July 3, 2007

John McClane is more popular than John McCain

From the San Jose Mercury-News:

McCain campaign has only $2 million
By Carl Hulse and Adam Nagourney
New York Times Article

The presidential campaign of Sen. John McCain, the Arizona Republican who once seemed poised to be his party's nominee, acknowledged that it was in a political and financial crisis as a drop in fundraising forced it to dismiss dozens of workers and aides and retool its strategy on where to compete.

The campaign said the decline in contributions had left it with $2 million. It said it had raised just $11.2 million over the past three months, despite McCain's pledge to do better than his anemic $13 million showing in the first three months of the year.

McCain's advisers laid blame for his most recent spate of problems on his close association with the recently defeated immigration bill, which prompted a sharp backlash against his campaign from conservatives already skeptical of his ideological credentials.

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Anonymous said...

McClain has wrong-footed almost every big political move he has made in the last, say, 8 years. He also looks ghastly. So the question now is:

Time for the pasture - or straight to the glue factory?

Anonymous said...

It's hilarious that it wasn't obvious months ago to the media that the immigration bill killed McCain's candidacy. They really have to be incredibly far out of touch to miss it.

Cato said...

While it is nice to see that the wheels have pretty much come off of McCain's presidential hopes, the MSM will never say that support for the "comprehensive" position is a political loser. In his case, the official story will say that it's because of his support for the war.

So, the person who needs to be made to pay a big price over the immigration issue is Lindsay Graham. If the rising star of the post-impeachment GOP has his political fortunes wrecked over the issue, then it'll sink in to the rest of them.

Svigor said...

McCain's just looking for grease from the wrong people! He should be canvassing Dems, organized Jewry, media magnates, ethnic activists, etc.

They're his constituency, after all.

Anonymous said...

Well he's had some hard times, but I think he'll come out of it.

I think real soon he's gunna have a long, dark night of the soul, where he'll spend hours in critical self-examination, realizing just how out-of-touch he's gotten with the American people and their best interests. He'll come back deeply and profoundly humbled, and ready to fight to the death for the average Joe.

Who the hell am I kidding?

McCain's campaign will crash and burn, and then he's gunna go down to his grave giving us all the one-fingered wave. The man is crazy as coots.

Anonymous said...

Funnily enough, a giant ad for McCain appears on this comments page (as of July 5 AM). More brilliant Gonzo marketing, eh?

Agreed about Lindsay Graham. He must go.

Any efforts toward that goal would be very productive.