May 2, 2007

May Day Illegal Immigrant Rallies a Bust

From the LA Times:

About 35,000 people turned out at two Los Angeles rallies, far fewer than the combined 115,000 that organizers had anticipated and greatly fewer than the roughly 650,000 who turned out at rallies last year.

Turnouts were light across the country compared to last year, when millions of marchers in 150 cities took to the streets.

Chicago — home of the original May 1 International Workers' Day more than a century ago — drew the largest crowd with 150,000, while New York's rally drew only hundreds.

But a good time was still had by some:

In Los Angeles, after police tried to disperse demonstrators who had moved off the sidewalk onto Alvarado Street about 6 p.m., some of the few thousand participants still in the park started throwing plastic bottles and rocks at officers.

As the failure of these demonstrations show, the notion that the illegal alien cause represents an irresistible political tidal wave is one of the more derisible peddled by the media:

- First, illegal immigrants aren't supposed to vote.

- Second, they aren't very good at self-organizing and they aren't very interested in public affairs. They tend to be much more wrapped up in the complicated dramas of their private lives.

= Third, Hispanic citizens, who can vote, have quite ambivalent feelings about illegal immigration.

- Fourth, illegal immigrants lack talented leaders, as do Latinos in general. Indeed, despite all the moral failings of Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Louis Farrakhan, you have to grant them that they are good at their jobs. They rouse rabbles with the best of them. You can't say the same about the various self-appointed Hispanic leaders, none of whose names come to mind at the moment.

At some point in the future, all this might change. But when America's elites tell you that illegal immigrants are too powerful a political force for anything to be done about illegal immigration, they are lying. The reality is that they don't want to do anything about illegal immigration.

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Grumpy Old Man said...

One reason Hispanic leadership is diffuse is that "Hispanic" and "Latino" are cover terms for people who speak Spanish and come from points south.

Culturally, the various groups don't have that much in common. Dominicans and other Caribbean types aren't much like Mexicans racially or historically, and so forth. Cubans have a special aversion to communism and anything that resembles it, and tended to be more educated and middle-class when
they first started arriving.

They really aren't that much alike, and aren't going to follow a single leader just because some statistician in the Census Bureau decides to lump them together.

Anonymous said...

Was it hispanics who threw the rocks that triggered the riot police in LA? On CNN I saw a lot of hipster white people confronting the police.

Here in Chicago on the local hip hop station the DJs were asking callers "What would make 150,000 black people rally". A caller called in and said it was impossible to get 150,000 black people together without violence occurring.

Anonymous said...

Hispanics,asians,muslims and africans are politically organized around their racial interests.

Liberals,leftist,Republicans,Democrats and worshippers of the corporation encourage hispanics,muslims,asians and africans to organize around race.

NATIVE CHRISTIAN AMERICANS two options:organize politically around race or become economically and racially dispossessed in the nation they founded and created.

It is very likely that the point of no return has been reached. The exact day can not be predicted. It is highly likley that in the near future there will be violent racial conflict. This is just another way of saying that it is highly likely that there will be a race war in America.

In fact, there already is a race war in America.

The only way that NATIVE BORN WHITE CHRISTIAN AMERICANS can prevent their economic and racial dispossession in AMERICA-the nation founded and created by EURO-CHRISTIAN AMERICANS-is to shut down LEGAL IMMIGRATION and illegal imigration down to 0 and to expell a large number of hispanics,muslims,asians and post 1965 africans and their 'american -born" gene-line.

The resources of OUR AMERICA are becomming scarcer by the year because of post 1965 immgration. There will be no soft landing.

Hispanics,asians,muslims and africans are here to conquer the EURO-CHTRISTIAN majority. Either WE repel the invaders or WE face inevitable economic and racial dispossession in the nation WE founded and created.

If AMERICA had remained labor self-sufficient like it was prior to the passage of the 1965 immgration reformm act....the VA TECH slaughtered would never have happened,9/11 would never have happenned,miami would not be a cuban SPIC city,LA would not be a mexican SPIC city

Pat Buchannan misses a crucial point everytime:the asians and their onoxious "american born" gene -line justify asian LEGAL IMMIGRATION on the grounds that without asian LEGAL IMMIGRATION, AMERICA would not be capable of producing its own doctors,scientists,engineers,computer programmers,nurses,construction workers,carpenters,truck drivers,teachers, is a long list folks. This is a big lie and we shouldn't accept it.


togo said...

