July 24, 2007

Who has "the greatest computer set-up of all time?"

according to Reihan Salam's accurate assessment on American Scene?

Click here to find out. Unfortunately, the non-energy-draining part of this Apple aficionado's office resembles mine, just with a vaster footprint (both physical and carbon-emitting).

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fwood1 said...

Unbelieveable! Gore's desk makes mine look neat.

Anonymous said...

My god, what a FAWNING article. "Time" is a lick-spittle of the powerful, and tries hard to get us to go along. We're intended to be a worshipful rabble.

Btw, notice that the article's author takes care to contradict (without proof) almost every popular criticism ever made of Gore, but doesn't detail how Gore made all that money recently.

As to industrial production causing global warming causing planetary destruction - hoo, boy. We're coming off an Ice Age, genius. It's been a lot hotter. Has nothing to do with untaxed smokestacks. The biggest threat humanity faces is Dark-Ages-type politicians like Lord Gore.