April 12, 2007

Duke Lacrosse Hoax Is Finally Over:

From the NYT, which did so much to try to frame the athletes:

Former Duke Players Cleared of All Charges

RALEIGH, N.C. April 11 — All remaining charges were dropped today against three former Duke University lacrosse players who had been accused of rape more than a year ago, North Carolina’s attorney general announced, concluding a three-month investigation of a racially charged case that polarized and outraged many in the state and nation.

An independent investigation “showed clearly that there is insufficient evidence to proceed,” Roy A. Cooper, the state attorney general, said at a televised news conference. “ We believe these individuals are innocent.”

He said the accounts of the events given by the woman who made the accusations were so inconsistent that they were not credible. “She contradicts herself,” Mr. Cooper said.

“In this case, the inconsistencies were so significant and so contrary to the evidence that we have no credible evidence that an attack occurred in that house on that night,” he said.

The decision brings to an end a 13-month ordeal for the young men, two of whom were dismissed from Duke because of the charges.

And here's my VDARE.com article from April 2006 showing how this frame-up of the Great White Defendants was anticipated 19 years before in Tom Wolfe's famous 1987 novel Bonfire of the Vanities.

A reader writes:

I think the Don Imus "scandal" is made up, to distract from the dismissal of the Duke non-rape charges.

Perhaps a tad paranoid, but, still ...

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Anonymous said...

So who gets sued now?

AMac said...

Here and here are the dopey connections drawn by "Tenured Radical" between the Imus slander and the Duke hoax. T.R. is impervious to any of the points brought up in the posts' comments. She seems unable to distinguish among facts, logic, and ad hominems.

A limited but perhaps informative peek into the state of the Humanities on campus.

Anonymous said...

A look back at a few of the academic asshats of Duke University who comprise the "Group of 88."

An excerpt:

Topping them all, at last in terms of rhetorical panache, is Mark Anthony Neal or, as he frequently refers to himself, the “Thug-Nigga-Intellectual”—a “dangerous nigger and America has never romanticized about its fear of angry ‘don’t give a f--k’ niggers.” Neal, a professor of English, claims that he must take on this persona because of his alienation from evil white Duke, evidenced by the mean looks he gets while “chillin’ with my homey Gramsci” at Starbucks. Despite his claims, the university has actually “romanticized about” Professor Neal a great deal, featuring a lengthy article on him in last summer’s alumni magazine.

The myth that Neal lives by informs his claim that whenever he “rolls into the classroom on the first day of class,” there is always somebody “in the house quietly utter[ing] ‘who’s the nigger?’” That a professor heard students whispering the N-word at politically correct Duke approaches the outer limits of credibility. What’s more instructive is Neal’s response: “I’m the nigga that gonna intellectually choke the living s- -t out of you.”

Anonymous said...


Thanks for posting the info on Prof. Neal. Man, what i would give to attend one of his lectures- what entertainment value. It would be worth a year's tuition. That said- it's been a good week for conservatives...Libs eating their own over Imus and vindication for DUke. I read a lot of ESPN.com and they refuse to touch this case- the only analysis has been their in house lawyer giving a nuts and bolts account. That place is PC central.

If the one black lacrosse player didn't have to get DNA tested...why did the two white Rutgers players have to attend the press conference? Dan

Anonymous said...

What is meant by "intellectually choking the living s--t out of you"? I hope it is an entertaining as this .

Anonymous said...

Keep in mind that the NY Times not only presented a distorted view of the whole case, but actually advertised their distorted coverage on google.

As for C****** M*****, in contrast to those seed party photos, she looks awfully pretty...intoxicated in her mug shot!

Anonymous said...

There's a nasty flame war going on at Durham-in-Wonderland in the post about Stuart Taylor. K.C. Johnson gives him a nod for being right first and the first responder said perhaps it shouldn't be a badge of honor because being right meant he was probably racist. I'm not kidding.


Anonymous said...

Now lets focus on the real crime THE DA

Anonymous said...

Who cares if it was a scandal? They should have locked up those dumb frat boys anyway.

Anonymous said...

I farted

Anonymous said...

I also had this figured from the get go. For a number of reasons but also bc. Mangum said she was raped orally. Raped orally???? Who would choose to ever rape someone orally. That's preposterous. Dan R

Svigor said...

I also had this figured from the get go. For a number of reasons but also bc. Mangum said she was raped orally. Raped orally???? Who would choose to ever rape someone orally. That's preposterous. Dan R

Didn't take a genius. The whole Majority Rights crew had it figured out within two weeks, because we all knew about The Color of Crime (whites simply do not gang rape blacks).

The only white-on-black gang rape I'd ever heard of before the Mangum hoax was the Brawley Hoax.

Funny how the media put its foot in that beartrap. If they had me on the payroll they'd have saved themselves a lot of facial egg.

Anonymous said...

“I’m the nigga that gonna intellectually choke the living s- -t out of you.”

So, black nerdy boys like listening to gangsta rap as much as white nerdy boys! Who'd have guessed?

Anonymous said...

svigor- yeah, everybody knew but for other reasons- the oral rape concept has been unexplored.

Anonymous said...

What I dont get (and this question is raised about a LOT of bad deeds)is:How could Nifong be SO stupid as to think he could get away with this?? He took a case that had already been rejected,and ressurected it,just to get his hands on the Wolfian Great White Defendant.He prob had "resentment issues" with Duke,and it shocked me how deep the enmity v. Duke runs in that area. (Cue banjo strummin'!) This is truly a case of a the Peter Principle-a man who has exceeded his competence level. I had, just before the Hoax began, read an interview with Coach K (who,BTW,throughout the Hoax,kept a lower profile than Jimmy Hoffa)in a national mag,where I first encountered the Duke "issues". Nifong may have been an idiot savant;tho amazingly dumb,he seemed to read the savage out-for-blood negroes,the PC press,and the shit-eating faculty pretty well.

Anonymous said...

Its fun to laugh at the idiot who says,"Im the nigga that gonna intellekshally choke the livin' shit outta ya",but clowns like this dont lead the PC parade,they just drive behind it in a funny mini-car wearing a Shriners hat. I think the white feminists(many of whom are male-loathing queers)are the real driving force,the real guilty party. That pudgy,softspoken white suburban Volvo driving English teacher is the real piece of shit.The power of women in academia is one of the main reasons its in such terrible shape. The hysterical "hate-fest" against the players had among one of its goals,to inspire violence by some real-life "niggas". Feminism is a sick,rotten disease,a cancer,that needs to be cut out.