May 7, 2007

White people on Obama

1. The Washington Post runs an unintentionally hilarious article interviewing white Obama supporters that calls to mind Thomas Sowell's book The Vision of the Anointed: Self-Congratulation As a Basis for Social Policy. One thing that's clear is how little white Obama supporters know about their candidate.

2. Mickey Kaus blogs on "Obama's Pastor Disaster:"

Old CW: Not Black Enough; New CW: What's All This Black Business? Tom Maguire wonders why Jodi Kantor's front-page NYT piece on Barack Obama's pastor, Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright, hasn't generated more controversy. Having now read it, I tend to agree. I'd certainly be more comfortable with a presidential nominee whose main spiritual man 1) hadn't visited Col. Qaddafi (even back in '84); 2) talked less about "oppression" and "this racist United States of America;" 3) when discussing the solution to poverty, talked more about individual achievement and less about the role of "community"--including maybe even celebrating "middleclassness" instead of using it as shorthand for selfishness; 4) in general wasn't so obsessed with race--as evidenced most negatively in talk of "white arrogance" and derogatory reference to the "Great White West." ... I suspect Rev. Wright is going to be a bigger problem for Obama's campaign than has been conventionally perceived. When Obama declared "we worship an awesome God in the blue states," were voters expecting this?...

That the Rev. Wright has been Obama's "spiritual advisor" for the last 20 years is the equivalent of a white candidate having, say, the Rev. Bob Jones III, who got in so much trouble for banning interracial dating on his campus, as his spiritual advisor. "Wait a minute," you say, "The difference is that white people have power and black people don't, so racialism is bad when whites do it but fine when blacks do it!" Well, sure ... except that Obama wants to be the President of the United States and that's as powerful as you can get.

This paradox that Mickey identifies -- that Obama isn't very black by upbringing but is very black by avocation -- isn't terribly hard to explain. It's precisely because he's a preppie from paradise, and thus his black street cred is always in question, that he's searched out black racialist organizations like the Rev. Wright's church. If he was as culturally black as, say, James Brown, Don King, Charles Barkley, etc., he'd be more "comfortable in his own skin" and feel less of a need for a racialist community to validate his authenticity as a black man.

3. By the way, why has it become such a commonplace that Obama is "comfortable in his own skin" that there are 1,690 references to this cliché on Google, when the man himself wrote 442 pages about precisely the opposite? Wouldn't a more plausible explanation for the gap between his autobiography and his current media image be that Obama is a talented actor? Cary Grant, for example, sure seemed comfortable in his own skin, but he wasn't, at least not until the last eight years of his tremendous career, after psychoanalysis (using LSD, which was perfectly legal in 1958) helped him come to grips with his rampant insecurities.

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Anonymous said...

Yet more race baiting from Steve Sailer. Yawn.

Anonymous said...

What I don't get is that Obama hates the white race with a passion, he wants to see its destruction, and most whites do not even see it.

Obama also loves to rape white women, from what I've been told - by a reliable source.

This is one sick coon-ass nigger. He needs to have his ass deported to Africa, not be running for president.

Anonymous said...

Re: The Washington Post story
How often do black people brag to their black friends about how white people really like them?

Now, how often to certain whites act as if they're over the moon if a black person bestows salvation upon them with a complimentary remark? It is incredible how ravenous many whites are for black approval.

Going to the "comforatble in your own skin" concept, there's a lesson here, too, with Mexican immigration. It's funny when Mexican-Americans try to preen by spelling the Lone Star State's name "Tejas," unwittingly echoing the colonial spelling of the place's name, just as the Spanish preferred the lugie-hocking "j" for "Mejico" and "Jalapa" etc.

Some parts of New Mexico never seemed to accept Mexico's independence from Spain, and to this day we have New Mexican writers like Earl Shorris and Denise Chavez trying to con gringos and Mexican-Americans into thinking it's "Mejico" with a j. It looks so exotic, it must be the right way!