Why was the Chicago demo so much bigger than the others? I doubt that the reason lies in the events of 1886 as the LA Times suggests.

Anonymous said...

Post-1995 hispanic,asian,muslim and african LEGAL IMMIGRATION=the complete economic and racial dispossession of NATIVE BORN WHITE CHRISTIAN AMERICANS.



Anonymous said...

Brenda Walker you disgusting SF bull-dyke, who cares if asian and muslim LEGAL IMMIGRANT women murder their children. They are doing US a favor by reducing the number of asians and muslims who occupy OUR AMERICA.


Anonymous said...

one myth i used to hear a lot is that mexican-americans are strongly against illegal aliens from mexico.

i find this to be not true at all. all the mexicans i know either don't care, or are in favor of as many mexicans coming into the US as possible, by whatever means necessary. i don't know any mexican who has complained about border jumpers.

judging by the people in the government and in the media who are leading the resistance to illegal aliens from mexico, i'd say my experience squares with reality. i see no mexican faces.

instead, i see the opposite. mexican-americans with power and influence are working to help illegal aliens from mexico.

only immigrants who are not mexican have a problem with illegal aliens from mexico.

fortunately, the myth of the mexican-american patriot seems to have disappeared from the media.

Anonymous said...

Anon. (no relation) said:

"fortunately, the myth of the mexican-american patriot seems to have disappeared from the media"

Not so! It is alive and well in the "Hispanics fighting in the military" vector. This tired old line about Jose fighting for the Declaration of Independence and taking bullets in Iraq to preserve the glorious gringos, seems to be a Wall-Street-Journal-style canard (though there ARE probably a relatively tiny number of swarthy Spanish-speakers in the US military; not the same thing).

These PC canards are truly amazing. Remember black cowboys? Gay cowboys? (A 1800s photo of frontiersmen taking a bath in a creek is proof, so there!) What about the millions - trillions, even! - of Hispanics/Latinos/Latinas/spics who won World War Two for those tired old White asses who oppressed them. (A Hispanic race-rights group just recently tried to shut down Ken Burns over this issue. Burns didn't include in his new documentary a special, segregated segment on LATINOA/OS who died in the Bataan Death March and fought on the Allied front lines in Germany). The black airmen in WWII. (Has anyone objectively investigated their claims?) What about the demand to change statues of historical events in order better "to reflect diversity"? All those heroic black NYC firemen...

What's next? Inserting paintings/photos of various politically powerful coloreds into depictions of historical events that were in fact all White? Will our history books be but a paper version of "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman"?

Were you aware that Beethoven was a transgendered African-American lesbian? Did you know Newton was a Latino? That Jefferson was a jew who slept with blacks? DNA says so! (Except it doesn't.)

"This painting depicts the signing of the Magna Carta by Dewayne Brown, African king of England at the time. A proud credit to his heroic race, Dewayne laid the foundation of liberty..."

All a bunch of noise generated by the usual suspects, in their attempted murder of the White race.

Anonymous said...

really all that i meant was, the media used to tell a lie that mexican-americans were silently against illegal aliens and when the time came, they would vote in numbers for the candidate who was tough on the border.

what a load that was.

Anonymous said...

"Why was the Chicago demo so much bigger than the others? I doubt that the reason lies in the events of 1886 as the LA Times suggests."

It's probably because the feds raided a strip mall to bust up a fake ID ring:

Anonymous said...


How do you account for the Latino movement's failure to develop a real leadership and effective organizational structure, a la the 1950s-1960s Civil Rights movement, which really was quite impressive. Do you think some of it might come from the ways in which the black churches generated leaders with real oratorical and leadership skills, and the lack of a Mexican equivalent? Or does it come from black Americans absorbing a lot of the dominant American culture's emphasis on self-organization, advocacy, and argument, the way (for example) the African National Congress leadership absorbed a lot of the traditions of the Enlightenment and democratic culture from the British.

Anonymous said...

Whats happened to the Chi Sun-Times? The headline is a pic of the crowd with a giant headline saying,"What Do They Want?" Oh brother!

Anonymous said...

There's not much hispanic unity for the same reason there's not much white-English-speaker unity. We don't really have all that much in common. Neither do they. Absent some unifying enemy, what have Jose the Chilean mathematician and Magdelena the Puerto Rican travel agent and Marina the Salvadoran cleaning lady actually have in common? They can talk to each other, but hell, all kinds of groups in this country can talk; mostly, they don't make common cause on that basis.

