April 26, 2007

The Messiah of the Midway and Me

Although I wasn't the first journalist to notice the contradiction between Barack Obama's recent campaign image that implies that he is the living embodiment of racial reconciliation versus his racial-animus infused autobiography, I suspect that one of the less obvious reasons I was able to read it for what it is was because, not being a political horserace junkie, I came to the book with fresh eyes. I had never seen his famous 2004 Democratic Convention speech until after I'd read the book, and still haven't watched his 2007 campaign kickoff stemwinder. Life is too short to spend much of it watching politicians orate. So, most other journalists simply assumed that the 1995 book must have supported Obama's carefully honed image of 2004 onward, and, in the rare cases where they actually started reading it and noticed that it didn't, they simply assumed that it must document a massive change of heart by the end of Obama's endless pages of self-obsessed prose, which they, of course, being bigshot journalists, never quite had time to reach.

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Anonymous said...

Don't expect Obama's lefty supporters to be thrown off by this one bit. They've already made up their minds that Obama is their great black hope.

If they really want a black Dem as president, they could do a lot better though. Among black politicians, someone like Harold Ford is probably smarter and has more experience; Corey Booker, although he doesn't have national prominence yet, already has more executive experience than Obama (as mayor of Newark). Dems could get Booker into Congress before he spends too long as mayor to distance himself from Newark's disfunction, and then run him for President down the road.

Alternatively, why not look outside politics? There are black CEOs at three major American companies: Merrill Lynch, Time Warner, and American Express -- why not recruit one of these guys to run for Senate or Governor to tee them up for a Presidential run?

Anonymous said...

Obama IMHO will win the nomination as the "anybody but Hillary" candidate unless the Goreacle steps in.

And he will lose big time to whoever on the Rep side as his racial animosity and radical left politics scare the hell out of the white middle class.

Anonymous said...

Alternatively, why not look outside politics? There are black CEOs at three major American companies: Merrill Lynch, Time Warner, and American Express -- why not recruit one of these guys to run for Senate or Governor to tee them up for a Presidential run?
Excellent point. I think a black Republican president would be good for the country; he'd be guaranteed to be moderate and would help dissipate a little racial tension. I like moderate presidents; ideological types on either wing tend to be beholden to impractical interests.

Anonymous said...

SFG -- It is IMHO delusional to think a "Black President" would "fix" racial tensions. For one thing successful, educated, Black men are accused of "being white" or "not acting Black enough" and not "keeping it real."

The problem is that poor Blacks have decided to enforce rigid racial separation to prevent intermarriage and assimilation. Rap Video thuggery, social controls to prevent intermarriage, anti-education and upwardly mobile attitudes are all IMHO deliberately constructed to prevent loss of racial and cultural identity.

Electing Time Warner's CEO would be a freaking disaster. Not only would he do nothing to "fix" the dysfunction of the poor black community, he'd do what other corporate heads want: open borders with Mexico to replace the white middle and working class with more compliant poor people from Mexico.

Centrism= Open Borders. Include me out.

Anonymous said...

Chiiiiick-ahhhh-go, that toddlin' town, the one that Billy Sunday couldn't shut down...

Chicago is arguably America's real first city, Manhattan being a western colony of continental Europe historically and a globalist garrison city-state today. The Stockyards were before my time but I remember Republic Steel, USS Chicago and Gary Works, International Harvester Wisconsin Steel, the lime plant behind Avenue O, and a dozen other smoke belching plants in full swing and Polish, Italian, and general "Bohunk" (all other East Europeans besides Poles) enclaves with corner taverns.

It's all gone now. They loved old man Daley for how he stomped on the hippies and kept the turkeys coming, the roads fixed, and the El running in a timely fashion, and they love the incumbent Daley now. But they were both sellouts.

Anonymous said...

One thing I never understood about the great city of Chicago: You go to San Francisco, which has far milder weather, and you ride around on a spotless, futuristic, underground subway -- BART. You go to Chicago, in the dead of winter, and you're riding a rickety elevated train, and getting out on wind-swept platforms. WTF?

ricpic said...

Do we really want a guy with a truly freaky past, a guy who is still working his way through whitey resentment, as our next president?

Anonymous said...

Life is too short to spend much of it watching politicians orate.

This may be the wisest thing you've ever said, Steve. Nothing makes me change channels faster than the sight of a politician's open mouth.

Anonymous said...

We can assume that being black and Democrat, Hussein Obama has on his side the 12.8% of the national population that's black. (How many of them vote - or are allowed to vote, under laws governing felons' rights - is a separate question.)

Who else? Half the jews will vote for a swartze, if it means keeping out another "white bread white boy," i.e. goy. But jews are only 3% of the population...well, let's make that 20% to be realistic.

That's getting close to one-fifth of the population, perhaps.

Who else? It looks like Hussein Obama's hopes for winning the Presidency and stickin' it to whitey depend on...whitey.

Thus his "white-friendly" persona, as phony and boot-licking a front as any a politician has crafted.

This strategy of his might well bag him all white women (who pant for a strong black man generally, as long as he isn't TOO scary), and most of the self-hating white males, i.e. 90% of white democrats. (The kind who reflexively slur whites as evil or not needful of rights.)

Ready to call your bookie yet, folks?

Anonymous said...

SFG,negores have enforced "rigid racial seperation" to prevent intermarriage and assimilation?? HUH?? When blacks started to move into white 'hood thru the 60's and 70's,white people ran for their lives! Evey 'hood that I and my friends lived in growing up has been turned into an ugly ghetto. "Englewood" (my old stomping ground in Chicago)is synonomous with crime and poverty.If blacks are enforcing racial seperation--please please try harder!!!