Actual Mexicans discarded these spellings long ago in favor of the "x" - including Texas / texano etc. But that's no fun for the grievance lobby - why, that's how whitey spells it! (U.S. whitey, not Spain whitey of course)

Anonymous said...

Yet more pointless BS from Anon at 4:04 PM. Yawn.

Ive never seen an intelligent comment from anyone who does that, uses the the yawn gambit.

In fact when I see the word yawn used I reach for my revolver.

Anonymous said...

CS Lewis, that's not your real name is it?

Anonymous said...

I can just picture the Queen making small talk over dinner with President Obama over dinner. 'Oh yes, I think some members of your tribe danced for me, during my state visit to Kenya, back in 1972. Very rhythmical it was too.'

Anonymous said...

I wish people wouldn't post as 'anonymous'. I can understand not wanting to use your real name, but using a name that is the same as someone who's already posted in the thread just gets annoying.

If you wanted to be really true to the original, the true native spelling of Mexico is Mēxihco.ēxihco

Anonymous said...

"Ive never seen an intelligent comment from anyone who does that, uses the the yawn gambit."

Well, Sailer suggested that Obama might implement racialist policies if elected. I mean, that's just so bizarre an assertion that, coupled with Sailer's monomania about Obama's racial identity--"yawn" seemed too painfully appropriate. But if Sailer tickles your racist bone, more power to you.

Anonymous said...

Some whites DO crave acceptance from "real" or "authentic" blacks as a sign of status. See also, Volvo, Trader Joes, etc.

Others don't.

jen lovely said...

Obama is so obviously a stealth DLC candidate who is being used as a black face for a liberal establishment corporate worldview, that I can't believe any sane person would buy the argument that he's some sort of legit cultural nationalist. It's hard to imagine that a race obsessed man, desperate to identify with black culture, would choose to run against a former Black Panther..unless of course the whole argument is bs.

Anonymous said...

That WP article does go on and on. Normally, journalists will lead off with a puppet source who "illustrates" whatever point they want to make, but that guy must have spent a week in the Candyland Sewer System to accumulate so much half-digested sap.

What can I say? I'm an ordinary white person who desperately wants value X mixed in with generality Y served up by a white-suited African named "Sam" or "President Obama". He reminds me of Tiger Woods. Doesn't he remind you of Tiger Woods?

Anonymous said...

Either NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICANS politically organize around race-just as the spics,asians,muslims and africans are-or THEY will be racially dispossessed in the nation they founded and created.

Whatever the race of the president of the AMERICA, any Demoratic or Republican president is a mortal threat to the continued existence of the majority NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN population.





Anonymous said...

I'll say this again, Obama doesn't survive the Democratic primary because white Democrats aren't ready to vote for a black man who may at one point have been a muslim.

I know lots of moderate and liberal white Dems in Northern Virginia and I've noticed a change in how white Dems view blacks over the years.

In the 80's and 90's a lot of white Democrat friends of mine were all hell bent on racial reconciliation and harmony and so forth with blacks.

As the years went by most of them came to the painful realization that blacks will continue to act like blacks, not whites or even Colin Powell or Tiger Woods.

These days, all but but the most hardcore liberal white acquintances of mine have given up on improving the welfare of blacks. Most don't give a damn any more.

The whole magic negro act Obama is playing on might have worked better in 1996 than 2008.

Anonymous said...

Steve S:

You really need to find some way to police your comment section.

Allowing pure race-baiting comments to remain online only gives more ammunition to the critics that would like to smear you as a racist.

While I would much rather have you blogging or writing than policing your comments section, something needs to be done.

Perhaps you could investigate giving one of your loyal readers or associates editorial power to delete inappropriate comments.

cheerful iconoclast said...

Obama is abandoned by his black father and raised by his white mother and her family.

He responds by joining an Afrocentric church led by a charismatic father figure.

Didn't we try electing an adult religious convert with "daddy" issues? How did that work out for us?

