messsage was being sent by Barack and the Asian Community(Steve Sailer and Peter Brimelow-nice spread in rural Connecticut Peter-are very much enamoured of legal asian immigrants.) You have been warned about the coon Barack Obama.

Barack Obama is an evil creature(coon variety)

warm regards

Jules said...

Steve, if you want something to counter TAOH's enervating effect, try reviewing Scooter Libby's masterwork:

In 1996 Libby published a novel entitled The Apprentice. It concerns a group of travelers stranded in northern Japan in the winter of 1903 during a smallpox epidemic.[22] After Libby's grand jury indictment, his publisher (St. Martin's Press [Griffin]) reprinted the novel, described as "an everyday tale of bestiality and paedophilia in 1903 Japan...[and] packed with sexual perversion, dwelling on prepubescent girls and their training as prostitutes": "One passage describes a girl being thrown into a cage 'with a bear trained to couple with young girls so the girls would be frigid and not fall in love with their patrons....They fed her through the bars and aroused the bear with a stick when it seemed to lose interest. Groups of men paid to watch.'"[23]


Anonymous said...

Jupiter is a troll.


Anonymous said...

Why aren't comments enabled on the Scooter Libby post?

Anonymous said...

he's already sold out to the israeli lobby by the time he gets through the primaries he'll be more of the same. The front end isn't going to get any better until the back end is fixed.

Larry Mullen said...

I'm sure B'nai B'rith train their agent provocateurs to act more subtly, so I suspect Jupiter is the real thing. Or as U2 would have it, even better than the real thing.

green mamba said...

I'm sure B'nai B'rith train their agent provocateurs to act more subtly

Ah yes, those sneaky Jews, with their well-trained and subtle agent provocateurs! Pardon me for asking, but do you have any credible evidence (besides being "sure") that the B'Nai B'rith actually does this? Didn't think so.

As far as Jupiter goes, he's obviously a kook and he's obviously real, and that's not good for anybody, least of all this website.

joshrandall said...

By a strange coincidence(But not really,since the Bamster is in the news every day,specially here in Chicago)I looked thru Baracks tome last nite at Borders!(Nope,I didnt buy it!)I guess great minds think alike,heh heh. Hey,I am keeding!I cannot wait to read Steves analysis--we're talking pure gold! Strangets story:"Barry's" dad meets an African dude at a dam,or cliff,or something;the guy borrows Dads pipe. He accidentally drops it over the railing.When the man refuses to go over the railing for the pipe,Dad picks him up and,Mafia-style,dangles him over the railing!This story is related to Barry by his mommy and grandad in a 'gee whiz,whatta guy' tone,as if they are proud and merely bemused by their African tribesman husband/son-in-law threatening guys with death over a $2 trinket. Reminds me of this little ditty:"I do not like thee,Dr. Fell/The reason why I cannot tell/But this I know and know full well/ I DO NOT LIKE THEE DR. FELL :)

joshrandall said...

:( Uhm did I say something naughty??

jody said...

there was some talk that this guy might owe himself reparations because his mother's family owned slaves.

doh! his dad was from kenya. kenyans were never slaves in the states.

this guy's weird background plays havoc with american race politics.

joshrandall said...

Not really Jody. In fact obammy is the latest in a long line of 'mulattoes' who have stepped up to lead black people in America. Thurgood,Walter Williams,and the Big Kahuna W.E.B. DuBois. And he DOES consider himself BLACK,kids. All that stuff about "one America" aside,Obammy is NEGRO! In one story in the book he relates how some street black encourages him to leave Roseland(black suburb--a scarey place)"You gotta leave,"says the brutha,"cuz you CAN!" Obammys 1/2 mix makes him all the more insistent on being Black,and much more capable of achieving success.

Jock said...

Pardon me for asking, but do you have any credible evidence (besides being "sure") that the B'Nai B'rith actually does this?

It's deductive logic. They're not purposely going to train them badly, now are they? Else they might suffer another embarrassment like the Roy Bullock case.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, Kenyan, eh.

It seems that Kenyans are a cut above the rest, if evidence my wife, a teacher, has seen is any guide.

But then I remember the Mau Mau rebelion. Where was that again?

Anonymous said...