Blacks are a special case, because whites are the unifying enemy. IMO, this is the reason why effective black leaders in the US spend so much time focusing on bigotry. It's not because it does blacks any great service to be constantly on the lookout for real or imagined discrimination to protest. It's because without whites as a common unifying enemy, black doctors, black secretaries, and black burger flippers will have about as much interest in organizing together as white doctors, secretaries, and burger flippers do.

Svigor said...

By Anonymous, at 5/02/2007 6:38 AM

The other day I helped my 10 year old nephew prepare for a "history" test on the civil war. Judging by the Q & A, you'd think the war between the states was about blacks and women. Oh, and Reconstruction was nice.

Anonymous said...

What I don't understand is why white non-hispanic men are so much more likely to kill themselves then hispanic men. Is this another biodiversity thing?

Anonymous said...


Will you please write a post condemning Roger Stone for having made Al Sharpton into the political force that he is?


Anonymous said...

How do you account for the Latino movement's failure to develop a real leadership and effective organizational structure, a la the 1950s-1960s Civil Rights movement...?

Wake up. Latinos have perfectly effective organizational structures. They very successfully set up the Aztlan network at campuses across the USA. Their ethnic grievance lobbies are formidable: LULAC, La Raza.

They have penetrated every layer of government in the southwest. They will soon essentially control the state governments of CA, AZ, NV, CO, TX, NM.

White and Jewish senators from these states will give way to bronze race leadership. Jews will pull strings backstage as always. Whites will do the white flight thing.

Blacks have never come close to this level of political sweeping success in the USA.

The demographic timebomb has been planted. The next two decades are going to be a brown demographic rout of the Southwest.

Perspective: the original Irish and Italian immigrations of yore were miniscule in raw numbers compared to the modern flood from south of the border. A few million Irish hit the shores. The Irish population bloomed to 40 million. Successive brown babyboomer generations are upcoming. That is inexorable demographic reality - barring some unforeseen massive seismic shift like a nuking of Los Angeles etc.

It is reasonable to assume the current (weak) anti-immigration movement today will be completely overwhelmed by sheer demographics in the next 10 years. The electoral college will be a blue state lock very soon thanks to the Reconquista of the Southwest. White conservatism is going to be marginalized.

In the near future we are going to have a currency revaluation. Perhaps multiple revaluations. The value of the currency must reflect the demographics of the nation. Brown nations have the weakest currencies across the globe. Half-white nations also have weak currencies. Once the dollar really crashes they will push for the Amero (or whatever new currency with zero white faces on the bills of course) and the push for the North American Union will take off.

The American experiment was dealt a death blow in the mid-20th century. The horrendous demographic decline of today is the fallout. Fifty years max to outright Hispanic majority. The US government right now is counting many many people as "white" who are obviously not white in the 67% white total of 2006. For example all of the future Iraqi refugees are going to counted officially as white.

Steve posted something about a decrease in national IQ of only a couple of points over the next 50 years or whatever. I say that's a best-case scenario that doesn't take into account increasing demographic momentum.

Steve also posted about the "new-white" population of Los Angeles which is Iranian and Armenian gold-chain wearing types. Of course, this is not at all white as white Americans understand it. These people are better described as beige, Semitic, Arab, Persian or Mediterranean.

The latin flood is going to increase in the long run not controlled or reduced. The upcoming power shift away from white-Jewish to beige-Jewish and bronze-Jewish is going to shock whites.

For the future of the USA it is reasonable to assume a high level of domestic chaos and long term civilizational weakness similar to the Russia and Central European societies of modern times: A balkanized population chronically divided and conquered by what is frankly a Jewish elite controlling whatever front man is necessary.

I'd say La Raza has planned and is now executing a successful strategy that is far above black abilities.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't count on a Latino/Jewish cabal running things, Anonymous. If you've ever read any of the stuff on the "Aztlan" sites, you'd see a level of anti-Semitism that is surprising. Hell, they think Villaraigosa is too chummy with the Jews.

On an intellectual level, I always knew the USA would cease to exist as a nation-state one day. I just never thought it might happen in my lifetime (I'm 49). The odds are probably not the same as a 7.5 quake hitting Los Angeles in the next 50 years (which I think is all but certain), but what seemed like an impossibility, oh say, 15 years ago doesn't seem so far-fetched now.