Anonymous said...

Stirner, that's a good idea. Let's conceal the type of audience that's drawn to Steve Sailer's writing.

Anonymous said...

"Allowing pure race-baiting comments to remain online only gives more ammunition to the critics that would like to smear you as a racist."

Steve seems to have some issues with Jews and blacks in particular. Not exactly a raging hate, but he is troubled by them. He is too smart to fully buy into the Kevin MacDonald stuff about Jews, but he sympathizes with the anti-Jew wing.

As for blacks, his tack is a little different: keep hammering on their genetic inadequacies on intelligence, and then pretend that this really isn't an invidious distinction because, after all, blacks can still run faster than other races -- as if our society values thinking and running fast equally.

Perhaps Sailer was wronged by Jews and blacks in the past, or had bad run ins with them in his corporate career.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Steve has lived on the planet Earth all of his life. Brian

Anonymous said...

It seems clear that Obama would be a weak candidate in the general election, as even a marginal Republican would start to hammer on these issues and, I think, get some traction. Also, Obama does not have enough political experience to make a real case for being president.

I think Hilary and the other big guns in the Democratic party know this and will take action if they have to, but they would much rather let things settle down quietly.

Anonymous said...

some issues with Jews and blacks in particular

Isn't he part Jewish? Or was that just a rumour?

Anonymous said...

Obama really shows the folly of Black Separatism as a movement and social control. Ironically during segregation artists, writers, and thinkers wanted nothing more than the ability to connect with a wider, white audience. Langston Hughes, Duke Ellington, Ralph Ellison wanted acceptance on their own terms.

Black Separatism will haunt Obama and IMHO ultimately limit his success, good points about his susceptibility to any competent Republican.

But ... Obama represents the "anybody but Hillary" people and self-consciously plays into Dems "Camelot Obsession." It boggles my mind why "the party of the people" play into this Aristo nonsense. JFK was a drug addict and physical wreck (back/spine problems, Addison's disease, etc) with a streak of dangerous sexual liasons that left him open to blackmail and depended on the goodwill of the Press which was not endless.

Why anyone would seek to copy that is beyond me but Dems have been aping him or playing into that weird hagiography for decades.

Which puts the lie to the "party of the people." Instead that is for better or worse the Republicans. Who take care to appear "plain folks" ala Bush's careful "dumb Texan" image when he's more aristo-preppy than anyone.

If you saw Kerry trying to ape Kennedy sailing on Cape Cod by windsurfing (and looking like a pink-polka-dotted seal) or Obama posing like JFK you'll see what I mean.

Don't underestimate Obama's appeal to those looking for the "Return of JFK" ... it's powerful stuff to a fairly infantile and "feeling" Party which most Dems are. Nearly 60% of them think GWB knew in advance of 9/11 or don't know. Now many things can be laid at GWB's feet but that is not one of them. It's tinfoil hat, conspiracy theory time. UFOs at Area 51.

Dems are pretty stupid. Those numbers prove it.

Osama's main weakness is:

How will he deter Iran and/or Al Qaeda from nuking us? He has no answer other than call first responders.

Anonymous said...

Osama's main weakness is:

How will he deter Iran and/or Al Qaeda from nuking us? He has no answer other than call first responders.

While Obama has weaknesses, this is not one of them. The public understands is firmly against the war and a possible war with Iran. Even Republicans are saying we are running out of patience as they can read the polls and know they are going to get CREAMED in 08 if we are still in Iraq. Even Bill Buckly sees this.

Fortunately, survival instincts are sure to take over and the Republicans will start running away from Bush this fall. The run will turn into a stampede very quickly.

This is the neocon's legacy for the Republican party.

Anonymous said...

Urgh. What a lousy comment section.

