April 17, 2007

Another Obama doppelganger: the lady airman conservative blogger: Studying up on the Presidential candidate's life, I came upon an article by an old drinking buddy of his father's, the Kenyan intellectual Philip Ochieng, who reviews the similarities between Obama Sr. and himself and between the Senator and his own abandoned American daughter:

Like Obama Senior, I too went to the US on the famous Tom Mboya Airlift of 1959 [when hundreds of Kenyan students were given scholarships to American universities]. I first met Obama Senior in Tom Mboya's Nairobi office [Mboya was then the secretary general of the Kenya Federation of Labour]. Obama and I met up again on returning to Nairobi and remained drinking buddies for many years.

Back in the US, Nova Diane and I had left each other as soon as Akinyi was born in Chicago. Akinyi is now in her early 40s and yet we have never seen each other. We never even communicated until three years ago, when she finally traced me by e-mail. Barack Obama Junior's book only serves to remind me of the agony that has oppressed Akinyi's mind all these years. The only consolation, if it is one, is that all black people – no matter where they are – really live in two worlds and, therefore, have an identity crisis.

Ochieng's daughter, Juliette Ochieng, who is 14 days apart in age from Sen. Obama, recently retired from the military after 13 years on active duty and then a long career in the U.S. Air Force Reserve. She now maintains a good political blog called Baldilocks (after how short she wears her hair) of the conservative persuasion. She writes:

And, yes, it is slightly disconcerting to know that I owe my existence to the Kennedy family. Good thing that I believe in God’s providence. :-)

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Ron Guhname said...

What, she didn't turn out liberal like Obama? Maybe military service and that very dark skin had something to do with it.