July 17, 2007

My wife does it again

From the Washington Post:

SunRocket, an Internet phone provider, abruptly ceased operations Monday and is looking to sell its assets, after two rounds of layoffs and the departures of top executives.

My wife is the world's most ruthless phone service shopper. She finds the prices that are so low they're crazy! Nobody could stay in business with these nutty low prices.

And they don't. SunRocket -- $199 per year (no taxes) for unlimited long distance and local calling, free wireless telephones, free voice mail, etc. -- is the third phone provider we've had that has gone under from charging too little.

Any Wall Street shortsellers out there who want to hire my wife to find the next phone company that will go under, just call!

Oh, wait, better send a letter.

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Peewee said...

I work at a store that sells cordless phones. Normally we sell the ordinary, non-contract-based type of phone, but the SunRocket phones did appear on the shelf a few months ago. I never sold one.

John said...

So that's why I didn't have phone service yesterday! It also explains why their 800 Help number had a "Sorry, we're not taking any more calls, goodbye!" message. If your wife comes up with a replacement service I'd be interested to know which one.


Fred said...

I worked with a guy last year who was like a missionary for Sun Rocket. Seemed a little too good to be true at the time.

Anonymous said...

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