Steve is half-jewish by birth, and once strongly identified as jewish. Now he identifies more with his adoptive family. Proof that assimilation works! He says he briefly dated a black (more specifically Cameroonian) girl in college, though that's not really evidence that he had some bad experience that turned him into an evilcon (though it is evidence that the sailerfraud site, which claims he has never been in an inter-racial relationship, doesn't care about the truth).

Anonymous said...

Bill Clinton, another talented actor/politician/con was "the first black president." Obama can be "the first black and white president. It's only fitting that he learn to fit in both of his skins.

If Obama loves rough love, that would be another trait he had in common with the first black president. Gotta love it!

Anonymous said...

Leftist,liberals,republican party insiders and democratic party insiders encourage the racial politics of hispanics,asians,muslims and african.

EXAMPLE:On the national news a year ago, Barack Obama speaking to at an asian pac, in the bacground a young asian couple holding their infant.

Barack Obama=the economic and racial dispossession of NATIVE BORN WHITE CHRISTIAN AMERICA.

Testosterone-flushed-bull-dyke Hillary Clinton=the economic and racial dispossession of NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICA.

A few months back negro Barack Obama promised the JEWS at an AIPAC conference in NYC that alloptions are on the table when it comes to Iran. In other words, the negro Barack Obama would be willing to nuke Iran on behalf of the parasitic nation Israel.


Homosexual and traitor George W Bush=the economic and racial dispossession of NATIVE BORN WHITE CHRISTIAN AMERICA.

Probability of violent racial conflict-this is just another way of saying a race war- in the future:100 percent.



Anonymous said...

If elected president, half-breed Barack Obama will be required by the corprations and hispanic,asian,muslim and african legal immigrants and their "american" born gene-line to announce to NATIVE BORN WHITE CHRISTIAN AMERICA(this the majority racail group that founded and created AMERICA) that NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICA's DAYS ARE NUMBERED and that this is a good thing.

Barack Obamma would make this announcement during his inaugaration speech while his slut of a white mother-born in AMERICA's HEARTLAND -sits in the audience smiling and approving of the impending genocide of NATIVE BORN WHITE CHRISTIAN AMERICA.

Barack Obamma is a nigger.

The economic and racial dispossession of the the majority NATIVE BORN WHITE CHRISTIAN can only be reversed if NATIVE BORN WHITE CHRISTIAN AMERCANS politically organize around thier legitmate racial interests.

If you are NATIVE BORN WHITE CHRISTIAN AMERICAN and you have always voted and continue to vote for the republican party, you have voted for the death of NATIVE BORN WHITE CHRISTIAN AMERICA. You have to be brain-dead not to understand such an obvious point.

Does any one know if Potok is jewish name?

The CORPORATIONS have given NATIVE BORN WHITE CHRISTIAN AMERICA a slaves choice. This began back in 1973.

For this crime, every CEO and their army of corparate lawyers should be taken out into an open field and slaughtered. Their wives and daughters sold as slaves in Saudia Arabia and Chad.


Anonymous said...

there are 1,690 references to this cliché on Google

How many of those actually had anything to do with Obama? Depending on how you filter it, a Google search can turn up all kinds of unrelated stuff. And if Steve actually went through all 1690 links to verify relevancy, he has way too much time on his hands.

Anonymous said...

Several decades before the outbreak of the American Civil War, America experienced several decades of severe national stress.

The issue of low wage workers-chattel and wage slaves- fueled the national stress that preceeded the American Civil War.

Ken Silverstien in Harpers magazine wrote about how Barack the coon Obama became a viable Democratic presidential candidate after he sold his soul to the corporate lobbyists who infest the beltway.

The corporations are hoping that a half-breed nigger with a white mother from Kansas-what's the matter with Kansas?Barcks mother-in the White House will make it easier to have acces to LEGAL IMMIGRANT SCAB labor from latin/ecentral america,asia,the muslim world, africa and the carribean.