Anonymous said...

The previous post is dead on accurate. When it happens , the Israeli kikes will move in and manipulate the situation to their advantage and to the disadvantge of Euro_Christian Americans. Just like they are doing in Iran at the current moment.

I curse the fucking Jews for what they did to America.


Anonymous said...

All that aztlan and la raza stuff is only for mexicans and central americans, not all hispanics. caribbean hispanics and others are not interested or welcome in "la raza."

Anonymous said...

i don't think jewish people will control much in the US in 2050. jewish people don't have kids, and mexicans dislike jews. jewish political power depends in part on them looking like europeans. when white guys named cohen and levy are the only white faces in a room of brown people, the mexicans immediately know who doesn't belong.

this was, of course, the point of making jewish people wear stars in nazi germany. so they could not blend in.

catholic mexicans are not big fans of any white or jewish social movements. feminism, equal rights for gays, tolerance, affirmative action for anybody who is not mexican, mexicans are not big on any of these things and will actively work against them.

i think there is a great chance that before 2100 a couple of the white guys on US currency will disappear and be replaced with mexicans.

Anonymous said...


You're overlooking the fact that the Mexican-American elite is dominated by Mexicans of Sephardic-Jewish ancestry.

Anonymous said...

There is a lot of bigotry and hatred in this blog.

"Jewish Control?" A myth. Jews are a tiny minority of the population, deeply divided politically (on Israel, the Republicans-Democrats, War on Terror, Orthodox-Conservative-Reform religious branches) and everything else.

The CEO of Time-Warner, Michael Jordan, and Al Sharpton are black. Tiger Woods is part black. Does this equate to Black control of America?

Nobody put a gun to the heads of ordinary white women and made them stop having kids. Women all across the globe are not having kids. Fertility rate in IRAN of all places is 1.8. You'll find similar numbers in Algeria. About 30% of British women with degrees never have kids. About 40% of German women with degrees never have kids. Why? WHO is putting guns to these women's heads and making them not have kids?

No one. They are not having kids because the supply of high status men is not big enough for them to marry (this also accounts IMHO for the increased suicide rate among white men compared to Hispanic men). As actor John Ratzenberger said, a plumber walks into a scene on TV or the movies and he's a comic figure of ridicule. Even though a plumber might net $135K a year. He's not status enough. Same with all the other skilled labor.

Educated women adopted the mores and requirements for marriage that upper class women have had: high status men. And if they can't marry them (early enough) they mostly don't have kids. See Sex and the City for that dynamic.

Hispanics or what we should say Mexicans are definitely forming in CA a patronage machine akin to the Irish in Tammany Hall but larger. Nearly all the top politicos except SF's Mayor are Mexican (SF is too expensive for Mexicans). Mayor Tony was in El Salvador during the May Day riots. What does that tell you?

Mexicans have more kids because Mexican women view their men's status differently. Which means also btw that more Mexican men are fathers. Have families. Less suicide.

The situation is not sustainable however. Identity politics to their logical conclusion will spawn ... more identity politics. It won't be called a "whites only league" but something akin to that as a political party will generate as Latinos crowd out Whites in many areas through patronage. There is only so much money to go around and someone is going to win and someone is going to lose. Much as the Media and various elites profoundly threatened by White upward mobility would like it, ordinary white guys are not going to all kill themselves to make way for the new improved Azatlan.

But looking for enemies where there are none out of bigotry is not smart. George Soros may be your political enemy but Adam Sandler and Sarah Michelle Gellar are decidedly not.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the Tuskegee Airmen.

Were they competent aviators? By and large yes. But they were a sponsored unit given special support and utilized for a purpose.

They were decent enough people-I met several of them as a WWII-obsessed young kid. They have had, like astronauts, a very prolific postwar touring career. But the fact is that from a combat logistic standpoint they were more resource-intensive to deploy than they were really worth, because they had (for their own safety and operational morale of other troops) to have separate quartering, mess and support. There was also a big effort to recruit what were an extremely select elite of Blacks and to set up the flight training program at Tuskegee.

Here's a thought: look at all the White potential aviator candidates weeded out because of height. Even then there were many who were just too tall, or whose seated height was too high. That's because airplanes were designed mostly for short people. The reason was ultimately economic-it was cheaper to simply disqualify them than to modify the airplanes. If the Tuskegee program money had went into making one of each model of Basic and Advanced trainer and one variant of fighter and bomber capable of handling 6'6" aircrews, a far better use of money could have been made, since the merely taller men could have been fit in the program with everyone else unitwise.

