June 13, 2007

What's Next? Fashion-Forward Curds?

When standing in line at the pharmacy, I'm right next to a five-foot high, four-foot wide shelf labeled "Designer Whey." Last time I looked more closely at one of the big plastic jars. In bold letters, it said, near the "Any Whey" brand name: "Virtually Tasteless!"

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Horatio said...

As virtually tasteless as ass. Almost all of that stuff doesn't taste great, and the taste of whey alone is disgusting.

The stuff that is bearable is usually still quite dense.

Ian Lewis said...

That is a relatively popular brand of Whey Protein. However, it is not very popular with "serious" Weight Lifters/Bodybuilders/Athletes.

Some people look for a really tasty Whey Protein, especially if they know that all they are going to do is mix it with some water. However, if someone is simply looking to add protein to their smoothies, they might look for a "tasteless" protein powder.

Anonymous said...

Good quality (from hormone-free, grassfed cows) unprocessed whey is actually quite good, though harder to find.