Obamma the COON has received divine corporate executive order to keep the door open to legal imigrant asian,muslim,hispanic and african LEGAL IMMIGRANT SCAB LABOR. Obamma the coon expects NATIVE BORN WHITE CHRISTIAN AMERICANS to act like doormats for the the LEGAL IMMIGRANT HISPANIC,ASIAN,AFRICAN/CARRIBEAN LEGAL IMMIGRANT SACB WORKERS.

IF NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICANS fight back agianst their economic and racial dospossession in the nation they founded and created there will be a race war.

Apparently jock sniffer Joe Guzzardi made an effort to show that by osmosis he must have some hispanic blood.The in -thing over at is to brag about ones possible tenous hispanic heritage. What a loser you are Joe Guzzardi.


Anonymous said...

Steve seems to have some issues with Jews and blacks in particular. Not exactly a raging hate, but he is troubled by them. He is too smart to fully buy into the Kevin MacDonald stuff about Jews, but he sympathizes with the anti-Jew wing.

Obviously it is rather impossible to read Mr. Sailer's mind. Is he a 'Jew-hating, coon hating, spic hating white dude,' or is he pretty much honest in posting on his site the truth of how he feels?

I think the best bet is to assume that he's truthful. He's an intelligent man fascinated by racial and ethnic differences who refuses to put on the rose-tinted glasses being issued by the multiculturalist elites. All I know is that I've been reading him awhile and I have yet to see him reveal any hatred towards others.

I wish readers here would stop it with the racist name-calling, but either Sailer wants to be a completely free speech site, or else he doesn't have time to censor every idiot who leaves comments here.

Anonymous said...

My experience with Obama supporters is that they are leftists who let their politics be dictated by their "feelings." Unlike conservatives, who are usually quite willing to identify themselves as such, they're the kind of leftists who like to say they're moderates or who purport to shun labels altogether. Many of them, I'm sure, are from the same group of nutroots who put Howard Dean at the top of the polls 4 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Sailer's comments thread become infested with Mobys whenever he reports on race, especially Obama and race.

"cs lewis" is a Moby. Jupiter, and other genuine racists, wouldn't have added "Obama also loves to rape white women, from what I've been told-by a reliable source."

If you dislike what Sailer says, fight for your view, by all means. I believe the vast majority of people, however, can sniff out liars who pose as "the other side from Hell".

The Mobys are really lame.

Anonymous said...

Nuetrons fire in my brain,this is the result: A)Kudos,Steve,for doing yeomans work in discussing this head case,Obama. He just got a well-publicized SecService detail,playing the "a po black man is in danger from the evil white-eyes" angle,with help from buddy Dickless Durbin. He lives in Kenwood,near the U of Chi,near where former Senator Carol Mosely Braun just got beat up by a black mugger;she wouldve been more severely beaten 'cept 2 white UC students rescued her!! Hmmm...Braun nearly beat senseless by a negro mugger ;3 days later Obammy's got Secret Service! :0 B)One thing you have to say for blacks:when Whitey came to buy them they were put in CHAINS. Why? Er,so they wouldnt run away. They didnt want to be slaves! But ther modern white liberal cant wait to be enslaved by the negro! I guess he/she (and many of them ARE he/she's) figures aa a progressive white THEY wont be hurt---just those other guys!

Anonymous said...

Oops,heh heh,me agian! The WP article asks the burning question:has America "evolved" to the point where they can elect a negro...yada yada yada. The real question,judging by the stupididty of the Obama supporters, is 'has America DEVOLVED to that point'. I pray the answer is "No"! :0

Anonymous said...

Jupiter, care to place a date by which there will be "race war"? I think you are full of shit, and I'd like to mark a spot on my calendar by which we can all laugh at you and you have to admit you don't know what the hell you are talking about. If you decline to give a date, it means you are just peddling unfalsifiable nonsense that you know just-ain't-so and are scared about getting called on it when your ravings never come to pass.

Anonymous said...

OldRight 7:32,

That's just your friends. They've aged. (1996 is more than a decade ago now, for example.)