You put out plenty of output, and need not apologize for anything. This is the most interesting blog Ive found, the comments section alone is as good as most blogs due to informed readers.

Anonymous said...

This story ought to give you a little more insight into Obama's character:

Anonymous said...


A few days ago at the AIPAC conference in NYC,the coon megalamaniac Barack Obama swore his allegiance to Israel. Barack the coon promised the Hebes that if elected,he would use NATIVE BORN WHITE CHRISTIAN AMERICAN TEENAGERS from the economically distressed AMERICAN HEARTLAND as canon fodder for the Israeli Hebes.

I think we can all agree with this little ditty:


Have you folks read the Ken Silverstien essay in HARPERS about the megalamaniac coon Barack Obama yet?

How about you Steve?

warmest regards

Desiree said...

Jupiter was the name of a slave in a family for which I did the genealogy. It was a French Creole family in the gulf area. Jupiter was the valet for one of the "masters" who seems to have had a "spousal" relationship with Jupiter's daughter. The Jupiter family did pretty well eventually, securing freedom and possessions for themselves.
Perhaps the "Jupiter" posting here is a descendent of this slave?

Anonymous said...

I'm very sorry Desiree, I'm giving you an F-

warmest regards

tggp said...

Jupiter, you cretinous idiot, it's spelled "megalomaniac" not "megalamaniac". Oh, and one more thing:


I think that's enough. You don't need to keep repeating that phrase over and over, nor does it need to be capitalized.

Anonymous said...

A few mispelled words, not the end of the world. Lots of asian,african,muslim and hispanic legal immigrants,the end of Euro-America.

I do repeat things a lot. The fundamental issue is not that complicated:asians,muslims,hispanics and africans are here to conquer the Euro-American population.When a critical number of Euro-Americans can no longer take it anymore, they expell a a large number of asians,muslims,jamaicans,nigerians,gahnian and hispanics.

There is no longer a CHINESE EXCLUSION ACT unforntunatelty.

But there is a defacto Euro-American exclsion act in California, Cuban Spic-this is for you George Borjas-infested South Florida and lots of other places.

We need more WHITE MEN with the fighting spirit of Dennis Kearney(Kearney advocated slitting the throats of California's greedy cheating class who had an enormous apetite for chink scab labor. We can thank the great Dennis Kearney-an Irish immigrant-for the passage of the CHINESE EXCLUSION ACT.)

When Euro-Americans run out of places to flee to,force and violence will be used to expell the invaders. Possibly, before this happens,land set aside for endangered species,watersheds,national and state parks and farmland will be opened for developement so that millions of Eruo-Americans and the non-Europeans can have affordable housing. But of course, this will bring about a ecological catastrophe. And when this happens, everyone will see just how dependent the economy is on healthy functioning ecosystems. The amenities that make life tolerable and pleasant will also be completely destroyed.

When we reach this point in time, the long delayed racial wars will have finally have arrived...with a vengeance.

If the green/left environmentalists get their way, there will be no saftey valve of cheap land. Then the inevitiable race wars will happen a lot sooner.

Asian,muslims,hispanics and africans are waging demographic warfar against the Euro-American majority.

Yesterday, five west african children-five of nine!!!-died in a fire in overcrowded West Bronx. If these children hadn't died in this fire, they would have all been beneficiares of affirmative action policies that disenfranchise Euro-American children. Euro-American children of today will be competing with the new West African Coons for affordable housing/breeding space. Should we knock down the Adirondacks for these West African Coons so they can have affordable breeding space?

The fucking meglamaniac COON Barack Obama's mission in life is to serve the greedy cheating class and to aid and abet asian,muslim,african and hispanic invaders who are waging demographic warfar against Euro-Americans.

If Euro-Americans had not able to run away to the suburbs of Charlotte and a few other places, asian,hispanic,muslim and african LEGAL IMMIGRANTION would have been shut down to 0 ten to twenty years ago.

The chinese and hindus should be expelled from Silicon Valley and out of America.

There will be no soft landing

warmest regards

Lysander Spooner said...


Please go back to whence you came--DailyKos, if you are dissembling, or Stormfront, if you are sincere.

We don't call people "spics" or "coons" around these parts, padner.

Lysander Spooner said...

I nearly forgot(!)--


That is all.