A little farther along these lines: The BIG killer of "the dream of flight", aside from diabetes or epilepsy, has always been colorblindness. Because "pilots need perfect vision" ™ red-green colorblindness has kept a good number of males out of the cockpit since the 1930s. But why is red-green colorblindness so incompatible with aviation?

Only because of the use of red and green instrument markings and light signals. In reality, many actually colorblind individuals "beat the system" and had successful flying careers. Usually, they figured out that there were a finite number of commercially supplied color tests, found out the correct answers, and memorized them. The instrument markings were a matter of common sense-they could tell they were different and the green, yellow and red arcs are always in the same order. The light signals were a problem, but there were ways around them, and as early as 1950 many pilots could go a career and not deal with them.

There is nothing at all intrinsic to flight that requires color vision. Exceptionally good sharpness of vision at distance is not particularly necessary for flight itself, but it is the determining factor-far and away-of what makes successful air-to-air combat pilots in the visual (as opposed to radar/IFR/GCA intercept) environment. It's not unusual to find protanopia or deuteranopia in individuals with normal or above-normal distance acuity-meaning some of the men kept out for color blindness would not only have made fine pilots, a few might have been superb combat pilots.

In my own case, I have excellent color perception but relatively poor depth perception. I was told as a child I could never be a commercial pilot because of this by a opthalmologist who was not a quqlified AME and in fact had no idea what he was talking about. Depth perception is used in aviation only in extremely specific, and unusual situations-such as aerial refuelling and close formation aerobatic flight. One of the happier moments of ny life was running into that doctor about two weeks after passing my ATP checkride.

Anonymous said...

The demographic bomb is hitting Jews in the US at least as hard as everyone else. I'm not sure what all goes into this, but the result is going to be a very odd country. Go to Utah sometime and hang around, and it will feel genuinely weird to see so many kids relative to the old men and women. Like a different country.

Where I live, and most other expensive blue state/city locations, kids are an expensive luxury for the middle-class. If you want to buy a house here (a townhouse, with no yard, in a marginal neighborhood) and you're not a cardiologist or investment banker or something, your wife will need to work a professional job, with enough pay to also afford the daycare for your kids.

Inevitably, this will fix itself. That's what evolution is all about--the genes with higher fitness take over (subject to drift and mutation). To the extent wanting kids enough to overcome the hardship has a genetic component, we'll see those genes become far more common in the population.

Anonymous said...

Take look at the letter from the obnoxious spic to The writer of the letter issues a nasty demographic threat to NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICA and Peter Brimelow gives a what is basically a limp-wrist liberal race neutral response.

Peter Brimelow, it would be much better if the immigrants comming to America were European.

If Spics express a strong racial preference. WE should do the same.

Just come out and say it:I PREFER TO LIVE IN ANMERICA WITH A MAJORITY EUROPEAN POPULATION. This is the proper response to a SPIC who issues a demographic threat to NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICA. Sissy Englishman.

The SPICS are not race neutral. Neither should WE.

Leftists,liberals ,democrats,republicans and corporatists tolerate and encourage the race based nationalism of hispanics,asians,muslims and africans within the borders of OUR AMERICA.


Anonymous said...


if you have evidence that many mexican-american leaders are jewish, show it. i have not researched this, but i don't believe it. i see nothing but mestizo catholics.

alberto gonzales is not jewish. bill richardson is not jewish. antonio villaraigosa is not jewish.

Anonymous said...

Mexicans are very salt of the earth people. They believe in hard work as a way to make money.

The problem with many whites is that they believe money is made by dressing up, using big words, and acting "important." Hence, the massive upper-middle class imbalance that has facilitated all that Mexican labor.

I have no idea if Anon's "demographic time bomb" scenario will come to pass. If it will, whites will do what they do best. Get together and form an army, and win what they want. The Mexicans have never been able to fight effectively as a group.

And then the whites will have their space, and then go back to their pattern of eschewing "lowly" labor. And a new labor class will immigrate from somewhere to fill the massive gap.

Question: do white people really belong in the deserts? Is it any surprise the LA is being filled by desert traders from the MidEast, and desert workers from Mexico?

Long term, whites will probably end up in the more northern latitudes and trade-coasts, which is more in tune with their nature.