Aging tends to be an accumulation of experience, and experience tends to be an accumulation of wisdom. Bottom line: they got older and wiser about NIGGERS - yes, I use the word proudly, defiantly, advisedly, and ACCURATELY. They have no special enthusiasm for B. Hussein, because they know better (if only silently).

But the young are a different story. The young have relatively little experience. There are many things they don't know how to understand, because they have not yet acquired the necessary mental equipment.

The kids love "diversity"...just as your group did, 10 years ago...just as their parents did, 30 years ago...just as their great-great grandparents (abolitionists and uplifters) did.

Voting should be restricted to people aged 40 and older. They've been around the block, been burned hard, and most of them (not all) have emerged a little smarter. Yes, your friends know that "diversity" is a crock. Do their children? Do voters aged 18-25?

Hopefully, that age group won't vote. (Maybe Madonna won't do "Rock the Vote" this time around, because she's pretty long in the tits herself, though no wiser. That's my hope, anyway.)

Anonymous said...

Anon. 4:04,

You're the kind who would race-bait to the limit of human capacity, were the shoe on the other skin.

You're simply anti-White, and we have your number.

Anonymous said...

If Barack THE COON Obama were elected president, it would bring about a full-blown WHITE REVOLT a lot sooner. This would be good. Worse is better.


Warm regards

Anonymous said...

NATICE BORN WHITE CHRISTIAN AMERICANS are experiencing economic and racial dispossession in the nation they founded and created.

Economic and racial dispossession go hand-in hand.

Barack THE COON Obama,if he were elected president of United States, would continue with the policy of previous Republican and Democratic administrations of depriving the MAJORITY NATIVE BORN WHITE CHRISTIAN AMERICANS the bennefitts of a severe labor scarcity which they had enjoyed when LEGAL IMMIGRATION was very low.

Barack THE COON Obama would continue with the republican and democratic policy of importing LEGAL IMMIGRANT scab labor into AMERICA's labor markets. THis policy has brought about a massive transfer of wealth and power away from ORDINARY NATIVE BORN WHITE CHRISTIAN AMERICANS to the greedy cheating class. This is a great crime.

Behind every great fortune there is a great crime.


Anonymous said...

I want to lodge a complaint about the continuing decline in quality of the trolls here. The fascistic element of the practice, seeking to sabotage other views through misinformation, is one thing after all. Hell, I've come to expect it; but the poor quality of execution is altogether intolerable.

Come on guys, show a little pride of craftmanship. Isn't there some troll handbook somewhere?

Anonymous said...

"Yes, your friends know that "diversity" is a crock. Do their children? Do voters aged 18-25?"

Anonymous, at 5/08/2007 12:43 PM

I don't think the kids are as naive as my friends were.

College kids still segregate along racial lines.

In my experience, I see a modest amount of wf/bm college couples.

According to my nephew, in college, the black white relationships usually end shortly and few college girls excpet the uglier far lefty ones end up marrying a black, let alone have kids.

This is evidenced by statistics which show that Black-White marriages are the rarest form of interracial marriage with white-"Hispanic" couples being much more likely, despite the fact that the media rarely portrays whites going out with Hispanics.

As for the guys, I can't remember EVER seeing a white college guy with a black girl in many years. Recently I have seen in NoVa alot of white college guys with "well developed" mestizo girls.

(I do not see white women with darker, shorter, hispanic men though, since the men obviously have little to offer and often timid and shy.)

I don't know if the white guys marry the Hispanic girls. I tend to assume the men are just looking for one night stands.

The latinas are definitely throwing themselves at the white dudes, probably for status reasons.

I wouldn't worry too much about Obama, even the hard lefties in the Wapo article conditioned their support on Obama as long as he doesn't act black.

Anonymous said...

Daveg -- so the public is ready to allow Iran free reign to nuke us? By way of Hezbollah (the modern day Aircraft carriers or ICBMs)??

I think not.

Nor is the public willing to give Iraq over to bin Laden and Ahmadnutjob. Defeat and defeat by these guys is not what the American people ordered. The American public is NOT the fat old women of Code Pink.

Anonymous said...

If I had Cary Grant's looks I'd be willing to put up with his insecurities.

Anonymous said...

I have personally observed black/white couples, of both permutations, in the malls around Arlington VA. Crystal City, Tyson's Corner, etc. Both men and women look "military." You can tell. Obviously the unifying nature of the military tends to make this more common than in civilian life.

It is however very different on campus. Cal State Long Beach has invisible but clear racial lines, with each group self-segregating.

Sad but there it is.

Obama and his mother and father? Well his Mom took his half-sister and went to live in Indonesia with another guy she married, leaving Barack with the Grandparents. When Obama was around 8-9 IIRC. It's not surprising.

IMHO a lot of projection is going on by prospective voters. Obama would appeal to voters looking for masculine strength and toughness in a dangerous world. Iran's nukes won't solve themselves (as I alluded to above) and neither will handing over Iraq to Al Qaeda and Iran prove popular. Pakistan is sliding into Taliban/Al Qaeda control. Musharraf has survived three known assassination attempts.

But if voters don't want the Bush family lack of the "vision thing" ... he's just like his father in the inability to put forward and clearly communicate his principles, neither do they want to stick their heads in the sand about the Muslim civilizational threat.

America IMHO is looking for a tough guy who is also smart, who will deter foreign and domestic attackers. Obama ain't it ... he's clueless on how to use force against threats because his entire background has been in a safe, upper-class milieu. He's John Kerry with an exotic background. And as clueless and removed from average people as Kerry was.

IMHO McCain will also be disqualified. It seems to me his imprisonment has led him to emotionally identify with all prisoners regardless of circumstances and as Tenet's book shows, "torture" like Waterboarding works. Doing so with KSM saved lots of American lives and so did rendition. McCain probably knows he's viewed as weak hence his "gates of hell" comments.

Both Fred and Rudy can out-tough McCain let alone a limp noodle like Obama. Who is not the Dennis Haysbert fantasy of the tough black non-com kicking terrorist butts on the Unit but more like Wayne Brady.

Anonymous said...

Self-segregation allows college kids to be multi-cult idiots. It is an enabler. Remember, most of them come from safe, white suburban communities and the one rule their parents stuck by is to shield them from risk (and masculinity). Of course these brats are pushovers when they meet some race-conscious mulatto like Obama on a campus! It's not even a challenge to manipulate and browbeat such sheltered pansies.

Also, I second the complaint that the Mobys need to make a greater effort. Subtlety, you dumbasses! You have to shed your anal retentively correct grammar if you want to sound like some racist thug full of dark prejudice and superstition. Build a character for yourself! Take method acting classes!

Actually, this isn't a bad comments section. Most offer zero insight, whereas there are usually at least a smattering of really good comments here.

Anonymous said...

Worse is not better. Worse is worse. People like Jupiter and Stefan Molyneux are more dangerous (on an individual level) than a liberal or neo-con or whatever. They basically want to immanentize the eschaton, and all of us will just have to suffer as martyrs in their orgy of blood-letting (it was either that exact phrase or "throat-slitting" that Jupiter used) before the promised land arrives. Of course, as all previous similar movements (French Jacobins, communists, Nazis) show, there is no promised land, just more and more horror.

Anonymous said...

There is more and more horror in going on with the way things are: it will probably end in a bolshevik-style dictatorship here in any event. But even were we to be spared this, the current situation (the slow genocide of the White race) is intolerable.

Let me explain what I mean by "intolerable." Remember the movie "The Fly," the original one with Vincent Price? At the end of the movie, the fly-man (body of fly, head and brain of man) is trapped in a spiderweb, and the spider is coming to eat him. In his tinny little voice, the fly-man begs for help. "heeelp heeelp" The sight is so digusting that Vincent (at least I think it was Vincent) simply lifts a rock and crushes both the fly-man and the spider together. End of horror.

So I welcome a radical, violent change in our deteriorating situation. Bring on the rock! I say.

Like Voltaire, I urge "Ecrasez l'infame!"

Ecrasez l'infame

Svigor said...

Allowing pure race-baiting comments to remain online only gives more ammunition to the critics that would like to smear you as a racist.

What's with some people's race to be ruled by quasi-morons (the demographic support for the "guilt by association" inanity)?

The world has morons who don't know better than to throw around terms like "coon-ass nigger." The world has snakes who pretend to be morons of the preceding type in an effort to enact censorship. The world has lemming liberals, conservatives, racists, and everything beyond and between.


Svigor said...

Stirner, that's a good idea. Let's conceal the type of audience that's drawn to Steve Sailer's writing.

That's pretty funny. I'm actually attracted to liberal writing. BUT, liberals censor out my posts, regardless of how I present the facts.

For example, I recently found a total piece of crap written by some hack at Huffington's site about Auster's recent piece about interracial rape in America. I made two posts consisting only of facts and logic and neither made it through.

Steve has made it obvious he's chosen difficult honesty than easy cowardice. He might end comments altogether, but I doubt he'll start censoring them.

I suppose my counter to your "logic" is that people with unpopular opinions, personalities, etc., are attracted to places where they can express them; the drive to ruin free speech for everyone because of that attraction is the provenance of fools and liars.

Anonymous said...


The world has morons who don't know better than to throw around terms like "coon-ass nigger." The world has snakes who pretend to be morons of the preceding type in an effort to enact censorship.

Jupiter is a moron, but apparently a rather intelligent one.

Here's a comment of his on on this blog's longest thread ever:

Just because the mathematics of special relativity is trivial-ninth grade algebra-it doesn't follow that special relativity is trivial physics. Special and General relativity are both deep conceptual breakthroughs.

Deep physics is not about cranking out a 300 page tensor calculation.

The concepts are fundamental and prior.

Einstien did make original contributions to physics:explantion of Browniand motion,photoelecetric effect and Bose einstein condensates. Give credit where credit is due.

That and the one time he said that blacks are human beings and should never have been enslaved convinced me that he is not a caricature created to discredit iSteve.

I can't say the same about "cs lewis" though, either with regard to intelligence or authenticity.

Anonymous said...

cs lewis:
"What I don't get is that Obama hates the white race with a passion, he wants to see its destruction, and most whites do not even see it..."

I've never read or met a racist who declared, "What I don't get..." To the contrary, they have all the answers and don't mind educating others over and over and over again. And with very lengthy posts, too, bringing lots of evidence, as they see it.


Anonymous said...

"Yet more race baiting from Steve Sailer. Yawn."

Yup! You can count on Steve Sailer for half-baked, neo-racial crapola. The xenophobes, anarchists and your garden variety white sociopaths idolize his ability to interject pale-male insecurities into everything.

Anonymous said...

fred wrote: "... as if our society values thinking and running fast equally".

Of course it doesn't. Students are made to apologize, or at least display shame, for intellectual achievements. Contrast that with the situation for athletes at school - athlete=popular. Young black scholars are mocked by their peers for "acting white" (one of the ugliest racial insults I can think of); I don't believe white athletes are ever mocked for "acting black". Affirmative action reduces intellectual standards ... does it ever reduce athletic ones? (That's an honest question, I really don't know.) Why do Mensa members keep their membership secret while people on sports teams - even *gasp* elite ones - are proud of that fact? In the US, high school attitudes about athleticism vs. scholasticism continue into adulthood. That's the effect and the goal of Prussian education - make people into permanent schoolchildren.

Kudos to TGGP for demanding a date from Jupiter; I'm tired of no-fault eschatology. Remember who makes the doom predictions so that their reputations will suffer when reality proves them wrong (I'm looking at you, Paul Ehrlich).